Prepositions after "disturb"

disturb by, at, in, with or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 62% of cases disturb by is used

But I wasn't disturbed by the bell either.

The peace and quiet was disturbed by simultaneous screaming.

One is disturb by this general lack of development in our land.

That ' equilibrium ' has since been disturbed by the increase in fossil fuel burning.

The MC, who was obviously disturbed by Edem's refusal to come back on stage, told www.

This nap was disturbed by a tawny rajah who decided to come and land near Jackie's feet.

But if one's breathing-in-out-mind is frequently disturbed by other mental states consisting of ideas, pictures, etc.

The interaction of material nature takes place when the equilibrium of the three gunas is disturbed by the time factor.

Some users were disturbed by the Amazon move, telling Canonical Founder Mark Shuttleworth so in the comments on his blog.

But while the soul is in this repose, she can not be disturbed by the kinds of things to which she was formerly accustomed.

In 10% of cases disturb at is used

I am deeply disturbed at seeing Mumbai react as it did.

I'd fully disturbed at the rate, our players get injured in recent years.

Your battlefield descriptions were so realistic I was shocked and disturbed at the carnage.

This has been an issue to many and I am particularly disturbed at the high level of fragmentation on Android.

Commenting on the incident, Ambiga said she had often been disturbed at her house following the ' burger protest ' incident on May 10.

In 6% of cases disturb in is used

It sounded like a high plaintive whistle, disturbing in its sound.

Telling the truth inevitably means to loose friends who do not like to be disturbed in their dreams.

In 6% of cases disturb with is used

Going back with Clara, she is so disturbed with her grandmother - Lupe David (Gina Pareno) being so noisy.

Clara Del Valle (Julia Montes) is disturbed with what she knew towards the cruel incident that happened to her.

I am still disturbed with the experience and I am sharing this as reminder to myself and readers that such thing could happen to your loved ones -- our children.

In 3% of cases disturb about is used

But if it is down south then you need not to be disturbed about the weather harshness, but just make sure that properly clothed.

In 3% of cases disturb for is used

But actually I'd more interested in still life -- fruits and flowers, with lots of draping silks, but this would require a space for me that can't be disturbed for up to 2 weeks.

In 2% of cases disturb as is used

I would like to apologise that you were disturbed as a result of inconsiderate behaviour of other guests.

In 2% of cases disturb to is used

I leave you with a disturbing thought -- disturbing to me at any rate.

Wearing neutral coloured clothing on safari is a good idea since bright colours are disturbing to animals and may also attract Tse Tse flies.

In 1% of cases disturb after is used

I don't think the Defence should have been disturbed after the largely excellent defensive display up at Eastlands.

In 1% of cases disturb on is used

The jingoistic enthusiasm for ideas many of the delegates didn't even understand was disturbing on many levels.

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