Prepositions after "distort"

distort by, in, to, with or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases distort by is used

This is the way how things are distorted by the yellow press.

Our whole economy has become distorted by this real estate bubble.

However, the ideal of the American Dream is transformed and distorted by ' whiteness '.

All subthreshold traces that were not distorted by spontaneous activity were combined into this plot.

Your sense of history is so distorted by blind hatred and probably fear that you can't and won't think straight.

He also sent me copies of the original research papers which are misrepresented and distorted by Austin's leaflet.

Though this was a more democratic way to recognize saints, some saints ' stories were distorted by legend and some never existed.

Except of course, the data was distorted by an El Nino at the beginning of the period in question and La Nina at the end of the period.

It's only made worse when you get up to leave and realise the colours are distorted by a protective coating on the glass so what you thought was purple is actually gray.

Unfortunately trade has been distorted by many indefensible public interventions, such as subsidies in the EU and the US as well as in many developing countries, such as India.

In 15% of cases distort in is used

In others, her face is distorted in pain.

The Balkan story has nevertheless been distorted in public discussion.

Even the descriptions of their earth-lives were distorted in the course of time, and are not in accordance with fact.

This is what the undulating tape looked like: We became so familiar with it that we could sometimes read the dits and dahs even when they had been distorted in transmission.

In 6% of cases distort to is used

The original disease picture has been distorted to a large extent.

Several figures were distorted to the point they looked almost inhuman.

Since then, this touching and hopeful idea, certainly not new to the movie, has become distorted to the point that it is unrecognizable.

In 6% of cases distort with is used

It distorts with the motive of derailing Sabah's efforts and frustrating the momentum of forest management reform.

Since you have been disputing that then it follows that your mind must be so distorted with your lies that there is no hope for you.

In 4% of cases distort out is used

The strategy of discounts and bonuses distorts out of the common rating, using the experience of previous campaigns.

In 2% of cases distort according is used

All methods of representation are formally shaped, and every mode of representation inevitably shapes and distorts according to the laws of its medium.

In 2% of cases distort after is used

The boots do not get wrinkled or distorted after being styled up and pulled down chybeatsdre4 times.

In 2% of cases distort into is used

Republican's hatred, bigotry, classism, rascism, sexism, inaccurate information, oppositional disorder, twisting and distorting into lies will be the downfall of America.

In 2% of cases distort towards is used

In the phenoxide ion, the single oxygen atom is still the most electronegative thing present, and the delocalised system will be heavily distorted towards it.

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