Prepositions after "describe"

"describe as" or "describe in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases describe as is used

In 19 Ptolemy is described as: -.

They are described as upright people.

She was described as ' very graceful '.

Described as an avant-garde folk singer, David has been getting some due attention.

There are only a handful of events that can accurately be described as world-changing.

He is described as a black man, about 6 feet tall and weighing between 200-215 pounds.

The odious Billy Graham has his website changed so that the mad Mormon religion is no longer described as a cult.

Films described as ' misunderstood masterpieces ' are almost never actually either misunderstood or masterpieces.

It is often described as giving aromas of dried apricot and other fruits, marmalade, marzipan, caramel and honey.

Kinabalu stands at 4101 meters or 13,455 feet and has been described as the most wonderful mountain in the world.

In 31% of cases describe in is used

This is further described in 5.

It's described in this short book.

It is described in Ezekiel 36:10,11.

Such pure events can be subscribed to by the Events Message described in Section 5.

The area tree is generated as described in the semantics of each formatting object.

The survey design and random sampling procedures are described in detail elsewhere.

The social and personal consequences were graphically described in an article in the Manchester Guardian in 1934.

That particular value set is described in Islam and is rather like the parallel Christian value in the same area.

Jesus is described in detail in Revelation (1:13-18 ), but God is described rather vaguely in Revelation 4 (4:3).

PipeResume and PipePause, meanwhile, define the buffering parameters of the local Node as described in Section 4.

In 13% of cases describe by is used

Ettore Mocchetti who, as described by Ms.

He is the one described by the Prophet (s.

Jean, Mann's mood is not described by any witness.

Each physical phenomenon, after Galileo, can be described by differential equation.

The calculation of wages for different workers was described by Sacom as arbitrary.

Beer should be described by brand, container type (cans, bottles, draft glasses etc.

Described by many as a man with a large heart, Saraki demonstrated this in a spectacular way sometime in the past.

And how that passivity of KFOR in carrying out its mission looked like, is best described by the following example.

In addition, percentage changes were plotted in a polar diagram using the transformation described by Critchley et al.

But that there must have been the walled and fortified city described by the 14 th Century Chinese is far from evident.

In 3% of cases describe to is used

Robbie, as described to this point, is a sort of life form.

A wealthy customer as soon as described to me how he had overcome poverty.

Treatment plan The course of treatment described to the patient involved: 1.

It's hard to describe to people how your body feels towards the end of a tournament.

It's so very hard to describe to people, that feeling where you actually think you are dying.

Generally, your options on this and other matters would be described to you as and when they arise.

Leadership within local authorities was described to me recently as a balance between pragmatism and political expediency.

Sales can describe to tangible payments, signups, or other conversions that are vicious to a enrichment of your business model.

It took us minutes to figure out the song by just describing to her that she sang it like this when we were eating with our friends.

At this point in the story, Bowker breaks off to think about how he would describe to his father the fact that his courage had failed him.

In 1% of cases describe for is used

A variety of life histories have been described for the Genus.

I don't like the hard-hitting, facts-only style that you describe for men's magazines.

No dimorphic diplohaplontic life histories have as yet been described for any member of the Ulvaceae.

Thomas describes for us perfectly in what will consist the happiness of the elect and the torment of the reprobate.

Access services looks good, you use the access client app to describe for views (used to be called forms) and the underlying tables.

The girl accused of plunging a folding knife into Hyatt's neck described for the first time her version of what happened as a Peachland house party ended two years ago.

It was in fact similar, if not identical, to the structure Joan Thirsk has described for Westmorland, another northern county of marginal agriculture, where also equal inheritance was the rule.

In 1% of cases describe on is used

This traffic can be monetized as described on this page.

Good captive conditions are described on the Housing Page.

The apartment was exactly how it was described on the internet.

Will, your experiment that you describe on your web site is not novel.

The wine was not as described on the menu (wrong grapes) but tasted fine.

Details of the chemical reactions of aldehydes and ketones are described on separate pages.

If you smoke less than 10 cigarettes a day, start at Step 2 and follow the 8 week programme described on the pack.

Think about the Community Health Care worker approach that Erik Michielsen described on this blog -- how much more effective are messages of.

If these conditions are not met, or if the vendor does not qualify as one of the remote stores described on page 9, the normal GST/HST rules apply.

This action led to the creation of a common Polish-Hungarian frontier, which had constantly been described on Poland's side as an important political objective.

In 1% of cases describe with is used

It's all described with beautiful clarity in the recent Cabinet Office paper.

There are several people in the world that I can describe with the words you chose.

They describe with pain that although Rajender Yadav was generous enough to provide shelter, discrimination on the basis of caste, was humiliating.

In a world that's described with childish divagations and a life of bucolic, land-tilling provinciality, the affect of perpetuating first-act-Garden of Eden creation is rather sweet.

Weather conditions that afternoon were generally good for flying, albeit a moderate south, south west wind was described with moderate turbulence being experienced in the valley area.

This juggling, as several commentators have remarked, takes us back to the days of the Vietnam body counts, whose method Sartre described with summary accuracy: ' A dead Vietnamese is a Viet Cong.

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