Prepositions after "discover"

"discover in" or "discover by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases discover in is used

And both of these were discovered in India.

Radium was discovered in 1898 by Pierre and Marie Curie.

Uranus Uranus, the first planet discovered in modern times.

Niobium was discovered in North America in 1801 and was originally named Columbium.

There have been many bronze nao discovered in Hunan, with the heaviest reaching 221.

SILICON VERSUS GERMANIUM: Historically, semiconductors were discovered in the 1930's.

It was discovered in 1802 and great difficulties were encountered in dissolving its oxide in acid to form salts.

This primarily brought all three RCs to the same code level, release-wise and fixed a bug discovered in week 45.

Possibly the largest confirmed big cat discovered in the UK was a female puma captured alive in Scotland in 1980.

Even Kaali, that bold planner, was never able to say exactly what he expected to discover in the blue beyond the blue.

In 21% of cases discover by is used

The ice age cave was discovered by a student in 1923.

DVD is where ' The Raid ' will be discovered by most viewers.

Piltdown was discovered by a collector called Charles Dawson.

Discover By Doing Roll up your sleeves and participate in life alongside the locals.

The fall was hidden in the forest until it was discovered by a white catholic priest.

The river was discovered by Sir Thomas Mitchell in 1846 and retained its Aboriginal name.

Ultimately it was discovered by the FBI that this individual had embezzled a couple of hundred thousand dollars.

It is surprising that this was not discovered by Department of Trade whose report has still not been made public.

This monument was only recently discovered by authorities and they are in process of turning it in to visitor center.

Both sides of the coin The rare seal was discovered by two volunteers, employees of the American and British embassies.

In 7% of cases discover on is used

You will discover on your own wearing the very best.

We stayed for two days and went discovering on each one.

Twenty seven years later in 1895, the element was discovered on Earth.

It was first discovered on Earth while doing research with the Hubble space telescope.

This, I only discovered on the morning that I was travelling, at the Nyegezi bus stand.

It's useful, but not worth completely missing Mist for (as I discovered on my Dark Lord).

During the vetting process the name of his wife was discovered on the suspect list, to the surprise of security staff.

The baby was not seen alive after the 9th of May but a child's torso was discovered on the 17th of May by a local miller.

He said a black colour four-runner Toyota SUV with number-plate RE 77 AAA was discovered on Eko Bridge inward Apongbon at 11:45p.

Oh there's this funny show we discovered on late night TV - When I first saw it, I thought the entire scene felt vaguely familiar.

In 5% of cases discover at is used

There are large numbers of artifacts discovered at the site during the excavations.

A hand was discovered at a postal facility, addressed to the Liberal party of Canada.

The disease was discovered at the Foothills Wildlife Research Facility in Fort Collins, Colo.

The above statue was discovered at the Domus Romana together with three other imperial statues.

A couple of copper hatchets were discovered at San Diego International Airport, having arrived from Sweden.

According to Major Michael Etete, spokesman of Sector Two of JTF, the special security agents on patrol discovered at about 9.

The reader, familiar with the characters, comes to know and expect them to act in particular ways, but often discovers at the last minute betrayals have occurred.

Following an in depth investigation the jug, which was valued at 750,000, was discovered at a property in Tadworth, Surrey, in the early hours of Monday morning.

In less professional hands the presentation of Bach's music, although technically perfect, is often ' wooden ', as I discovered at a recent piano recital in Colombo.

Because many of us may actually discover at the 11th hour, that the only neighbours we'll be spending the Diamond Jubilee with are the people at work with the nearest desks.

In 3% of cases discover after is used

An error discovered after the limit of claims is never rectified.

Normally this can only be discovered after the initial consultation with the dentist.

Some of the drama was the stuff of dreams, as a crewmember on Ceramco discovered after a particularly difficult watch.

It is an extremely harsh punishment, and its irreversible nature means that any error of law discovered after an execution can not be remedied.

Originally, the Catholic Church provided them out of donations but discovered after WWII that the supply of nuns and volunteers to do this was drying up.

Raiu says the attackers may have realised Flame had been discovered after a honeypot machine belonging to Kaspersky reached out to the attackers ' server.

Like most metals in the platinum group it was discovered after scientists determined that platinum was a new metal instead of an alloy as was first though.

Q uestion: What if this error is discovered after the limit of claims? It can not be rectified, but the turn ends because either the croquted ball or the purported croqueted ball left the court.

In 3% of cases discover about is used

Yet you do understand there is much more to be discovered about this.

And the best part is, there is so much more to discover about the daughter of the sun.

But no proper evidences are discovered about the reconstruction after 1 st century BC.

Examine this post to discover about the five on the web money making tips for complete the complete beginner.

I hope to gently break down some of those myths and reveal some of the truths I have discovered about meditation.

It's difficult to imagine what life was like before Wi-Fi, and hard to believe how much we've discovered about Mars.

Sia Ka Tian discovered about RM3 million accidentally left in his taxi and he went and returned the money to the rightful owner.

One of the facts that science has discovered about mother's milk is that suckling up to two years after birth is very beneficial.

One more thing you are going to discover about this program is that it's not as difficult as the other programs that you'll be able to find.

In 3% of cases discover for is used

I have visions of him dying and not being discovered for weeks.

Discover for yourself what makes West Virginia wild and wonderful.

That the fever had affected his heart was not discovered for half a dozen years.

His action was not discovered for about 5 or 6 hours but was confirmed by cameras on deck.

Discover for yourself the diversity in landscape, people and culture of the Kilimanjaro region.

The answers we have to discover for ourselves, in light of the sorrow and death of the one whom we love and follow.

Once again, for this reason there's been absolutely no conclusive cause discovered for that exact reason for irritable intestinal affliction.

I believe that in cooking, sometimes you have to start with pre-packed ingredients and work your way up, discover for yourself based on your taste buds.

They have some real salient features about them which I'd quite sure the public have discovered for themselves We should remind ourselves that: 1) politics is the sole career of its members.

In 2% of cases discover during is used

Several scales for the measurement of length were also discovered during excavations.

The oil was discovered during exploratory drilling by Anglo-Irish oil giant, Tullow Oil.

Spyfu helps find keyword patterns or categories I hadn't discovered during my own keyword research.

Even invasive thymomas are not always detected with imaging tests and have been discovered during thymectomy surgery.

SHIRLEY GRIFFITH: Most of what we know about the qualities of Venus was discovered during and after those two historic events.

Linear B was discovered during Arthur Evans ' Knossos excavations (for the full story, see CWA 51, Great Excavations ') but for over 50 years the inscriptions remained unreadable.

In 2% of cases discover from is used

Now she knows where she is going; having discovered from where it was she had to start.

You will very quickly discover from the below that at the moment I don't make a living out of it.

Further bodies were discovered from the information Walters gave the police and Amelia Sach was also now implicated in these murders.

Genus is a categorization of species that has similar characteristics and this is the first time a dragonfly of this genus has been discovered from Sri Lanka.

It was, for instance, discovered from raids on some of these drug stores in the past that many of the drugs contained too much or too little of the active ingredients.

The area around Cork harbour was inhabited in prehistoric times and some artefacts, including axeheads, have been discovered from that period in the environs of the city.

Unfortunately, we had discovered from several scary reactions that he was severely allergic to cow's milk protein, so we had to use the uber-expensive hydrolysate formulas to take up the slack.

In 2% of cases discover with is used

The supernovae were discovered with the 3.

There is a pattern I've discovered with Arsenal.

Just as Abram Hoffer discovered with his schizophrenic patients.

Night clubs Value: These are terms that are discovering with regard to a hotel's program.

You will discover with regard to to start with the fact that the web based model connected with workplace can help you hold your forms on the web once more.

However, many scientific facts that are expressed in an extremely concise and profound manner in its verses have only been discovered with the technology of the 20th century.

What I've discovered with a more established website/blog (it's about five years old) is search is generally targeted at finding the blog or me, so keywords seem to have little impact there.

AdExchanger: What did you hope to discover with this survey of showrooming? Chris Copeland: Not surprisingly, one of the top concerns our clients have is about the economy and its affect on sales.

In 2% of cases discover to is used

Today, as President Lyndon Johnson discovered to his cost in 1968, a spectacular domestic track record can be effortlessly nullified by an overseas misadventure.

It will only be a matter of time until a wide variety of short-term side effects of Truvida, and probably multiple long term side-effects are discovered to a drug like this.

In 2% of cases discover through is used

And I have also just discovered through the Death thread that he's just passed away.

If God has only been discovered through human effort, it is vain to expect anything from Him.

The trio reach the site of the battle, only to discover through Aragorn's tracking skills that the two hobbits escaped into the forest.

On the other hand, I don't disagree with John's assertion that the world is so much more deep and meaningful than what can be discovered through sight alone.

Using the Sitemap, search engines become aware of every page on the site, including any URLs that are not discovered through the normal crawling process used by the engine.

The government plans to use the market price discovered through the auction to determine a one-time fee that some telecom companies will have to pay for the excess airwaves they hold.

Intuitively, optional typing is easily defined: static types can be added at selected points in a program, or discovered through type inference, and those types are statically checked by a compiler.

In 1% of cases discover within is used

The error is discovered within the limit of claims; so it is rectified.

An error that is discovered within the limit of claims must be rectified.

A Law 27 error that is discovered within the limit of claims must be rectified.

In 1% of cases discover over is used

I've discovered over the years, God's character to be true; He never changes.

The ever constant theme we have discovered over the last 3 years is that Oracle licensing is complex -- and Oracle customers know that.

The only evidence is the gradual weakening of earth's magnetic field, and the planet-sized rip in the magnetosphere, recently discovered over Brazil.

In 1% of cases discover of is used

To do so means discovering of ourselves as more than random, contingent collections of atoms or a mere bundles of desires, as Hume put it.

But I will say I was extremely impressed when I went to the office in Gulu and discovered of around 90 staff members in Uganda, only 4 were non-Ugandan.

During a term with Geron, he was credited as a principal discover of the components of telomerase, an enzyme that prevents the normal apoptosis or cell death due to aging.

In 1% of cases discover near is used

A new supernova has been discovered near the Big Dipper.

Evidence that suggested his innocence? most importantly, a blood-stained bandana discovered near Morton? s house? was ignored.

I was discovered near Saltburn in a canoe a few weeks ago, playing the theme from Captain Pugwash on an accordion that I had fashioned from the entrails of my sanity.

In 1% of cases discover inside is used

Cooper was discovered inside his apartment at 1 W.

Inside are personal items of the deceased, discovered inside the actual tomb in Cerveteri.

In 1% of cases discover as is used

Solomon Islands is only just being discovered as a surfers ' mecca.

This duality is also discovered as the unfair weight of suffering of creation carried by the life of the human being.

Everyone definitely will contend with the reasoning behind, Windows 7 Activation Key, txt can easily effortlessly possibly be discovered as well as undergo and also commonly, www.

Thus we get lost cities, prehistoric civilisations, nasty lizard people and the missing white man eventually discovered as the self-appointed? teacher? who lives amongst the tribe as their god/ruler.

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