Prepositions after "distract"

"distract by" or "distract from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases distract by is used

Don't be distracted by the 140-character limit.

Don't get distracted by the gross little rodent.

In 2009, we were distracted by scandal: Toronto M.

This helps me get into a flow without being distracted by outside noise or lyrics.

Sure, incorporate video and social media but don't get distracted by the shiny ball.

Not distracted by a mid-season takeover which added pressure to reach the promised land.

Your baby is also more likely to be distracted by what's going on around him so feeding may become more difficult.

We should not be distracted by the west's reduction of Muslim women to pawns in culture wars or military campaigns.

Nor should we be distracted by ad hominem attacks on Eltahawy herself, or complain at the idea of airing of dirty laundry.

And O'Brien would be distracted by the sound of Jadzia Dax laughing so hard, she must lean on a grimacing Worf for support.

In 32% of cases distract from is used

I am distracted from school work.

In fact it might suit them to have something to distract from the budget.

This is a great idea as long as your baby doesn? t get distracted from his feeding.

It just distracts from the natural flow of the story, and I hate to say it, seems sloppy.

Sometimes I thought such detailed information was slightly distracting from the main story.

For him, the rewards come from having a creative outlet to distract from the pressures of day-to-day client work.

Hence, they resort to character assassinations, which serve to distract from the facts and debase public discussion.

The whole YPF saga was an attempt by Kirchner to distract from her disastrous policies by stoking nationalistic fever.

Anyhows this should not distract from how good i think the show is, i have not laughed as much as i have for a long time.

In 2% of cases distract for is used

Not a huge deal/scandal as far as errors go, but it's distracting for pedants.

Avoid making your website too flashy, as this can be distracting for visitors.

In 2% of cases distract in is used

Not that this distracted in any way from an enjoyable set.

Additionally the Kindle edition had many grammatical and spelling errors that were distracting in the extreme.

In 1% of cases distract at is used

I'd very distracted at the moment.

All the songs were sung a cappella which was a little distracting at the beginning, but you soon eased into the subsequent songs.

In 1% of cases distract on is used

Are you finding the battery cost percentage a lttle bit distracting on the screen of your apple ipad? You can easily power it down if you like.

The priest assigned with transferring the relic told officials he was distracted on the train by three men who asked him for directions and then disembarked several stops ahead him.

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