Prepositions after "dine"

dine at, with, in, on or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases dine at is used

The next day, I dined at the vegan counter.

And here she was, dining at Soonu's table.

Next year, I will surely make it a point to dine at his restaurant.

We are dining at home in Toronto, talking about us, when suddenly I remember the time.

Away from the hotels, we took time off to dine at a sea-side restaurant called 40 Thieves.

I just dined at a Chinese Muslim restaurant called DARDA in the South Bay, Nor California.

I liked the villain though, and how when you first meet him he is this totally cultured fellow who comes to dine at the hero's table.

It didn't wow me as much as I would have been (I reckon) if I had the chance to dine at El Bulli, but the chefs did enough to get me excited.

The fluffy purple-tinged cotton candy aside, dining at Bubbles &; Bites did reinvigorate my palate somehow, after the tragic food run two years ago.

God bless you! Tuesday, October 16, 2012 Luke 11:37-41 The Things That Matter Most After Jesus had spoken, a Pharisee invited him to dine at his home.

In 27% of cases dine with is used

She had come to dine with a man.

Jesus dined with Roman soldiers and pharisees.

She came last on a celebrity version of ' Come Dine With Me '.

This is the famous dessert that RyuGin developed since we last dined with them in ' 09.

Here, you dine with black Columbus monkeys while the sea waves lap at your feet and back.

I got a call out of the blue one day, asking if I'd like to be a contestant on Come Dine With Me.

We may also record details on guests who have stayed or dined with you at IHCL, including their names and contact details.

So as children all of us would always want to work in the church in any department of our choice in order to dine with Mrs Wild.

Several evenings we dined with former President Herbert Hoover, and I never ceased to marvel at his wisdom and extraordinary memory.

Last night, chairman of the New Zealand Arts Council Alistair Carruthers confirmed he dined with Mr Slipper at lunchtime on Remembrance Day.

In 22% of cases dine in is used

Adults choosing to dine in the film club can redeem their ticket price from the cost of their meal.

You feel like you are dining in the White Houses ' formal dining room and that's what makes it so special.

The interior is opulent like how dining in the early 20th century was, except now thankfully deodorant exists.

The gaudy pink and black kitchen was without an oven or hob, as Savile preferred to dine in restaurants rather than cook for himself.

The Taliban were wined and dined in Houston, their PR rep in Washington was none other than the niece of former CIA chief Richard Helms.

The hotel restaurant allows you to dine in an informal atmosphere everyday; serving a full buffet breakfast and extensive dinner menu that caters for everyone.

The Manila Hotel, has even managed to become a tourist attraction with visitors from all over the world coming to soak in its history, or dine in its fine restaurants.

Exquisite dining at Yantra At the Yantra Restaurant in Tanglin Mall, you can dine in a chic ambience, which looks even more enchanting during dinner, with dim, romantic lighting.

We rented a car but if you are happy to potter about the resort and dine in the nearby town then you'd cope just fine -- Sunway also includes airport transfers as part of the package.

In 11% of cases dine on is used

He will not feed you, so dine on the oatmeal every night.

Jailbirds have also attended carol services and dined on traditional festive fare.

We here in these parts, who have dined on such bittersweet gruel for about a century, know all about that stuff.

You'll dine on exquisite cuisine, sample fine wines and spirits, see thrilling shows and be pampered and entertained as much as you want to be.

Cook on your trip and save Lunch Specials In many parts of the world, especially in Europe, you can dine on dinner menus at lunch special prices.

I named it Legless, on account of its no-legs, and later that night as we wined and dined on our mattresses, I was pretty concerned that Legless was going to drop by again.

In 2% of cases dine for is used

The buttery cereal floss alone is to dine for.

In 1% of cases dine beneath is used

Maupassant, Zola and Diaghilev dined beneath the gilded, extravagantly corniced ceilings and among the Corinthian columns.

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