Prepositions after "die"

die in, of, from, on or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases die in is used

Two have died in the last year.

Haroon al Rasheed died in 833 C.

He died in obscurity and poverty.

Cattle likewise had their Achilles tendons cut and were left to slowly die in the fields.

Hundreds of kids have died in State care in the last decade, over 400 have gone missing.

Mohammad Umair died on the spot and Asad and Wajahat died in the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.

The move has echoes of the pact between Mr Brown and Tony Blair after John Smith, who was Labour leader, died in 1994.

His father, a clothing merchant (who also held a degree in engineering ), died in 1943, when Cohen was nine years old.

He had been a promising table tennis player until he almost died in a crash six years ago on the same stretch of road.

In 13% of cases die of is used

She too has since died of AIDS.

We do not wish to die of hunger.

I can't watch them die of thirst.

Savita Halappanavar died of septacaemia at UHG last month after suffering a miscarriage.

BUT, I would not wish the four years of suffering a child dying of leukaemia on my son.

A nine-year-old child died of rabid bat bites in the Macas Hospital of Morona, Santiago.

In the drought of ' 96, people died of starvation (16 according to the Government, over a 100 according to the press).

I'd well aware of how many babies died of illnesses that we see very rarely these days thanks, in part, to vaccination.

Even if HIV risk were cut in half by 2015, in some countries 20% to 80% of today's 15-year-old boys still would die of AIDS.

You have to be able to run down your dinner and if you can't do that well then guess what you're going to die of starvation.

In 10% of cases die from is used

Ponies have died from overwork.

The cyclist died from his injuries.

I thought I'd die from the pressure.

The victim, who died from birdshot wounds, was the first person to be killed in Egypt.

Following a post mortem, it was found that the deer had died from a ruptured aneurism.

I would rather die from a flesh-eating virus than attend one of my high school reunions.

Post-mortem examinations on the babies, born before 28 weeks, found they died from the Serratia Marcescens bacteria.

Since the first American patient was diagnosed with AIDS in 1981, 600,000 people have died from the disease in the U.

They died from smoke inhalation after a firebug poured petrol through the letterbox of their home in Allenton, Derby.

An autopsy determined that the 57-year-old Andrew Vaughan died from a taipan bite, which killed him almost instantly.

In 8% of cases die on is used

He died on the way to hospital.

The sport is dying on its arse.

He died on his way back to Medina.

God in Jesus Christ declares that we're so lovable, we're worth dying on the cross for.

Eleven men died on Deepwater Horizon the night BP's Macondo well blew out in April 2010.

Olusola Saraki that died on Wednesday in Lagos, tells some untold stories about the man.

They wrapped a small pay phone in my neighborhood with the smug deserve to die on one side and cat lovers on the other.

Here are Kati? s words: Peace was an Asiatic black bear who died on the truck from the bile farm to the AAF sanctuary.

The Eucharist: The Self-gift of Jesus Christ Jesus died on the Cross that we might have life, and have it in abundance.

In 8% of cases die for is used

Jesus really did die for our sins.

Ants live and die for their colony.

Here people don't die for want of food.

The tenants of your faith teach you that Jesus died for Dan, just like he died for you.

In the First World War no less than in the Second, Britons did not die for a vain cause.

By the time I finally got there, I was dying for a Taylors of Harrogate Hot Lava Java.

Once you have your home office and a CV to die for, the only thing left to do is advertise yourself and your services.

What are you a 12 year old bully? By your own words you claim that you believe that God sent Jesus to die for the world.

Some of our pioneering ancestors died for, or suffered extreme hardship, for a parcel of land to live on and grow food.

Ann's bouquet is to die for and is in keeping with her nature theme as they look like she hand picked them from a meadow.

In 6% of cases die at is used

Adrian Oliver died at about 5 a.

He died at sea aboard the Malta.

Workers die at their place of work.

He was flung into the path of a second car, a Ford station wagon, and died at the scene.

Madam Fathia Nkrumah, the widow of the late President Nkrumah, died at age 75, in May 31, 2007.

It was on one of his return journeys to Zanzibar that he died at sea, near Seychelles, in 1856.

But the fact is that Osho died at 59 years of age and his health was certainly deteriorating since the US deportation.

There aren't many things that actually take 23 years, unless someone in your family died at Hillsborough on 15 April 1989.

Litvinenko died at a hospital in central London within the jurisdiction of the coroner for the inner north London district.

A recent case saw a squid attack a racing yacht, though perhaps it was dying at the surface and the yacht simply ran into it.

In 3% of cases die as is used

Eight drinkers died as a result.

He died as a result of the riot.

Many died as a result last week.

This does not mean that the Prophet gave such a person an option to die as one of the two.

The Times of Israel subsequently reported the man did not die as a result of a gunshot wound.

The paratrooper died as the low-flying F18 plane strafed the ground in terrible desert weather.

I dedicate it to Canadian Corporal Brian Pinksen, who died Aug 30, the 152 nd soldier to die as a result of injuries sustained in Afghanistan.

Approximately 600 memorial plaques were issued to the next of kin of women who died as a direct consequence of their involvement in the Great War.

SOUTH AMERICA Sofia Gatica Argentina A mother whose infant died as a result of pesticide poisoning, Sofia Gatica is organizing local women to stop.

In 2% of cases die during is used

B dies during A's life time; then A dies.

Many of them died during the Boxer Rebellion.

Lots of women died during or after childbirth.

Then after these two weeks she died during the month of Ramazan according to her dua.

The full sum assured will still be payable should the insured die during the term of the policy.

There are many soldiers who have died during training, especially during the head-dunking affair.

Miro 975 (talk) 09:55, September 21, 2010 (UTC) I had 3 injuries when I finished the game but I never died during a battle.

Nine of the 14 trials had data on mortality and included 182,880 participants, 11,940 of whom died during the study period.

They blame natural disasters on economic systems for crying out loud as if 12 million didn't die during the great depression.

Nineteen people died during Ivan in 2004, a powerful Category four storm which, like Dean, did not make a direct hit on Jamaica.

In 2% of cases die by is used

During this dive, Patch died by drowning.

He died by a bullet, friend or foe? The U.

House rules: Live by the snark, die by the snark.

And why? I had convinced myself that I was going to die by the time I was my parents ' age.

Let them support themselves and live or die by the support or non support of their followers.

If the rope is too short, your neck doesn't snap at the right time, and you will die by strangulation.

Yes, they both die by their own hands but it's comparing apples and oranges in lots of ways to compare their motivations.

Preliminary figures show that 525 people died by suicide last year and it's likely that the true figure is even greater.

Baraigram Correspondent reports: A school going student Zamirul Islam(10) was died by snake-bite at night on Friday last.

Or maybe, they just take so many pills, they just die by accident because they took far too many or mixed the wrong kinds.

In 2% of cases die before is used

He died before reaching the hospital.

But Doc died before Thanksgiving that year.

And thousands more troops would die before Johnson left office.

He had died in 1975, I knew he was dead but didn't know he had died before my birth.

Within 6 months they mature, and they die before the end of the year, weighing over 1kg.

So any benefit would be paid to your dependants if you died before the policy finished.

The number of infants and children who die before reaching the age of five has dropped from 12 million in 1990 to 6.

Due to predators, no less than 95 percent of all kiwis living in unprotected areas die before reaching breeding age.

Not one Israeli civilian died before the IDF attack began -- today three are dead as Hamas stepped up rocket attacks.

Too bad they waited for decades to pass and millions to die before daring to defy the all-powerful meat &; dairy industry.

In 2% of cases die after is used

She died after being taken to hospital in Exeter.

It was later we heard he had died after losing so much blood.

There were children who died after a prolonged stay in bunkers.

The crowd was HOT in the beginning and died after the Dolph Ziggler/Daniel Bryan match.

Two Form Ones students died after students set a blaze a dormitory in 2010 at Endarasha.

On October 3, 2009, a 22 year old man from Copenhagen died after ingesting Bromo-dragonfly.

And a Wellington lung cancer patient died after test results were not followed up, delaying diagnosis and treatment.

If your veteran spouse died after service, VA must determine that the death was due to a service-connected disability.

Outsiders know little of his real goodness -- I experienced it myself when my husband died after a long and expensive illness.

When Reenie returns home, her mother tells her that she has just phoned the hospital and learned that Sammy died after Reenie left.

In 2% of cases die with is used

Margaret died without a struggle.

You know, dying with dignity etc.

My Mom was dying with breast cancar.

People die with hunger, some people are blind, some have a limp, some can't read and so on.

I feel what faith teaches us, and, in that assurance and that practice of faith, I live and die with Him.

Two other New Zealand soldiers died with her: Corporal Luke Tamatea (31) and Private Richard Harris (21).

Director Ian Talbot (Lend Me A Tenor) really needs to let this one die with dignity and let the original books, film.

A priest is killed by the king and he dies with hidden love to whom????,,,, hmmm not for Jesus but a jailer's daughter.

However, if she dies with? Imn, she will eventually be entered into jannah after being punished for all her evil actions.

Rajneesh died with a full beard and no exceptional baldness other than ordinary male pattern baldness at the top of his head.

In 2% of cases die without is used

Margaret died without a struggle.

Some died without seeing their dream come to pass.

Intestacy refers to a person who dies without a will.

For example: If a man dies without offspring, his estate is inherited by his parents.

If Pakistan can't live with that, then it'll die without being able to live with that.

I know from what I read, he was a very lonely young man dying without his family by his side.

How many of the Shakespeares who ever lived, lived and died without learning to read and write? Almost all of them.

Response to CARLENE GRANT: (As explained above) When a person dies without a Will, he is said to have died intestate.

Hence euthanasia in your mother case isn't applicable as she will die without you intervening with a dose of something.

Her husband died without leaving a final will and testament and she found herself at odds with her children over his money.

In 1% of cases die due is used

Carlo David died due to multiple gunshots.

It was said that he died due to pneumonia owing to the lack of sleep.

She was pregnant at that time and died due to extreme weakness during the child birth.

In Sathyamangalam, 20-25 elephants have died due to natural causes in the last five years.

Many his descendants died due to inbreeding; both parents carrying copies of mutated genes.

The reportage on comments made by the Brg Gen were not to say our Prof died due to critisisms and insults.

Children have recently died due to the poor level of care at Bristol Children's Hospital, the trust have been covering this up for years.

If your loved one died due to a disease or illness you can often start to experience feelings of anxiety surrounding your own health and mortality.

These people are cheaply recruited because they will accept anything, apart from the fanatical ones among them that are ready to die due to misguidance.

Bathing was not compulsory on them The Shaheed must not have died due to punishment (executed due to Islamic law) The Shaheed must have been killed by a weapon (sword, dagger, gun etc.

In 1% of cases die like is used

They die like flies during pregnancy.

He grows old and dies like everybody else.

The letter included the telling words: '? we have been the Pole and we shall die like gentlemen.

But things go terribly wrong and people start dying like flies after a sprits of Doom in a room.

Day 2, feeling shaky but overall not dying like the days after the Ball, when they hooked up and i first started NC.

And you died like Hussain! Save the Middle East &; Declare Jihad Against Sectarianism! By the way, shisha is not banned.

We say do good deeds so you can have insurance to cover your journey when one day, it's your turn to leave your physical body or die like Baba late Alhaji Lam Adesina did.

But across the Sino-Indian border, deployed often in penny-packets, supplied by air and lacking artillery support and modern weapons, the Indian soldiers fought and died like no others.

In 1% of cases die because is used

Many have died because of recent floods in those areas.

Mayor Nathaniel did not make it and died because of that gun shot.

Americans died because of the video makers BS and some one should pay.

Murdering? Count how many people have died because of their refusal to ditch the WCA.

And many were treated badly by Spanish soldiers and died because of mistreatment or disease.

Otherwise more bankruptcies because of medical debt, more people die because of no health care access.

The chance of dying because of pregnancy in Sub-Saharan Africa is one in 16, but only one in 3,800 in the developed world.

We need to understand it is the result of a broken food system and take action before people start to die because of lack of food.

As a matter of fact, in these 30 years of Krishna consciousness, I have regularly heard about some devotee dying because of aids.

Delayed actions: Most of the fire victims die because of inhaling toxic smoke and poisonous gases for a long time rather than dying of burns.

In 1% of cases die to is used

I've been dying to stealth this site.

And we are all assured no one dies to God alone.

So Jesus equally, had to die to equal the scales out.

For if we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord.

Baptism is the public way of saying we died to an old way of life; we're living to a new way of life.

She is a recent emigre to the United States, since she was forced to leave her home die to the current unrest in Syria.

The initial attacks on Gurung Hill were halted for a while, but the smaller force of 17 men eventually died to the man.

I'd dying to know how Peter and Lou go with doing up their new place and what happens with the Amy and Ty cliffhanger.

I always felt that Harry believed he would have to die to destoy the horcrux, and was quite surprised to be alive but feel the change in his scar.

Only with the last few owners did the wand change allegiances without the owner having to die to do it, and even then it always changes hands violently.

In 1% of cases die under is used

In fact, if a child between seven and nine years old died under my charge, I would have to explain why.

I did think years ago that it would die under the weight of crackpot papers, but it seems not to have happened.

These days it feels worse as I learn to let go of pushing myself, like I am slowly dying under all my busyness.

The British Army actually came in to defend the Catholics from the Protestantsm and children did die under IRA attacks.

You could also die under a general, but the risks are small! Talk to your surgeon about the % of cases where he sees wrist drop (nerve damage).

In 1% of cases die within is used

Taken captive by Timur, Bayezid died within a year.

He died within a few days after his return from Ethiopia.

The enemy jailed his wife, and she died within a few months.

Infected palms usually die within 3 to 6 months after the appearance of the first symptoms.

Its owner unfortunately died within a few years and the lorry was left in a shed until its 1974 sale.

Liver cancer is very aggressive, with 98 per cent of those diagnosed with it dying within five years.

Mary, Catherine, and Susan were all born by 1628 but then several children were born who died within a few weeks of their birth.

I was expected to die within 6 months being diagnosed, but the amazing cancer treatments I am on have extended my life by another year already.

A scan later established that little Cillian had suffered a subarachnoid brain haemorrhage and had likely died within minutes of his initial collapse.

Illustrations (a) A is wounded within the local limits of the jurisdictions of Court X, and dies within the local limits of the jurisdiction of Court Z.

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