Prepositions after "displace"

"displace by", "displace in" or "displace from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases displace by is used

Some of the people displaced by the flooding are still in tents.

Those displaced by the violence moved to hastily erected camps and shelters.

Faculty and students left in droves, alternately displaced by one side or the other.

You can offer extra rooms in your home for those displaced by the storm on their website.

In many countries in Asia where it was once forcibly displaced by Communism, it is making a remarkable comeback.

Ladsous, said about 4,000 more people had been displaced by Saturday's fighting and were seeking refuge at the camp.

In 1979 the number of families that would be displaced by the Sardar Sarovar reservoir was estimated to be a little over 6,000.

It is really to Ironic that the very same Americans displaced by out sourcing and out of work pay the tab for those very tax deductions.

Saxena, Secretary to the Planning Commission, said he thought the number was in the region of 50 million (of which 40 million were displaced by dams).

Khalikov also visited a transitional shelter in Maguindanao province in central Mindanao, which houses people who have been displaced by the conflict in 2008.

In 15% of cases displace from is used

Animals have long been displaced from their natural habitats.

Oates didn't know many people are displaced from the five apartment buildings involved.

Millions of people have already been displaced from their island homes as land is rapidly eroded.

These voters have been displaced from areas like Jaffna, Mannar and Vavuniya for more than two decades now.

Another two dozen permanently resident Jamaicans were displaced from New Orleans and, in the process, lost everything.

Hundreds of thousands of persons have also been displaced from their homes and effectively made refugees in their country.

Thousands of Civilians dead &; injured; Hundreds of Schools destroyed; Thousands of homes raised to ground; 40% population displaced from homes.

The explanation is not so much that the world is passing by, as that we are displaced from our sense of natural habitation within it, placed at a distance from it.

People should not be displaced from the communities they often have lived in for years - community development is not something you do to people, it is something you do with them.

In 15% of cases displace in is used

The hypocracy he displaces in this article is simply breathtaking.

In October 2001, hundreds were killed and thousands displaced in communal violence that spread across the Middle-Belt states of Benue, Taraba, and Nasarawa.

Dozens of people have been killed in the unrest and an estimated 70,000 people, mainly Rohingya Muslims, have been left displaced in government-run camps and shelters.

In December 2011, more than 16,000 people were displaced in the Mitwaba, Pweto, Manono and Malemba Nkulu territories as a result of fighting between FARDC and the rebels.

Uppukulam people are Muslims and were displaced in the year 1990 and thereafter for so many years they didn't return back to Mannar, but now they are returning and resettling.

These Uppukulam people are Muslims and were displaced in the year 1990 and thereafter for so many years they didn't return back to Mannar, but now they are returning and resettling.

In 6% of cases displace during is used

Several Hill Tamils had been displaced during the 1977 violence.

Displaced during the war since the 1980s, and persecuted by the State, the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora in its initial decade had really struggled hard.

Political stability in Kenya remains fragile, and over 1,000 people were killed and many more displaced during post election-related violence in 2007-2008.

Thero stressed the need to immediately resettle all Tamil, Sinhala and Muslim communities who were internally displaced during the war and send them back to their original lands.

In 5% of cases displace as is used

More than 15,000 Gazans are still displaced as a result of an Israeli military operation in 2008-09 called Cast Lead.

Residents of the New York Tri-state continue to experience hardships and many residents are still displaced as a result of super storm Sandy.

The truly downtrodden are renters and they have been kicked around and displaced as the housing market has been turned upside down during this bubble.

The charity UNICEF says that over 100,000 have been displaced as a result of recent fighting, with many of those affected being children under the age of 18.

In 2% of cases displace on is used

Late in life he became a religious mystic and was displaced on the throne by his more militant son, Selim I.

In 2% of cases displace to is used

Now imagine that the said turd was now geographically displaced to your butt-hole.

In 2% of cases displace through is used

People are being displaced through climate change.

In 1% of cases displace without is used

At least 100,000 people or more than a quarter of the total population of the CHT were displaced without adequate rehabilitation.

In 1% of cases displace amid is used

The refugees trace their roots to those displaced amid the Arab-Israeli hostilities of 1948.

In 1% of cases displace with is used

Many thousands have been killed, more displaced with houses burned down.

In 1% of cases displace over is used

It is thought that between 50,000 to 100,000 people have been displaced over the weekend (including tens of thousands living in displaced camps) to escape being caught in the crossfire.

In 1% of cases displace due is used

Sponsor a child in Kenya, where over half a million people were displaced due to political rioting in 2008.

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