Prepositions after "discriminate"

discriminate against, on, in, between or among?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 74% of cases discriminate against is used

What are we discriminating against anyway.

Can not discriminate against the thugs, ya see.

So, by default, you are discriminating against.

Ethnic Americans are badly discriminated against when it comes to employment.

To be discriminated against was a shock which they had not been prepared for.

While all other world powers persecuted and discriminated against the Jews (e.

This is why *censored* people can argue that they are discriminated against by not being allowed to marry.

If I were feeling discriminated against, I might go into a casting thinking I'd not going to get this job.

Our laws discriminate against same-sex unions, just as they used to discriminate in many ways based on race.

These laws and many others discriminate against an entire segment of the population based only on ethnicity.

In 8% of cases discriminate on is used

And it's illegal to discriminate on the grounds of gender,.

Discriminating on culture is just plain wrong, maybe even racist.

So why discriminate on the ground of sexuality then? I wondered, as we filled in our paper work.

However, it would allow corporations, being individuals, to discriminate on any basis, including sexual orientation OR reproductive issues.

Why has Sarah (I think) got so many red arrows? She said she didn't discriminate on race or colour and both her husbands were different races.

We are, however, willing to support faith-based organizations as long as they include students of all faiths and do not discriminate on the basis of religion.

The Anti-Discrimination (Pay) Act (1974) and the Employment Equality Act (1977) made it unlawful for employers to discriminate on the grounds of gender or marital status.

In 7% of cases discriminate in is used

I have been discriminated in the USA not because of my origin but for my sex female.

It must subscribe to the Olympic ideal, and must not discriminate in any way by race, sex etc.

The NGO notes that girls are discriminated in communities due to wrong beliefs and perceptions.

Our laws discriminate against same-sex unions, just as they used to discriminate in many ways based on race.

It must call for no small sagacity in a reader unerringly to discriminate in a novel between the inconsistencies of conception and those of life as elsewhere.

The notification shall state, where appropriate, that the recipient does not discriminate in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its program or activity.

Although discrimination can be either positive or negative -- you can either discriminate in favor of or against a particular group -- our focus here is negative discrimination.

First, marriage (atleast in our country but this also applies to the vast majority of the planet for the vast majority of human history) has always been discriminating in a number of ways.

The core of the site's power is its team of local experts, a well-traveled and well-educated group who are not only experts in their fields (and their cities) but discriminating in their tastes.

In 6% of cases discriminate between is used

There must be a way to discriminate between what is good and what is evil.

It will certainly discriminate between effective and ineffective structures.

Please note I have no inclination of discriminating between Tamils and Sinhalese.

Children are a gift from God Almighty and God Almighty doesn't discriminate between the two genders.

Serologic tests such as anti -- Saccharomyces cerevisiae antibodies (ASCA) do not reliably discriminate between ITB and CD 13.

As somebody said before, knowing English does help a lot but it does not discriminate between programmers and non-programmers.

After continuous disciplining of the mind and the senses, ignorance is dispelled and one is able to discriminate between good and evil.

It can discriminate between tens of thousands of different aromas, and is capable of detecting some compounds found in wine at levels around a single part per trillion.

Without Viveka, he tells us, you can not learn to choose God over desire because you are not able to discriminate between what takes you towards God and what takes you away from God.

A wise father would not discriminate between his son and daughter, would not condemn any body for having a daughter, and thus would fight the ignorant concepts of the ' Age of Ignorance '.

In 2% of cases discriminate among is used

To fulfill these needs, he must not be discriminate among his children for any reason.

CRITERIA 4) How well did the students perform? To discriminate among student performance across criteria, you will create a.

For each criterion, identify two or more levels of performance along which students can perform which will sufficiently discriminate among student performance for that criterion.

Since families, societies, co mmunities, nations and the world consist of individuals, one can discriminate among their characteristics just as one can find differences among individuals.

In 1% of cases discriminate by is used

Is the hotel operator, bartender, or airline acting to discriminate by requiring ID? We all understand the need for photo ID in modern society.

It is hence apparent that I have not improperly separated those views which are themselves separated and discriminated by some marked distinction.

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