Prepositions after "discuss"

"discuss in" or "discuss with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases discuss in is used

This matter is discussed in Section 6.

Please e-mail us to discuss in more detail.

Some of them are discussed in later sections.

Added costs associated with more detailed categories are discussed in Issue 6 below.

It's not something that's typically discussed in great depth early in a relationship.

Because if its importance to conflict resolution, it is discussed in some detail here.

In light of this challenge, the following is an initial sketch of some issues discussed in this burgeoning field.

I think school is the perfect medium and it should be touched upon at 14 / 15 and discussed in detail at 15 / 16.

SOCIAL BASIS OF SELF-PRESERVATION As I discussed in Chapter Two, staying alive is a personal quest for any animal.

Fourthly, this text should be used to assist in the interpretation of the definitions discussed in other chapters.

In 21% of cases discuss with is used

Discuss with your lawyer or medical doctor.

For reasons I can't really discuss with you.

This should be discussed with your doctor.

The issue should be thought out carefully and discussed with a professional adviser.

The treatment regime for these horses should be discussed with a veterinary surgeon.

This is a serious symptom that needs to be discussed with your health care provider.

Nevertheless, the person you brought may sit at another room so as to allow you to discuss with him when necessary.

C O'R might call that non-metric clusters, and I would quite cheerfully discuss with him why I don't agree with him.

I was discussing with a business partner about the need to bring 4 small businesses together to form a bigger one.

We were discussing with the Finance Minister himself on implementation, the PS Treasury and the director of budget.

In 8% of cases discuss about is used

Let us discuss about email marketing.

Do not forget to discuss about these topics.

They will not discuss about his personal honesty.

Make sure more and more youngsters read this article or atleast discuss about this.

We were discussing about a large query which returns hundreds of thousands of rows.

Forum Here everybody gets the opportunity to discuss about their problems and solutions.

In last two part, we were discussing about how to create a basic template layout and we did that prominently.

In this article we are going to discuss about the important tips which could improve your chances of success through SEO.

Without a completed Form 956 we can not discuss about your case with anyone else, including your partner or family members.

We were discussing about how tricky is to deal with local arrangements, from my passing experience helping with DebConf10.

In 8% of cases discuss at is used

Other terms can be discussed at this stage.

This was left to be discussed at a later date.

In many ways these topics are discussed at the UN negotiations.

Potential approaches to be used will be discussed at upcoming stakeholder workshops.

The functions of metadata can also be discussed at the system level and the end-user level.

The Dawei industry complex was among the most highly featured development projects discussed at the annual ASEAN Summit.

Robinson told The Gleaner yesterday that the issue was extensively discussed at the weekly meeting of the party executive.

The story of sea water intrusion in Pemba was reported early this year and was discussed at the national level at Zanzibar.

They did the same switch over when Iran's nuclear development was discussed at the UN and voted against Iran, some years ago.

In 7% of cases discuss by is used

NOt too much of OSI terminology as discussed by Tanenbaum.

I will attempt to answer what has been discussed by our ulama.

As discussed by Aristotle, puppetry originated some 3000 years ago.

This idea of secession has been discussed by various radical organizations since 1845.

The quantum of this cap is being discussed by a government committee and will be announced soon.

The steps which are to be followed before or at the time have clearly been discussed by the software maker.

That affects my reading of scientific studies (as we have discussed by email ), and it affects how I read the news.

And the political process is one of the subjects that will be discussed by the international community and Somalis at the London Conference.

The concept has been discussed by the section editor and the art director, so there's a planned layout already, with earmarked space for text.

Theory of Relativity Discussed by Professor Brian Cox, Royal Society University Research Fellow Einstein's theory completely changed the world.

In 4% of cases discuss on is used

They can not discuss on the merits of their ideas.

Here we discuss on getting the most value of your money.

For example, client matters should not be discussed on the elevator.

Now Uranus is a private matter that I do not thinks needs to be discussed on this blog.

Here in this story, we will compare both the phones to discuss on which phone is suitable for you.

We were discussing on sexual relation one day and we both agreed to wait till our wedding night.

Gen VK Singh's legacy By Lt-Gen Harwant Singh (Retd) Much has been written in the press and much more discussed on TV channels as to Gen VK Singh's legacy.

Obviously, and as was discussed on the site, winning increases the fan pleasure with the team, and thus increases the approval rating for the three top guys.

Does he really so busy until can't spend a short time to discuss on our relationship? Or he just want to run away from the problem? Wow i realy enjoyed reading that.

Muhammad Younus Butt: November 21st, 2012 at 4:00 PM Pakistan is an Islamic country and lots of immoral activities are going on and no political party tries to discuss on this issue.

In 3% of cases discuss during is used

They told these officials what was discussed during our interviews.

As I was discussing during my radio program a few weeks ago, China is now officially the world's sec.

The results of both studies will be discussed during the round table held on Tuesday, October 9, at 11:25 a.

You can also learn things that aren't discussed during official negotiations, such as what other airlines say or do.

Matters relating to the ongoing dialogue and talks among the political parties were also discussed during the meeting.

This topic was discussed during a number of sessions that covered the economic opportunities and challenges across Asia Pacific.

National's ignorance of liberal communities and the issues that were discussed during the 2002 election campaign does it no credit.

A total of 314 notices under Rule 71 of the Rules of Procedure were received, of which, 18 were accepted and were discussed during the.

In contacts with the news media after the conference it is an established rule that no attribution should be made to individual participants of what was discussed during the meeting.

The situation you're in is one that my wife and I have discussed during our deliberations of whether to move to Australia or not, simply because it's a situation we're very keen to avoid.

In 2% of cases discuss as is used

Recommend I think it should be discuss as a investion of this centry.

I believe it can and it is a solution which hasn't been discussed as of yet.

Somdev Devvarman's name is being discussed as a potential partner to Leander Paes.

This and other approaches to streamlining the reform agenda should be discussed as a matter of priority at the next COAG meeting.

Shortlisted for the Booker Prize which Hilary Mantel won with Bring Up The Bodies, Self's novel has mainly been discussed as a work of modernism.

Race conditions, carbon technology, the use of radios, even fitness are discussed as to why today's peloton could be a more dangerous place to work.

These possibilities will be discussed as well as the major challenges to the notion that intellectual disability should have a role in such decisions.

In 2% of cases discuss for is used

It's this last report I'd like to discuss for a moment.

Changes to the taxi industry have been discussed for years.

The reduction being discussed for Athens should save them about 370m in interest payments per year.

This is a one stop location because the clothing out there let us discuss for males, wives for the youngsters.

The conferences held under Lula's administration dealt with 40 different themes, 28 of which were discussed for the first time.

Plans, extravagant and peaceful were discussed for New Year's Eve, but one must stay focused on tomorrow, and not let the bed bugs bite.

The concept of an infrastructure bank to provide loans and grants for transportation projects has been discussed for decades by federal policymakers.

Am I correct so far in my understanding of what you are saying? Well now I want to get back to the very thing we have been discussing for well over two years now Peter.

Ed Hemlock, London, England It's hardly a taboo - talk of over-population goes back at least to Malthus, and in more modern times has been widely discussed for at least thirty years.

If anything, people like you are striving to persecute gays because some writer of what should have been an obscure ancient text said that it is discussing for a man to lay down with another man.

In 1% of cases discuss among is used

And it is definitely something that should be discussed among friends/colleagues and blogs like yours.

I hope that The Genius in All of Us is widely read and discussed among educators, and that all of us take a hard look at our own assumptions.

Ambassador Kagasheki and his delegation made a visit to UNWTO Headquarters to discuss among other issues the preparation status of the forthcoming conference.

In 1% of cases discuss amongst is used

Posted by: RomneyWillLose September 25, 2012, 6:53 pm 6:53 pm Better presdient, Carter or Obama? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Posted by: ripoli ripaste September 25, 2012, 6:58 pm 6:58 pm Better presdient, Carter or Obama? Discuss amongst yourselves.

In 1% of cases discuss to is used

The problem (as has been discussed to death here on /.

I think the latter's been discussed to death, brought back to life and discussed to death again.

Much as the following modes of restorative justice have been discussed to almost a point of Clich, they could still be valuable in ensuring justice in conflict situations.

The topic of running from or running to is extremely broad and can be discussed to no end and for this, I'd like to scope the discussion to the topic of just fitness alone.

In 1% of cases discuss without is used

No family affairs will be discussed without your being consulted.

A note about main motions: in adversarial assemblies, nothing is discussed without a motion.

Political stances can be discussed without resorting to racial stereo-typing and abusive remarks towards a race of people.

In this way a matter which is regarded by 5 or more senators as warranting immediate debate may be debated or discussed without the usual requirement for notice.

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