Prepositions after "distribute"

"distribute to", "distribute by" or "distribute in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases distribute to is used

The money distributed to the Ugandan people is not a lot.

It was distributed to a small group for review and testing.

Then he gave them to his disciples to distribute to the people.

How was the relief materials distributed to the beneficiaries in the MVC embankment camp.

It will also be distributed to libraries and other organisations in Cambridge and beyond.

How was the relief materials distributed to the beneficiaries in the Singheshwar Mega Camp.

The Salvation Army saw this as the second priority and almost immediately rice seeds were distributed to farmers.

The forces involved are the same or less, but they are now being distributed to the areas designed to handle them.

The briefing note will be published in paper form and distributed to Parliamentarians and other interested parties.

Place graphics on a timeline for video content, then distribute to automated playlists in the control room and master control.

In 15% of cases distribute in is used

Water pouches have also been distributed in the affected areas.

Of these, about 35 copies were distributed in Montgomery County.

All of the money collected is distributed in its entirely each year.

As it has been announced that 400 laptops will be distributed in Islamabad as well.

The sting of the legislation was obscured by being distributed in three separate acts.

Potential sites for mini and micro-hydro projects are evenly distributed in all the regions.

Chura-381 Q, Gur-80 Q, Sattu-50 Q and Polythene Sheets-60584have been distributed in the affected areas so far.

However, a closer look at how dairy products are manufactured and distributed in America may make you think twice.

The balance of the account forms part of the deceased's estate and is distributed in accordance with succession law.

If that happens, your money and property is distributed in accordance with the rules set out in the Succession Act, 1965.

In 12% of cases distribute by is used

Right now it's being distributed by ' Neoflix ', a.

Most Sunday papers distributed by major newspapers feature a promotion section.

This is distributed by the Coca-Cola Company and is its most successful energy drink.

These artists all cut tracks in the South which were distributed by Atlantic Records.

To hard line free-market supporters all social goods should be distributed by markets.

The newsreels that preceded the main features were those distributed by the British J.

The serene pool of life was, however, rudely distributed by Alexander, Macedonian intruder.

The deal marks the seventh time that the EIB has offered funding to be distributed by THFC since 1998.

Get a map of the floor/s ' layout (normally placed at the venue's entrance or distributed by promoters).

Only the cache invalidation messages are distributing by using the same Infinispan caching implementation.

In 8% of cases distribute among is used

Cache is not distributed among cluster nodes.

Policy cache must be distributed among clustered PDPs 3.

They recalled he had brought some gifts which he distributed among the neighbours.

The advocacy package was distributed among the participants and the video was also screened.

Wealth will inevitably become more evenly distributed among the nations of the world over time.

Each one was carrying a good-sized hunk of buffalo meat, which was distributed among the party.

Attribute Cache also has been distributed among cluster nodes using Infinispan caching implementation.

The advocacy package was distributed among the participants and the video was also screened at the workshop.

In 2008 and 2009, the books published were related to the university and they were distributed among the faculty.

Therefore he performed a sacrifice and was given the essence of that sacrifice to be distributed among his queens.

In 5% of cases distribute through is used

Rainfall is fairly evenly distributed through the year.

The other two containers will be distributed through WDI's organization.

Instead, it is convenient to avoid a large amount of money distributed through the rental.

This food will be distributed through some of the schools and churches throughout the island.

The fear with the large jars would be getting the heat distributed through the entire piece I suspect.

It has been estimated that 24 per cent of the life and pensions premiums were distributed through bank branches in 1998.

Libyan Muslims had just fought a war with Qadaffi's army, and lots of weapons that they captured were distributed through the population.

Jazz Services publishes Jazz UK, a free magazine with a print run of 30,000 that is distributed through venues, colleges, libraries and shops.

The primary cistern is used to trap large debris and the secondary provides additional filtering before the water is distributed through the pipes.

The available relief goods can be appropriately distributed through good coordinating body and thus duplication in relief distribution can also be averted.

In 4% of cases distribute across is used

Seventy-five Greeks are also randomly distributed across the world.

An fo:flow flow holds content that is distributed across a sequence of pages.

Uganda's dropout rates are almost equally distributed across poor and wealthy households.

The codes were then distributed across forums and websites (including the massively popular Reddit ), before being pulled.

The Internet also differs from libraries and data archive in that information is not stored centrally, but distributed across inter-operating computer networks.

These strategies can provide uniform daylight distribution to the entire top floor area if the entire top floor uses rooftop apertures distributed across the roof area.

For fo:flow flows, the areas generated by the descendants of the flow are distributed across the pages in the sequence according to the flow-map in effect for that page-sequence.

In 3% of cases distribute over is used

Many of the tasting functions are performed by organs distributed over the body or on barbels.

Also, a contact force may be distributed over a narrow region in a uniform or non-uniform manner.

However, a majority of the Indian population lives in rural areas distributed over some 627,000 villages.

Sense organs in the form of buds or small pits and in contact with nerves are distributed over the entire body.

So the situations described here are commonly and perhaps evenly distributed over these first three descriptions.

You may not use the Site for any commercial purpose and may not distribute over the Site any solicitation of funds, goods and services.

Thermodilution measurements were performed in sets of at least three consecutive injections of 20 ml cold saline, randomly distributed over the respiratory cycle.

In 3% of cases distribute on is used

It's currently distributed on Koldcast.

Toffees are to be distributed on one's birthdays.

These tickets will be distributed on a first come first served basis.

Divisions of the harakeke are distributed on request to marae, schools,.

A this layer of half burnt paddy husk could be distributed on the nursery bed mainly to facilitate uprooting.

In 3% of cases distribute throughout is used

Gas from Balochistan is distributed throughout Pakistan.

The juice stays nicely distributed throughout your steak.

We sampled five control fields that were widely distributed throughout Iowa.

It's distributed throughout the world so you can probably find it at your local bookshop.

This means, in short, that actual, life-giving oxygen is no longer distributed throughout your body.

They are representively distributed throughout the continental US and include ten in Alaska and Hawii.

The sickle-cell anemia allele is distributed throughout malaria transmission zones, which include central and western Africa but not southern Africa.

Intelligence-related gray matter, for example, appears to be distributed throughout the brain in men while in women it's more localised to the frontal lobe.

The letter, which presented evidence against the measure, was printed in Russia's Medical News and Issues in Narcology, and distributed throughout the region.

It will initially launch as a series of downloadable web &; mobile comics distributed throughout India on Liquid's recently announced ' Graphic India ' platform and www.

In 3% of cases distribute for is used

It may be freely distributed for non-commercial use, but may not be.

A lighter, narrower chair was distributed for testing in Guatemala in 2010.

Prizes: Up to sixty (60) prizes will be distributed for Round-up at the Lake.

CM: Several of your pieces were distributed for free -- in newspapers, for example.

This may be written about within the marketer? s publication to be distributed for the old and new consumers.

When I did the newspaper pieces distributed for free, someone paid for them to be made, but this part was hidden.

Allthough, most of the relief goods are distributed for free, dignity of the beneficiaries should not be hurt at any cost.

In particular, but without limitation, no materials on this Site may be copied or distributed for any commercial purposes.

In that course, some readings on new trends in trade union politics globally, could be easily distributed for the benefit of all.

Lots of buyers believe that simply because their favorite brand names are distributed for less, the quality could possibly be without, hence the real reason for the cost deductions.

In 3% of cases distribute under is used

It is always distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL, and every copy is free software; but its developers sell support contracts.

For whatever particulars are collected into one above the order of things, are afterwards dilated in descending, various souls being distributed under their various ruling divinities.

In 2% of cases distribute between is used

Land was distributed between the neighboring Accompong Maroons and the Jamaican troops.

For most individual subjects changes in QTc values were less than 20 msec and evenly distributed between increases and decreases of the same magnitude.

Expansion should be controlled and adjusted according to market demand and expansion opportunities must be fairly distributed between suppliers and new entrants.

In 2% of cases distribute at is used

For detailed accounts these are available I believe and were distributed at the annual members day.

Water is normally distributed at a 70%/30% split with 30% diversion to the Atchafalaya River for flood control purposes.

He further said that evidence suggested that the money was distributed at the behest of the presidency, adding that, prima facie the President House was involved in the operation.

In 2% of cases distribute via is used

Questionnaires were distributed via the school.

Questionnaires were distributed via the school administration to all parents of children attending each school.

In the future, interactive ecourses may be distributed via podcasting; ezines may be delivered in a portable podcast format.

Windows Vista, Windows 7 Root certificates on Windows Vista and later are distributed via the automatic root update mechanism -- that is, per root certificate.

This was hardly a radical view, and yet in the gathering heat of the health-care debate the op-ed, virally distributed via the left-leaning blogs, raised a fury.

Without modification, the iPad will only run programs approved by Apple and distributed via the Apple App Store (with the exception of programs that run inside the iPad's web browser).

In 2% of cases distribute with is used

Cygwin Bash Shell in rxvt Terminal Bash Shell can also be run through the Cygwin's rxvt terminal distributed with cygwin.

In 1% of cases distribute about is used

Today remnants of their nation lie in 20,000 archaeological sites distributed about a sub-tropical island that looks like England's South Downs littered with lava.

In 1% of cases distribute without is used

This material is distributed without profit.

In 1% of cases distribute before is used

The stirrer ensures that any heat released becomes uniformly distributed before the final temperature is read.

In 1% of cases distribute around is used

Binding Brain and Consciousness Knowledge about the world is distributed around the brain.

But what's suspicious is how evenly the powdery substance is distributed around the room and how chipper the boys seem--even after they are busted.

In 1% of cases distribute according is used

It was distributed according to the number of people in the family.

However, if the resources were distributed according to population, it may not have enough to cover its outgoings.

B Political Regions The ethnic groups of Pakistan are distributed according to their historical settlement in the region.

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