Prepositions after "discourage"

"discourage by" or "discourage from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases discourage by is used

We are not discouraged by developments in Europe.

But Mr Kyaruzi was not discouraged by the transfer.

It's so easy to get disillusioned and discouraged by elections.

Original research is mostly discouraged by this process, though, so you're left with a lot.

The best &; brightest are discouraged by an education system which discourages individual achievement.

They're both discouraged by the smallness, the small-mindedness of both of these presidential campaigns.

Otherwise important items will be overlooked, and you will be discouraged by the sheer volume of items in front of you.

Stuck in the middle of the woods, with the sun is going down, a chill in the air, and growing more discouraged by the minute.

Positive behavior has to be reinforced negative ones discouraged by highlighting not only the failures but also the successes.

In most civilizations they would quickly have been stopped, or discouraged by family, friends and their own good sense from even starting.

In 23% of cases discourage from is used

This is common is some societies and people should be discouraged from doing so.

Many have been discouraged from fitting NFC equipment because of the costs involved.

You're not allowed to do anything other than what they say, you're positively discouraged from doing so.

What's worse is that more often than not, people who use drugs are discouraged from seeking HIV treatment in the first place.

They have come from long distances and have spent so much money getting here, they must be discouraged from giving money to me.

When his beloved mother passed away and there were changes at his workplace, he was discouraged from continuing his study for a time.

As for me, I imagined that somewhere in the building men in uniforms were watching me arrive, and I felt discouraged from walking on the grass.

In fact when people are discouraged from refuting popular theories because it is a ' touchy subject ', THEN it indeed becomes more about politics than science.

As a result, customers ' requirements are misinterpreted, leaving them disappointed and so discouraged from placing repeat orders with Suame Magazine artisans.

But smaller businesses, in particular, were often discouraged from borrowing by the need to provide guarantees, an increasingly prevalent condition for lending.

In 7% of cases discourage in is used

Sharing discouraged in training.

Traditionally, exercise has been discouraged in people with certain chronic conditions.

In 5% of cases discourage at is used

It was dark and discouraging at the time, but it wasn't going to be that way for long.

So why don't you get this version now? To jailbreak iPad 3 can be discouraging at times.

Using the argument that foreigners are trying to tell us what to do totally trivialises the issue and is an old and cold argument that must be discouraged at all costs.

In 4% of cases discourage with is used

However, he mentions his accomplishments in the same breath of being discouraged with the lack of opportunities and restrictions placed on him due to racism.

In an interview with a private TV channel, the Chief Minister said that we are not discouraged with the situation of the country but believe in good governance and solution of people's problems.

In 3% of cases discourage about is used

When people feel discouraged about their progress, they are more prone to treat each other badly.

My advice to my fellow classmates and friends all over Gh is that do not be discouraged about the placements.

In 3% of cases discourage after is used

Bottle use should be discouraged after 12 months.

Many people are discouraged after too short a time.

In 3% of cases discourage for is used

Mr Maken had written to the Vice Chancellor yesterday that such episodes were discouraging for young sports persons.

In 3% of cases discourage on is used

But is copying one's own work wrong? Cross-posting is traditionally discouraged on the internet but mostly for mass posting of irrelevant information.

Without being discouraged on account of our sins, we should pray for His grace with a perfect confidence, as relying upon the infinite merits of our Lord.

In 2% of cases discourage to is used

I agree about less awareness and more action, so it was discouraging to me to read this article in the NY Times: http: **35;2525;TOOLONG.

In 1% of cases discourage as is used

Sowing of seeds could also be done as random but random sowing should be discouraged as the weed control is difficult.

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