Prepositions after "dictate"

"dictate by" or "dictate to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases dictate by is used

See, they claim to be dictated by the tenets of Islam.

Our content is not dictated by Debenhams but by our audience.

Content strategy is also dictated by the type of fan you have.

Next you have to write down the request to the OIC as dictated by the police officer.

The beat is dictated by the metronome, and as such is un-changable, and so should your beat.

I have no desire to run a bank where the rates are dictated by what we believe the market can bear.

And yet Obama's victory resonated with this man -- whose life is dictated by his church -- as a great victory for browns.

I didn't verify all those, but I'd like the Republican Presidential race -- I won't let my column be dictated by fact-checkers.

In fact it's europe and greece who need help not us, we have elected leaders to do that we are not dictated by a house of lords.

In 32% of cases dictate to is used

So the novena which Jesus dictated to St.

Giants are supposed to dictate to the opposing offense.

Let Harper keep Ottawa and Alberta, he can dictate to his hearts content.

BHP produces minerals, a commodity product, whose price is dictated to it by the market.

Essentially, he thinks he can dictate to Jews what they may or may not do to defend themselves.

One girl asked the panel if the UK should be dictating to countries like China on climate change.

I'd fed up of the few in this town dictating to the many not for the sake of the town, but their own self interest.

Than you dictate peace terms to them like were dictated to the Axis powers after WWII and rebuild their society for them.

You will trample over the evil army of poor souls who are being dictated to by Satan and they will be powerless against you.

That said, who am I to dictate to others on how their work patterns should be? Why do you seem to make mostly comedies? Simple.

In 5% of cases dictate of is used

In accordance with the law of Zipf, the dictate of the consumer rigid.

Selection of brand translates the dictate of the consumer, regardless of the cost.

Pricing strategy reverses the public dictate of the consumer and gaining market segment.

Hypotheses were advanced and rejected on the touchstone of experience and not at the dictate of a creed.

The dictate of the consumer, summing up the above examples, broadcasts advertising, expanding market share.

The concept of marketing, of course, slows down the dictate of the consumer, relying on insider information.

The dictate of the consumer, of course, by the will neutralize directed marketing, relying on insider information.

The concept of Akoffa and Stack, the impact point synchronizes the dictate of the consumer, regardless of the cost.

In 3% of cases dictate from is used

The move was dictated from above.

NB when you look at the way the entire administration works its all appointments dictated from the top down.

Calder's source, and key witness, together with the introduction to one of the books that Osho dictated from the dental sessions and under the effect of this anesthetic.

In 2% of cases dictate in is used

This will only be an addition to the main evolutionary theory as dictated in the Modern Evolutionary Synthesis as opposed to a complete revolution of the mechanisms of evolution.

In 1% of cases dictate for is used

Instinct dictated for me to look around.

Also, I just ordered - because I've had problems with that - the newest version of Dragon Dictate for Mac.

In 1% of cases dictate on is used

Karen Jimeno said President Aquino can not dictate on Corona whether or not he can have a dollar account.

Asked whether Dar Port was involved in the priority berthing, he said it had no mandate to dictate on that one.

Halstead cites an account by Jeb Magruder, a Nixon aide, who was given memos on public relations that Nixon had dictated on September 22, 1969.

In 1% of cases dictate under is used

The only difference is that it is now dictated under the guidelines and procedures of the courts.

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