Prepositions after "design"

"design for" or "design by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases design for is used

It's designed for stylish figure.

I am designing for your customers.

Designed for iPhone and Android One.

They can also designed for use in key stage 2 as part of a study of the Victorians.

The advantage of using chips designed for mobile use is their relatively low power.

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Keep it up Project Runway! Next week looks pretty crazy, I du n no how they're supposed to design for babies either.

The 2009 SoE Report is designed for use by the general community and policy makers to help inform decision-making.

Capacitive Capacitive touch screens are all-glass and designed for use in ATMs and similar kiosk-type applications.

Modifying the ALV Grid Control Standard Functions The standard functions are not designed for specific applications.

In 22% of cases design by is used

It was designed by architect, I.

The British medal was designed by W.

The bra was designed by jeweler Mouawad.

The building has 23 one and two bedroom condo units and was designed by Karl Fischer.

Glasgow Gailes was designed by Willie Park, winner of the first British Open in 1860.

Designed by Dani Karavan The memorial was designed by the Israeli artist Dani Karavan.

Designed by MVRCV and Mole Architects the Balancing Barn is the first building in the Living Architecture project.

The club remains a showpiece after being re-designed by architects of world repute, Donald Steel and Martin Ebert.

My Linux Box has a wired cable connection to the router and Security Enhanced Linux or SELinux, designed by the NSA.

Designed by the same team as Renault's concept car DeZir, new Clio's sleek exterior look is certainly a head turner.

In 8% of cases design with is used

It is designed with a funnel collar.

So the software is designed with the majority in mind.

Any project is designed with a balance of these parts.

Rain water harvesting Hotel rooms have been designed with the environment in mind.

We try to design with couples in mind, and the many different weddings they might have.

The basic concept is good: That software be designed with the needs of the user in mind.

The Shri Shri Radha Krishna temple is a new symbol of rich Indian culture designed with architectural excellence.

A spokesperson at Quinn Healthcare says all its health-insurance schemes are designed with dental cover included.

Get a handier home screen The standard home screen on an Android phone isn't really designed with usability in mind.

In 6% of cases design in is used

Policies designed in this sort of environment rarely work.

Buildings were designed in a modernist architectural idiom.

Aroha designs are proudly made and designed in New Zealand.

ED can be cured as there are some of the best quality medications been designed in the market.

We dictate our will to the divine as to how our life should be designed in the way we want it.

By doing this we can ensure that we design in a way that we know people are more likely to find attractive.

I remember going into the library and absolutely loving the wee nooks and crannies he had designed into the building.

What's the Station Like? It's quite impressive, designed in the Moorish style and looks a little like a Moorish palace.

The Landy hydropower screw makes use of a specially designed inlet and outlet that make the screw absolutely fish friendly.

The other good thing about a flat boot is the fancy that it can be designed in a way that allows it to be a little more warm.

In 5% of cases design to is used

It's a setup designed to Trap us.

Our bodies were not designed to ingest these chemicals.

Designed to showcase well-developed digital projects or tools.

The phrase is designed to mess with people that have heads rotten by us laws and lawyers.

I took the service truck on a course designed to showcase its maneuverability and ease of backing.

Makati government is now making police headquarters designed to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Whether or not IE runs as it was designed to, the current version simply doesn't have the features that Firefox has.

It's designed to, by showing both what it takes to set up a business and what investors look for in funding start ups.

Kenney announced changes to the skilled worker program designed to better match immigrants and jobs, and clear a massive backlog.

In 3% of cases design as is used

Basically our site has designed as an open option.

The Hub is designed as a public good and is therefore open to any organization.

Biathle Designed as a ' Sport for All ', Biathle has been practised for over 50 years.

The Cuban health care system was not always designed as such, so comprehensively and equally.

Looking for a bookshop that was no longer there, I walked instead into a labyrinth designed as a trap.

Point2D can not be designed as a pure abstract-method-only interface, as it contains non-abstract methods.

Both Search engines Paperwork and also Microsoft Clinic will let you design as well as modify shows on the web.

Huelva station was designed as a neo-Mudejar building with Islamic influences in keeping with the town's history.

The vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix were designed as a prevention for young women who have not yet been exposed to HPV.

It is designed as a badge or an insignia for the music fraternity for which the Gold Coast police band is no exception.

In 2% of cases design around is used

From the top down, these vivastations have been designed around you.

It appears IGSA is designed around the notation of creating content for TV.

Definitely a 4-star + Big hotel, lots of space, well designed around a large pool.

I should also mention that these sites have been designed around our free speed tests.

RockOn Pedal Boards Our products are designed around the needs of all styles of musicians.

The Playbook has been designed around not turning it off, but letting it standby for the most part.

Designed around a futuristic theme, ethereal other-world beings came to life last night in Auckland.

Clearly, software designed around the needs of the first user will not be suitable for the second, and vice versa.

Designed around the same less-is-more theory as it's predecessor, the Vector 2 can't be considered any less than top of the line.

Presidio Graduate School: Presidio is the largest and fastest growing graduate school designed around the principles of sustainability.

In 2% of cases design from is used

But it's also been designed from the ground up with parallel computing in mind.

This city was designed from the ground up to be food positive, and energy positive (ie.

Furthermore, it has been wonderfully designed from top quality materials that stay for years.

Or look at it the other way round: Linux/cars were designed from the ground up for multiple users/passengers.

Currently the bulk of new schools are designed from scratch with significant negative consequences on time, cost and quality.

It will innovate by working with the whole supply chain to produce products that are designed from the outset for reuse and recycling.

Such is not the case with a software-based solution that was designed from inception for stereo 3D, and an environment oriented to an X-Y and Z-axis for depth.

The case was designed around the same frame that the Chain Mail one was designed from and we have already tested the clipping system that holds the case on the phone.

It is, however, calling for the development of standard drawings and specifications to reduce the need to design from scratch each and every time a school is commissioned.

That argument might work for a robot like Robbie (assuming the argument is correct) since he is designed from the ground up to be a logical and rational computing machine.

In 1% of cases design like is used

I wouldn't use a tool designed like that.

I think it was designed like this on purpose for aesthetic reasons not practical ones.

For the games, do a treasure hunt and a piata that's designed like a parrot, instead of the usual donkey.

There are different types of brochure that you can design like Brochure Printing at UPrinting is online brochure printing services.

When doors are designed like this, it makes you feel even more intrigued by what could be lying behind them, as in the interior of the house.

These are often either a permanent kind of curtain for just appearances or they can be designed like a regular balloon curtain and can be lifted and lowered.

I showed about 9 examples in my latest book but there are few notable examples of big enterprises designing like this because (a) it's crazy scary, and (b) so architecturally different.

In 1% of cases design on is used

A template is often designed on one computer and then used on several other computers.

What's it like designing on the Internet? On the Internet, design is becoming even more critical.

In the past days, these were made of metal with an instrument designed on it depicting one's major instrument.

These are designed on sound scientific methods keeping in mind that there should be lesser questions so that it doesn't take much of your time.

A bachelorette party is often designed on several ways and yes it would depend considerably for the dynamics and personality of is star of the event.

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