Prepositions after "deposit"

deposit in, by, with, into or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases deposit in is used

Deposit in Government Savings Bank 21.

Cash can also be deposited in an HUF's account.

All the sedimentary rocks would have been deposited in the ocean basins.

You will get a notice as soon as any amount is deducted or deposited in your account.

The birds eat the berries and some time later, the seeds are deposited in a new location.

Section 80TTA: Interest earned on the money deposited in the savings bank account up to Rs.

EPF interest calculation is done from March-Feb, because deduction from March month to be deposited in April only.

Leaving in exposed or unsanitary conditions refuse or debris, or depositing in ground or in bodies of water; and i.

Only a small amount of all animal waste deposited in paddocks would be needed to account for the remaining bacteria.

Application fee: Application fee as per following details will have to be deposited in concerned Nigam's Bank Account No.

In 13% of cases deposit by is used

It was deposited by the creator on each person.

Any old junk deposited by the householders could prove useful to them.

Is it required to have each income to be deposited by cheque in HUF account.

The alluvial soil deposited by these rivers has created some of the most fertile plains in the world.

These were suggested as the final resting places for water ice deposited by collisions between the moon and comets.

The only mention about spiral spawns deposited by Glaucus I found in the Russian Monograph Life of Animals, 1968 (in Russian).

I can see one component as Gratuity in my CTC, and it is in addition to 12 % of basic that is deposited by Employer and Employee in EPF.

This is the only amount that is required to be deposited by a candidate irrespective of the number of nomination papers filed on his behalf.

Collateral Because banks lend the monies deposited by its investors, they often require some extra security from businesses when they seek loans.

How Was It Formed? quartz sand that is produced by the weathering of other rocks (such as granite, gneiss, and other sandstones) is deposited by rivers, waves, or wind.

In 12% of cases deposit with is used

Ringgit securities are required to be deposited with authorised depositaries.

This means that they would not be able to pay interest on money deposited with them.

When a bank treats money deposited with it for safekeeping as its own asset, it has misappropriated something that belongs to another.

The organic mater deposited with the sediments reduced the arsenic bearing iron hydroxides and released the arsenic to the ground water.

The time frame in which books must be deposited with the libraries varies but ideally should be as soon as possible from time of publication, and is free.

It was also said the PM was prepared to have the pre-election pact signed as soon as possible, and deposited with Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

The reduction is caused by microbial oxidation of sedimentary organic matter deposited with the sediments as the bacteria consume dissolved oxygen and NO3 from their surroundings.

In 11% of cases deposit into is used

The cash was mistakenly deposited into another person's account.

There is no limit on how much money can be deposited into an account monthly.

Once you have done that, your money will be deposited into your bank within 2 working days at most.

It was about structural policies championed by the Republican Party that have used the force of law to extract wealth from the poor and middle classes and deposit into the hands of the wealthy.

In 9% of cases deposit on is used

Unquestionably the organic matter gets deposited on a new surface of each of our bricks.

I also used my techniques to cut down any food smells depositing on the people who cook.

When clothes are washed with Catclo these particles are deposited on to the fibres of the fabric.

These pollutants are also deposited on soil, plants, and in the water, further contributing to human exposure.

Also a waste product called guanin is deposited on the skin and because it can reflect light produces white, silver or occasionally iridescent effects.

Most such filters have a thin layer of chromium alloy or aluminum deposited on their surfaces that attenuates both visible and near-infrared radiation.

Safely deposited on the island, as others made it to a party, I opted to sleep off the weariness, and instead wake up early to catch sunrise out of my balcony.

Abu Faris 16 November 2012, 10:46 pm Might I just congratulate damon on what is (in many, many ways) just about the most asinine and ridiculous comment he has ever deposited on this site.

In 4% of cases deposit at is used

Let the dirt deposit at the bottom, then just lift out the asparagus.

In a typical day 140 pounds of glass and 60 pounds of aluminum are deposited at Center 1.

Bulbs in different situations Bulbs in beds A formal bed is usually grown intensively and should be well supplemented with organic matter deposited at root level.

The bodies of the children, which were deposited at the morgue of the Tema General Hospital, were released to their parents yesterday for burial in line with Islam tradition.

In 3% of cases deposit during is used

Before Singaporeans could withdraw what they had deposited during their 50s.

However, later in the debate Morris indicates that most Tertiary rocks are post- flood-leaving me to wonder what is left to have been deposited during the biblical deluge.

The original sediments had been deposited during Plestocene-Holocenes time and were oxidized and flushed during the low-stand of sea-level during this last glacial maximum.

In 3% of cases deposit to is used

Unlike today, that wasn't a sum of money deposited to the court.

In next page, enter your trading account number, the amount to deposit to the card and your card id.

If you choose this method (which I recommend) your money will be deposited to your card within 2 hours for a fee of $4 USD.

Normal funding -- With this method, your money will be deposited to your card within 4 business days, it can take upto 4 working days or less depending.

In 1% of cases deposit for is used

There was a p1000 deposit for the keys.

And, on top of that, the cash might be deposited for your family savings and that means you are going to have instant access.

In 1% of cases deposit onto is used

Physical Vapor Deposition(PVD) In this method Ag vapor is deposited onto a surface (e.

Each applicant does mean higher and never need collateral Fast Pay Day Loan Fast Pay Day Loan as criteria for deposited onto our specialty.

In 1% of cases deposit per is used

One gray (Gy) is one joule deposited per kilogram of mass.

Center 2 costs $50 for an eight-hour day, with 100 pounds of glass and 180 pounds of aluminum deposited per day.

There are limited spaces which are already in decline so sign up early to avoid disappointment! We will be collecting a 40 deposit per person the week beginning October 29th.

In 1% of cases deposit under is used

The provisions of section one hundred ninety-two shall, so far as practicable, apply to the securities deposited under this section.

In 1% of cases deposit within is used

The silt would be deposited within the embankment itself and gradually the river bed would rise to such a level that the purpose of constructing embankments would have no meaning.

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