Prepositions after "disconnect"

"disconnect from" or "disconnect between"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 54% of cases disconnect from is used

DC (Disconnect ): You were disconnected from the game.

The +5V of USB (pin 1) is disconnected from VBUS pin of MCU.

This little girl was disconnected from the world and herself.

It means the One disconnected from imperfections and pure of traces of in-timeness.

Also, I was living in a big city, where I felt completely disconnected from the world.

His life's work, the film that got him disconnected from the internet, has disappeared.

The BRICS are not proving to be disconnected from the wetern economies and are not replacing the US consumer.

The exchange rate puzzle is about why exchange rates are so volatile and why they are disconnected from fundamentals.

I see the idea of the artist in his studio as something antiquated, disconnected from how culture currently functions.

We now stand effectively disconnected from the freedom movement that was led by Mohammad Ali Jinnah and his associates.

In 24% of cases disconnect between is used

The disconnect between generations may have grown too.

There should be no disconnect between those two actions.

There is a huge disconnect between the King and his people.

They reveal a disconnect between what people want and need to know and what they actually do know.

The dramatic experience with financial capital demonstrates a similar disconnect between IMF proclamations and reality.

Here again there appears to be a disconnect between Obama's 1970s-vintage ideas and the real world of the early 21st century.

There is a disconnect between civilisations and some clues are assessed through fossils found deep under and between sedimentary layers.

LD Beyond School There are major disconnects between high school and postsecondary education which create obstacles for students with LD.

Couple of IM's take advantage of this fact because so many of these improperly see a disconnect between internet marketing and direct marketing.

In 8% of cases disconnect with is used

This merely confirms their disconnect with reality and their irrelevance.

The letter displays CPR's disconnect with the American people, the facts, and reality.

I want settings that readers could relate with because I don't want to create a disconnect with reality.

No country has only one reality, so people saying that this the reality of Nigeria are totally disconnected with reality.

This can be quite annoying, because as mentioned, this will happen every time the PadFone connects or disconnects with the dock.

Since the chief was a tribal leader but uneducated and disconnected with the modern weather warning system, he couldn't tell exactly what the weather was going to be.

There is such a huge disconnect with the leadership of the United Church and those who once considered themselves as members of that church, hence its dwindling numbers.

In 6% of cases disconnect in is used

So we seem to have a disconnect in the system.

That's our first disconnect in terms of democratic legitimation.

What I found discouraging here was the disconnect in the conversation between data caps and the ITMP framework.

She said there is a disconnect in the understanding of what the JPS teams really do go through and what is required.

Taking the year 1971 as his base, he researched the percentage of main residential telephones which were disconnected in the course of that year.

The Q4000 will be replaced by another vessel, Toisa Pisces, which will be connected to one of two floating risers that can be disconnected in the event of a hurricane.

In 2% of cases disconnect to is used

Only in the event that both teams have been disconnected to the game will the match be stopped.

Despite all these emotions and strange phases I've been going through, I still feel so disconnected to the world.

In 1% of cases disconnect about is used

I always felt there's a disconnect about what's officially reported and what actually happened.

In 1% of cases disconnect after is used

If we tried to connect to some other host, one of us got instantly disconnected after the game started.

In 1% of cases disconnect amongst is used

According to CBS 60 Minutes, hermes des merveilles, Gilligan and other individuals began to notice the disconnect amongst oil prices and its usual hyperlink among provide and demand.

In 1% of cases disconnect at is used

Very sad to be completely dependent on disconnecting at such a young age- absolutely no concept of living in the moment.

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