Prepositions after "dismiss"

dismiss by, for, as, from or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases dismiss by is used

Kwok was dismissed by the defendant on the ground of his disability.

Such scepticism will be dismissed by most within the bloodstock game.

Of course, economists aren't alone in being dismissed by Abbott and his supporters.

An appeal by the Cabinet Office was dismissed by the Information Tribunal last month.

Lumb raced away to 33 off 19 balls, before he was dismissed by Alfonso Thomas in the 5th over.

Often they find they are being rejected and dismissed by the prejudices of non-disabled people.

Small enough to be a digit in the blogosphere, small enough to be dismissed by anyone with fear.

It's immediately dismissed by almost everyone as, not just not reasonable, but as downright unreasonable.

Mendoza had been dismissed by the Office of the Ombudsman in 2009 for allegedly extorting money from a motorist.

In 18% of cases dismiss for is used

India were also dismissed for 74 by Australia at Melbourne in 2008.

My second suggestion is now considered commonplace, though it was dismissed for years.

England finally dismissed for 221 when they should not have been allowed to cross 150.

The previous mathematics teacher had been dismissed for punishing a boy so severely that he had died.

Resuming the day on 55 without loss, T &T; were dismissed for 203 with Solozano hitting a top score of 84.

In Williams v The Warehouse Limited, 39 the employee was dismissed for serious misconduct for bullying her staff.

By contrast, external market is relevant when employees choose a voluntary dismiss for getting better conditions outside.

As an educator i can be dismissed for being ineffective but i do nt have toturn in my certificate as well, i can work somewhere else.

In 16% of cases dismiss as is used

Then came diarrhoea, which was dismissed as a tummy bug.

Having one case thrown out could be dismissed as a one-off failing.

Anything less than that high ideal risks becoming a transient exercise, all too easily dismissed as a gimmick.

What are our options? In the previous election Dr Simba Makoni was dismissed as a ZANU PF ploy to divide the opposition vote.

Those that did appear sympathetic to Muslims were dismissed as the loony left or romantics who knew nothing of political reality.

I don't think the Gates Foundation should be dismissed as an important actor because it is not held accountable to voters in Texas.

Our critique is yet again dismissed as the ravings of angry, selfish, black women willing to fragment the movement for their petty desires.

Similarly, if you show a piece of film footage, voice recording or a photograph of a possible supernatural event, it's dismissed as a fake.

While other forms of harassment or discrimination are recognised in legislation, workplace bullying has tended to be dismissed as part of the normal culture of workplaces and/or human behaviour.

In 10% of cases dismiss from is used

Miss Brodie is dismissed from the school in 1939.

The two judges were subsequently dismissed from the bench.

After two years, I failed my courses and was dismissed from the University.

However, she was dismissed from her job when she returned from maternity leave.

Although found guilty of treasonable acts, he was released and dismissed from the German Army.

People denied tenure at the end of this time lose their jobs or are even dismissed from the university.

Kicker Jake Van Ginkel has been dismissed from the team, and Petersen wouldn? t say when the other four will return.

The next morning Welsh comes to see Maeve to tell her that she has been dismissed from the college and must go home.

Ellen, a friendly and charming servant girl at Battersby, is dismissed from service by Theobald when she is discovered to be pregnant.

All 12,000 of the employees dismissed from its Rustenburg operations will be reinstated if they return to work on Tuesday (October 30th).

In 8% of cases dismiss in is used

Finally, he was dismissed in January 2006.

The lawsuit was eventually dismissed in favour of Infosys.

Two counts of second-degree criminal mischief were dismissed in the Cabana Club incident.

Married women doctors and civil servants were dismissed in 1934 and from June 1936 women could no longer act as judges or public prosecutors.

The poll showing Wilson tied with Heinrich was widely dismissed in the political community and turned out to be not only wrong, but not even in the ball park.

You're a moron because you dismissed someone's claim with some hand-waving, then posited your own half-baked claim that could be dismissed in the exact same way you just dismissed the other.

In 6% of cases dismiss with is used

The court dismissed with prejudice (i.

Suggestions of specifying the details (quote) dismissed with the comment: we can not give rights to animals, especially not DCA's.

But back in the 1960s cancer was a word to be whispered, and euphemistically dismissed with a Les Dawson-style mime as ' the Big C.

The Application was dismissed with orders that the costs shall be decided once the outcome of the main case, which is still pending, has been determined.

Once retrieved and porters dismissed with a wag of your index finger (a useful gesture as you will see ), it's through the customs and into the arrivals hall.

We've helped a number of homeowners throughout the state uncover the fraud in their mortgage transaction, write their own contested answers and get their cases dismissed with and without prejudice.

In 4% of cases dismiss on is used

His appeal against the verdict in the Court of Appeal was dismissed on January 10, 1955.

Per Time, the case against Banton was subsequently dismissed on the grounds of lack of sufficient evidence.

And, the other is the chapter 7, where all the claims of the creditors are dismissed on the grounds of bankrupt borrower.

These Writ Appeals are, accordingly, dismissed on merit leaving it open to the appellant to approach the Supreme Court, if they have any grievance against this judgment.

In 3% of cases dismiss at is used

He has now been dismissed at the end of a further 11-month contract because the employer says his work is not up to standard.

In 3% of cases dismiss out is used

They are angry when the facts are misrepresented or when legitimate concerns are dismissed out of hand.

Eagleton may well have a solid knowledge and training of theology, but that doesn't even begin to qualify him in the argument he's dismissing out of hand.

Blanket dismissal of any method (and each method will be dismissed out of hand by someone) does not serve those that need to get out of debt sooner than later.

This is something that crops up at least once every series, but I wouldn't be willing to dismiss out of hand if the producers are struggling to find their targets.

In 2% of cases dismiss because is used

The only exception to this is when you have been dismissed because of gross misconduct.

If you have been dismissed because of gross misconduct, you may want to make a claim to an employment tribunal.

Complaints have been dismissed because of the alleged mental capacity of those lodging the cases of serious abuse.

An employee should not be refused a job or dismissed because they are on a list because of their trade union activities or membership.

In 2% of cases dismiss without is used

Sanjay now lost all patience, and told the minister to amend the SBI Act so that Talwar could be dismissed without stating the reason.

In 1% of cases dismiss due is used

At the Court the matter was able to be dismissed due to the excellent preparation and way my case was run for me.

The employee was dismissed due to a long period of illness, but the illness was a result of severe stress attributable to the employer's failure to adequately deal with her complaints of bullying.

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