Prepositions after "dip"

"dip into" or "dip in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases dip into is used

We don't need to dip into the edition.

Have you dipped into Ruby on Rails yet? Do you.

But it was still awesome to dip into and it was rarely full.

It was one of the first mathematics books I purchased and remains one I dip into still.

When you dip into class warfare rhetoric, you show your lack of knowledge of actual economics.

Plus she had to dip into her shoe-fund to buy a new table exactly like the one Kendra had broken.

When he finally found himself there with the Charlotte Bobcats, the super-slick guard dipped into his UConn bag of tricks.

To prevent the stern from dipping into the trough of the waves as they strike the bow, the rower pulls gently on the oars.

So the PAP has gagged us well and proper, then it dips into the State coffers to pay itself obscene sums of millions per annum.

It wasn't because she would dip into it for something frivolous like silk stockings or a new hat the reason was much simpler than that.

In 37% of cases dip in is used

Dredge with flour and dip in beaten eggs.

His head dipped in a slow nod as he walked past.

A sea sponge dipped in watered-down face paint adds texture.

Place each of the dough balls onto the cookie sheet right after they are dipped in sugar.

Candles were expensive so peasants usually used rush lights (rushes dipped in animal fat).

They taste great dipped in ketchup and have far fewer calories than the deep fried variety.

Ketupat, a Malay rice cake similar to Lontong, is also an accompaniment to satay, great for dipping in satay sauce.

My favourite picnic items -- apart from the obligatory nostalgia of hardboiled eggs dipped in sea salt -- are pies and tarts.

The first year that I organised a Dip in 2009 women came from all over Ireland to do the Dip -- only 50 of the 180 were from Sligo.

Daft, I know! The basket is dipped in the water and the babies have their first swim That was an enticing account of baby turtles.

In 6% of cases dip to is used

Marriages dipped to a low of just 50.

That figure slowly fell, dipping to as low as 700,000 as episodes progressed.

A land devoid of roads and with temperatures that dip to minus 40 degree Celsius in winter.

If you dip to the low vibes, you will feel the difference between you and the source, God part of you.

This project is now a race to get to the point where concrete can be poured before temperatures dip to the point where concrete can not be poured.

A few weeks ago, when President Obama's job approval dipped to 43% in both the Gallup and Rasmussen tracking polls, I opined that if his numbers stayed at that level, he would lose re-election.

A couple of days ago, when President Barack Obama's approval dipped to 43% in both the Gallup and Rasmussen tracking polls, I opined that he was in serious danger of losing his re-election bid.

In 5% of cases dip below is used

I watched as the sun turned blood red and dip below the horizon.

The beach comes to a standstill for a few minutes while everyone basks in the awesome sight of the sun dipping below the horizon.

In St Petersburg, where temperatures have dipped below -30C this week days, experts have advised residents to change their diet to keep healthy.

And if it is going to dip below some of the satellites, any chance it'll be visible to the naked eye? Hopefully that pesky sun o ' ours doesn't get in the way.

But Joe and Glenn have been more consistent through all the matches, each never dipping below an average match and mostly in the good to great match showings.

Nearly 1,000 have been hospitalised with hypothermia or frostbite because the temperature has consistently remained below -20C and on some nights has dipped below -30C.

The FHA dipped below its mandated reserve levels a few years ago, and there was some discussion on increasing the minimum down payment on an FHA-insured mortgage from 3.

Pellegrini, a pioneer at home in Rome as she and her shiny suit became the first woman in a booster suit to dip below 4mins over 400m freestyle and set a world mark of 1:52.

In 2% of cases dip on is used

This was simply AMAZING with the tenderness of the beef and peppery lemon dip on the side! I'd a sucker for anything with black pepper and lemon so this dish gets two thumbs up from me.

In 2% of cases dip from is used

The unemployment rate dipped from 8.

At the same time, the number of immigrants attracted to The Emerald Isle has dipped from 53,300 to 52,700.

I don't know if it's the beer or the exercise, but I often feel a little bit sleepy once the sun dips from view.

In 1% of cases dip for is used

Immediately, in rotor, the chazon ish carried powers to get this game to slow supersonic diet because the salt of dipping for change was top.

In 1% of cases dip within is used

Normally dipping within early morning previous to operate and bathing throughout night after finish the actual day's tasks are excellent to keep a superb health and body ai.

In 1% of cases dip with is used

Tourism, which employs one in ten islanders, has dipped with the world economy.

In 1% of cases dip under is used

Frenchman Christophe Lemaitre, the only white sprinter in history to dip under the 10 seconds barrier, and Kim Collins, star and symbol from St.

In 1% of cases dip according is used

They allow for a steady flow of energy, a smoothing out, if you will, rather than peaks and dips according to demand.

In 1% of cases dip by is used

In 2011, the number of births dipped by 55,000, or 1 percent, to 4.

In 1% of cases dip before is used

Bring sensible footwear as you'll be walking in our fields and will be required to use a foot dip before entry.

In 1% of cases dip at is used

High crosses into the box can still work - if the ball dips at just the right point - but they won't be as effective with diminutive forwards.

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