Prepositions after "dive"

"dive into" or "dive in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases dive into is used

Then she dives into the hazards from 9 to 5.

Thanks for the link too, which I'd about to dive into.

Get trendy and dive into these Make Up games for girls.

We managed to see the eyes facing our boat and then, it quickly dived into the water.

Dive into a comprehensive reading package on social innovation and whole systems change.

However, I wasn't ready to dive into core text, which has many things that I don't need.

This panoramic perspective is a great place to see the city before diving into the landmarks closer to the ground.

Last night 10 pm, my son's car comes screaming into the driveway, both he and Sam jump out and dive into the backseat.

The Different Sorts of Bracelets Let's dive into the various types of bracelets that most men and women are indulging in.

I am not from the world of those who make a living making websites so it's an interesting perspective to dive into for a day.

In 17% of cases dive in is used

The king of dives in Sri Lanka.

Not exactly a great place for scuba diving in Aruba.

And I know there a little bit of diving in the game.

Scuba diving in Negril is a popular it is certainly something the whole family can experience together.

See below for all the dive sites you can dive in Colombo! A massive ship, intact and lying on pristine sand.

We were looking for a romantic retreat where we could partake in some reef diving in a paradise environment.

There is just so much information to learn before you dive in hoping you have enough knowledge to end up on stable footing.

I have designed several scrapbooks for paying customers, but did not want to dive in deeper until I had covered all the bases.

It pushed into Mt Wellington, all the investors dived in there (and) Mt Wellington prices are getting up towards NZ$500,000 now.

There are plenty of beautiful places to dive in the Pacific, too, such as Hawaii, Palau and the Marshall Islands, including Kwajalein Atoll.

In 11% of cases dive with is used

Sort of like when you go diving with a cold.

That way you can still dive without a computer.

I soon got very choosy about who I would dive with.

I have another friend who I've trained and is also one who I'd trust my kids to dive with.

Consequently hotel prices have instantly dived with our hotel now down to 50 euro per night.

The main attraction of these islands is diving with an incredibly varied underwater landscape.

I recently had to politely tell another technical rebreather diver that I have dived with, that I was not willing to do a certain dive with him.

I recently had to politely tell another technical rebreather diver that I have dived with, that I was not willing to do a certain dive with him.

Last year, he had the good fortune of traveling through Africa and had the opportunity to dive with sharks, witness the sardine run, and summit Kilimanjaro.

The Splash! show on ITV will see celebrities competing against each other as they try to master the art of diving with the help of a team of professional coaches.

In 7% of cases dive for is used

Iva could have dived for the ball earlier.

I would still dive for the floor whenever there was a loud bang.

I try to dive for my crabs when I can, though the seafood market is a dry alternative.

Mink are good swimmers, but unable to dive for as long as otters - dives last for about 10 seconds.

According to Stewart, the best time to dive for the moss is when the sea is calm and the water is clear.

If you plan on diving for a few days, we strongly recommend doing a couple of days at the other islands in addition to Sipadan.

And although he sometimes does construction work across the island to supplement his income, Stewart said he always returns to diving for moss.

DETROIT -- Austin Jackson usually covers Comerica Parks spacious centre field with calming ease, rarely leaving his feet or having to dive for a ball.

The ship had already been diving for several minutes by the time that Ford Prefect had completed his search of the other compartments of the black ship.

Whether diving is taken too seriously in the eyes of supporters is up for debate, as it is a creature comfort of a fan to blame diving for their team's mishaps.

In 5% of cases dive to is used

We have done about 5 dives together.

My ears hurt when I dive to the bottom of a pool.

Dives to his left, very low, and gets a hand to it.

I quickly dove to the floor and threw back the hatch.

From scuba diving to exploring ancient ruins to Safaris.

The airplane driver is trained to immediately dive to 10,000 feet, where you can breathe.

You will be given the opportunity to dive to 12 meters depth, with the company of a professional diver.

My crowning moment was when, captaining Alberton, I dived to my right to pick up a catch millimetres from the ground.

Read More Why Go: From snorkeling and scuba diving to swimming and sailing, you'll have no trouble finding ways to enjoy U.

Explaining how the process works, Stewart said he dives to the bottom of the sea to collect the moss, a crocus bag full at a time.

In 5% of cases dive on is used

I dived on the ground and went under the seat.

If you want to dive on the ground like you've been shot, piss off and play football.

Scuba Diving on Penghu Scuba diving on Penghu is possible but not easily accessible.

Some have nominated a journalist to dive on their behalf and raise awareness that way.

Diving on any shipwreck is an exciting experience full of mystique, but diving on an historical shipwreck is even more thrilling and definitely more challenging.

Diving on any shipwreck is an exciting experience full of mystique, but diving on an historical shipwreck is even more thrilling and definitely more challenging.

Clare had previously been diving with Borneo Dream during holidays in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for both leisure diving as well as to learn to dive on a semi closed rebreather.

During an IPL game, at the same venue that he made his debut, Bangalore, Pujara dived on one of the worst outfields in India and was out of commission with a knee injury.

In 4% of cases dive at is used

I hear that falcons can dive at almost 200mph.

For more info on diving at Sipadan Island check.

Dive at the Goat Island Marine Reserve with Goat Island Dive, Scuba, Snorkel &; Kayak.

We dive at 11AM every day departing on a two tank trip and return at approximately 2PM.

It doesn't matter how many times you dive, if you've dived at any time to gain an advantage, then you are a diver.

While diving at Island Bay in Wellington, my camera suddenly was jerked sideways, as an octopus was intent on keeping it.

While permits are not required to dive at any of the other islands, it still suggested that you make reservations as we are busy year round.

Named after the frogfish that are seen daily along the slope, it's not uncommon for divers to want to make three dives at this one dive site.

Gaya Island Diving Guest I recently joined some Gaya Island Resort guests for a leisure diving trip where we went diving at Soft Coral Garden and Ray's Reef.

In 2% of cases dive from is used

Some boys were diving from the high sidewall on which I was standing.

Take a step back, and try to see your dive from the skipper's point of view.

The additional beauty of diving from Kota Kinabalu, besides the tropical waters, is that it is a 365 day a year destination.

This is a very popular site with day boats and if you dive from then, you could share the site with 30 other boats on a peak day -.

I have been diving from Ian's boats for nearly 10 years, carrying out deep technical dives as well as those within the recognised recreational limits.

In 2% of cases dive under is used

It is recommended to dive under supervision in these locations.

First, as the activity of diving under water with the aide of a breathing apparatus and swimming gear.

I have ducked and dived under display tables and clothes stands to point out all areas I have ever lived in.

In 1% of cases dive without is used

That way you can still dive without a computer.

In 1% of cases dive after is used

Temps to dive after next week's warmth The warmth won't last.

In 1% of cases dive through is used

He continued casually perusing the headlines as we ducked and dived through the centre of Chicago.

June managed to dive through a wire netting just in the nick of time and Betty,,,,,,,,,,, (in the swamp?) THE MAD HORSE.

The river valley we were following turned into a rushing gorge with the rail line clinging to a narrow ledge which periodically dived through short tunnels.

In 1% of cases dive over is used

After trading field goals in the first overtime, Notre Dame senior running back Cierre Wood fumbled the ball while trying to dive over the goal line.

In 1% of cases dive off is used

The next chance I had, I bought a tank and a regulator and my first wife and I went diving off Majorca.

In 1% of cases dive like is used

When it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, flies like a duck, quacks like a duck, waddlies like a duck, swims like a duck, dives like a duck, fishes like a duck, and paddles like a duck.

In 1% of cases dive by is used

He went for cover, diving by a car.

Research agency SuperRatings said the average balanced fund dived by 12.

Were we to cut that crap out the cost of medical care would dive by 60% or more all-in.

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