Prepositions after "devise"

"devise by", "devise in" or "devise for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases devise by is used

A score devised by the authors.

It was devised by John Zachman, a US ex-naval officer computer.

The author introduces an experiment devised by Thomas Schelling, a game theorist.

Because the system of classification is arbitrary and devised by humans there are exceptions.

Instead, it would provide a legal framework to cover the guidelines devised by the medical experts.

Gurmukhi ' From the mouth of the Guru '? an alphabet devised by Guru Nanak (the first Sikh guru) in the sixteenth century.

And I imagine a map of this map could be devised by citing Carlin's writerly forebears, if that's a way you like to establish value.

These exercises were devised by Doctor Arnold Kegel, who developed them for his patients in the 1940s as a method to control urinary incontinence.

More alarming still has been the tendency of sponsorship to exploit a loophole in the forthcoming Financial Fair Play regulations devised by UEFA.

In 15% of cases devise for is used

An individuals health problems could be identified a treatment program devised for the lifetime of the individual.

Yet the beats aren't so much an objective taxonomy as a convenient management tool, devised for an old technology.

People of India desirous of revival society require a suitable system for the creation of such a spirit, which may be devised for practical implementation of our country.

Also known as the 1948 International Wheelchair Games, the event was devised for British spinal-injured World War II veterans and, four years later, included Dutch veterans.

For the most part, this means assessment by randomized controlled trials (RCTs) -- the most reliable method yet devised for determining whether or not a particular intervention really works.

In 12% of cases devise in is used

The consistent poverty measure was devised in 1987 using indicators of deprivation based on standards of living at that time.

The method we have used to this point Suppressing script triggers is a common issue and one that has had solutions devised in the past which we have used.

Suspension here is a devise in the production of fetish-worthy fantasy, allowing an interminable return to an image of degradation that no longer exists in the material world.

In 7% of cases devise with is used

Special operations were not devised with the law in mind? neither our law nor anyone else? s.

Actually he is making a telephone like devise with matchbox that can be used to hear what the person is saying at the other end.

Action plans in the Danish capital are devised with colleagues from the economy department and encourage grass roots activity and social enterprise.

In 3% of cases devise as is used

The tax program should be devised as an instrument, and it should be judged by how well it serves its purpose.

In 1% of cases devise after is used

The strategies were devised after discussion with the pupils.

In 1% of cases devise among is used

A theoretical model for success devised among senior managers, rarely looks like the same thing further down the organisation.

In 1% of cases devise within is used

Many of the dominant theories have been devised within particular value systems and in relation to a limited range of cultures.

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