Prepositions after "disable"

"disable by" or "disable in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases disable by is used

The firmware password is disabled by default.

If we're lucky, some high-orbit satellites could be disabled by a powerful influx of solar radiation.

I simply do not accept this as other cars, including my own Renault, that had been fuelled at the same time and place, were not disabled by this.

Microsof company similarly lets clients in order to disable by using macros every time they choose to, of which includes commonly taken out the matter.

He had been disabled by fever from working, and was waiting at a place called Dolla, to get relief on a cold and wet day; but the relieving officer did not come.

Also the government has been disabled by PCNS's recommendations to pass an executive decision for the restoration of NATO supply rather they will have to abide by the recommendation no.

In 19% of cases disable in is used

JavaScript is disabled in your browser.

In America alone, there are 1 out of 5 people who are disabled in one way or another.

Because it really doesn't take a lot of money to get kids to learn something, unless they are disabled in the brain.

Warning: filegetcontents() **26;2062;TOOLONG: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in **39;2090;TOOLONG.

In 5% of cases disable for is used

But we want this to be completely disabled for our button.

Bear in mind that they've all been disabled for a reason, and enabling one could break your browser.

In 5% of cases disable from is used

Foster was not disabled from voting in support of the resolution.

In 5% of cases disable on is used

The use of BBCode is granted by the administrator, but it can also be disabled on a per post basis from the posting form.

Posting of comments will be temporarily disabled on Sunday night, from 2:00am UTC so that we can perform maintenance on the system.

In 5% of cases disable to is used

Christianity has proved disabling to totalitarian regimes in the past.

In 3% of cases disable at is used

Other options with timeshifting are ForTheRecord (although the PVR addon is temporarely disabled at the moment due to some pending changes for XBMC) and MythTV.

In 3% of cases disable with is used

I am also disabled with a rare, incurable and progressive disease that is a constant struggle.

TWikiAdminGroup Web preferences that are not allowed to be overridden by user or topic preferences: Help on Preferences A preferences setting can be disabled with a # sign.

In 3% of cases disable before is used

It also messes with Prime Streaming movies so it should be disabled before watching one.

As the SCCM Client needs to be disabled before the Automation Machine Deployment starts it is necessary to change the startupBeginOrderNumber as shown in the screen shot below.

In 3% of cases disable upon is used

Can be disabled upon request and looks like they will also apply to all lines over time but no date as of yet.

In 2% of cases disable through is used

Maggie was disabled through paralysis, but this did not keep her from achieving her goal.

In 2% of cases disable over is used

Grum was disabled over a couple of weeks, thanks to the efforts of FireEye and Spamhaus.

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