Prepositions after "dissolve"

"dissolve in" or "dissolve into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases dissolve in is used

The parties dissolved in many ways.

Everything dissolved in the swing of my breath.

Cholesterol and other fats can not be dissolved in your blood.

Calcium-carbonate minerals dissolve in water, with a solubility product as shown below.

There is no provision to restore a company that has been dissolved in excess of 20 years.

These molecules then dissolve in the mucus and pass through it until they reach the cilia.

Burning hydrocarbons releases not only water but carbon dioxide, which when dissolved in water forms carbonic acid.

And while the rest of the world's financial system dissolves in panic, Canada remains a notable island of stability.

They have watched potentially promising season after season dissolve in their almost annual struggles down the stretch.

Between a third and a half of the CO2 produced since the start of the industrial revolution has dissolved in the oceans.

In 18% of cases dissolve into is used

Her expression soon dissolved into a sad look when she recalled the moment she gave birth.

An unused memory gets lost, ceases to exist, dissolves into nothing -- an alarming thought.

The Sage melted in the mouth but gave the ham a nice kick, the jelly dissolved into honey goodness.

The frontier myth, pushing across prairies and deserts, over mountains, dissolves into Pacific haze.

Then take about 1/4th of the water and slowly simmer the salt until it completely dissolves into to water.

As a consequence, classes would dissolve into society, together with the last vestiges of class society - money and the state.

If today's exercise dissolves into a kiss-and-make-up affair, Mr Shearer may as well give up any chance of running the country.

After the worst comes to pass and only little morality is left in the world, one cycle of creation is completed and the whole world is dissolved into nothingness, rising again with Satyayuga.

Firstly before we dissolve into mathematics to explore some of the more esoteric aspects of time in the Great Pyramid let us make an overview of the other wonders of this incredible construction.

In 6% of cases dissolve by is used

Action on the 5th started with an enemy counterattack against Army troops north of the road, which was dissolved by automatic weapons fire.

Apart from anything else if one fails (and I've seen maps shredded by the wind, blown away and dissolved by rain) you still have the other.

It can even digest stomach itself, but fortunately the linings in our stomach renews in three to four days so they can't be dissolved by the acids.

Where under a contract between the partners the firm is not dissolved by the death of a partner, the estate of a deceased partner is not liable for any act of the firm done after his death.

In 4% of cases dissolve before is used

Crystallization: too much sugar was added to the fruit, and it was not dissolved before boiling.

Hi the reason why the am crystalised in the first place is because the sugar wasn't fully dissolved before boiling.

In 3% of cases dissolve after is used

OCOGs are dissolved after each Games once the final report is delivered to the IOC.

If they have not dissolved after 20 minutes, women can swallow any remaining fragments.

Parliament would stand dissolved after five years from the day it first sat following a general election.

In 3% of cases dissolve within is used

Acknowledging that the minister would need the permission of the president to carry out his decision, he prayed the board would be dissolved within the next few days.

In 3% of cases dissolve from is used

When the Court makes an order for the dissolution of a company, it may order that the company be dissolved from the date of presentation of the order to the CRO.

In 3% of cases dissolve on is used

Gilbert's description of the day dissolves on meteorological grounds.

At Inchon Joint Task Force 7 had been dissolved on the 21st, as control of the land campaign passed from Admiral Struble to General Almond.

In 2% of cases dissolve with is used

They have the kind of freedom that dissolves with adulthood, that you have to work to return to as an artist.

A firm may be dissolved with the consent of all the partners or in accordance with a contract between the partners Compulsory dissolution 41.

In 1% of cases dissolve about is used

In an Erlenmeyer flask Crystal dissolved about 1 g of the solid in about 5 mL of hot water by heating on a hot plate with swirling to make a fine slurry.

In 1% of cases dissolve under is used

Nitrates can be taken in many forms, including an aerosol pump spray or a tablet dissolved under the tongue.

And who knows, perhaps there are other places in the world where the polity would soon dissolve under such pressures.

In 1% of cases dissolve prior is used

Note Parliament is dissolved prior to every General Election.

In 1% of cases dissolve over is used

If mosses, moulds and lichens have collected on your roof, its protective cover dissolves over time.

In 1% of cases dissolve out is used

Because it can make the kelp dissolved out of the algin also eat, but in order to achieve weight loss effect as far as possible not to join the meat to cook.

In 1% of cases dissolve as is used

Just remember that it's not real -- the January doom is a bogeyman waiting to dissolve as the year grows up.

In 1% of cases dissolve around is used

As would befit a man who had seen his world dissolve around him Platos outlook is, it seems to me, a profoundly conservative one.

In 1% of cases dissolve according is used

That flows from the fact that the marriage had been dissolved according to Saudi law.

But unlike the naturalized allegory of decomposition, the Packard is dissolving according to its own strange logics -- or contingent mishaps -- that render the behemoth paradigmatically contemporary.

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