Prepositions after "discharge"

discharge from, in, by, on or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases discharge from is used

Nia was discharged from the hospital few days before Christmas.

Wilson had been kicking around Austin since being discharged from the U.

Next day, I was discharged from the hospital but I was bed-ridden for a month.

I am discharged from hospital now, but I think am just followed by too many bad things.

DEC does not have the capability to monitor mine discharges from land based mines into rivers and the seas.

The post-operative period was uneventful and the patient was discharged from hospital on post-operative day 2.

We are working hard as a charity towards meeting these specialist needs for those discharged from military care.

The militants were told that once interrogation was completed, the men would be discharged from the service and freed.

Newsnight and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism spoke to other wounded soldiers, recently discharged from the forces.

In 12% of cases discharge in is used

He was honorably discharged in 1974.

I was discharged in Ch 7 BK in April 2008.

The loan was discharged in bankruptcy claim.

The loan amount can not be discharged in a borrower's bankruptcy.

The average number of treatment sessions administered to patients with LBP before they are discharged in Nigeria is ten sessions.

Discharge in Bankruptcy This is not an automatic process -- you must prove to the bankruptcy court that repaying your student loan would cause undue hardship.

Discharging C When the capacitor is discharging the same CR formula applies, as the capacitor also discharges in an exponential fashion, quickly at first and then more slowly.

The three major point source discharges in this part of the river (Hamilton sewage, a meat-works and Ngaruawahia sewage) only generate five per cent of the total bacteria levels.

In 10% of cases discharge by is used

The function of law is not only discharged by protecting citizens from crime.

It should not be treated as a routines duty which can be discharged by any teacher in the area.

That person is bankrupt and has not been discharged by the courts or creditors of these debts; 4.

Most of your debts will be discharged by the Chapter 7 process, so you'll no longer owe those creditors.

The MP after his evidence was discharged by the court while the case has been adjourned to November 7, 2012.

About a week later, he was discharged by Akatsa and his cars handed over to after he took large sums of money.

Fercometal SARL v MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co SA 1989 AC 788 Where the contract is not discharged by the breach both parties remain liable to perform the contract.

In 5% of cases discharge on is used

The boys were discharged on their complying with the expressed wishes of the bench.

Potter was on the phone trying to reach Icoreget Donald and Flagg discharged on a section 8.

I didn't need to use the breast pump as baby Faith could latch well (ironically, my milk didn't come in till we were discharged on Day 4).

While he was operated on Saturday, he was going to be discharged on Monday but Amitabh apparently complained of acute pain, following which the doctors decided to keep him under supervision.

In 5% of cases discharge to is used

Of Goulburn-Murray Water's 119 groundwater pumps, 69 discharge to G-MW's water supply channels.

I don't know if that means he was a US citizen or the person he was discharged to was a US citizen.

Waste management and discharges to the environment are regulated by the Radioactive Substances Act 1993.

In those days, Hamilton's wastewater was discharged to the river, after holding in 14 large septic tanks.

Although the government body provided information on wind patterns and discharges to the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Japanese public was kept in the dark.

In 3% of cases discharge with is used

Look at your debt situation and learn which of your debts can be discharged with bankruptcy.

One patient was discharged with a diagnosis of bilirubin encephalopathy but defaulted from follow-up.

In 3% of cases discharge for is used

As a result, Brown was admonished and discharged for the malicious destruction charge.

In 3% of cases discharge under is used

Dan Choi becomes one of those discharged under this tyrant and dictatorial policy, one begin to wonder where America is heading.

In 3% of cases discharge of is used

Under Chapter 7, a person can be discharged of his / her financial obligations.

After a debt is discharged, an individual is going to be released from his or her legal responsibility to pay it Under Chapter 7, an individual can be discharged of his / her owed money.

What goes on is that the assets of a person who has secured debts will be kept from being foreclosed up until the individual is discharged of her or his financial obligations in a bankruptcy.

In 2% of cases discharge during is used

Sputum may be discharged during coughing.

Spike discharge during the up state was rarely present, but if it occurred, it was irregular and at low rates (Fig.

However, in contrast to the observations in cocultures, most MS neurons did not spontaneously discharge during the up state.

If you are going to use your solar cells continually, you will need a blocking diode to prevent discharging during the night.

A2, Depolarizing steady state current injections shift both states to more-depolarized levels and lead to irregular, single spike discharge during spontaneous activity.

In 2% of cases discharge into is used

Rapid industrialisation increases the volume of pollutants discharged into the environment.

In most fish the eggs are first discharged into a hollow central cavity of the ovary and then passed to the exterior through special ducts.

In 1% of cases discharge without is used

Cogeneration -- the simultaneous generation of both electric power and heat; the heat, instead of being discharged without further use, is used in some fashion (e.

In 1% of cases discharge through is used

All that is legal, so how much extra is being discharged through accidental or illegal discharges? One can only guess.

In 1% of cases discharge outside is used

Most loans can be discharged outside of certain things, like child support or loans you are paying back due to student lending.

In 1% of cases discharge after is used

The cold wind is heated to 250? 350? after passing the hot mineral aggregate and cooled to 150? and discharged after passing the heat-transfer steam generator.

In 1% of cases discharge due is used

Student loans can not be discharged due to bankruptcy, elapsed time or disability; they literally follow student borrowers to the grave and some choose to hasten that process.

In 1% of cases discharge at is used

However, a charge where the debt owed to the charge holder has already been fully discharged at the time the liquidation is commenced will not be held invalid.

In 1% of cases discharge as is used

The Act also addresses Sewage and Trade Effluent discharges as well as air emissions.

Melendez, discharged as a sergeant, recently took and passed the city Fire Department test.

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