Prepositions after "deploy"

"deploy in" or "deploy to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases deploy in is used

Additional police have been deployed in the.

Ushahidi is often deployed in developing countries.

There were 6,000 police officers deployed in Birmingham.

Troops have already been deployed in many countries ready to prevent riots and looting.

The Army was deployed in Dambulla and Bandarawela following Tuesday? s violent protests.

The Iron Dome system is deployed in some places, especially against the longer-range Grad rockets.

If we can not support them to be able to deploy in formed sub-units and units, they will regard this as a pyrrhic victory indeed.

This is why the UK is behind when it comes to 4G -- the technology is already relatively widely deployed in the US, Europe and elsewhere.

Dhanmondi Police Station Officer-in-Charge Anwar Hossain said additional police were deployed in different areas to avert further clashes.

In 19% of cases deploy to is used

Army and had been deployed to Vietnam.

He also deployed to the Solomon Islands in 2006.

The students and staff have been deployed to a nearby High School.

Under the CDB credit facility, ferries will also be deployed to Dzemeni and Tepa Abotoase.

This is the first time Reps have properly been deployed to such a large, open event, and boy did they shine.

So by 2015, there will be enough card readers to deploy to polling units to ensure 100 per cent authentication.

After that, he was deployed to Lviv, a city in western Ukraine that's considered one of the country's main cultural centres.

There were also special operations teams deployed to the area prior to the attack, training the militaries of several African nations.

Odhiambo is said to have been a very strict with the students and had recently been deployed to the secondary school from the primary section.

Twenty minutes later they commenced firing on Wolmi Do, and shortly after noon the destroyers were deployed to their anchorages in Inchon harbor.

In 10% of cases deploy on is used

I was deployed on the dunes between the sea and the foothills.

We need radical and innovative solutions deployed on a mass scale.

The eight AMS were at once deployed on picket duty, harbor defense, and convoy escort.

Members of the Presidential Security Guard (PSG) were already deployed on the premises.

Iron Dome was declared operational and initially deployed on 27 March 2011 near Beersheba.

They surrounded roads, while sniper shooters were also deployed on the roofs of buildings.

How? Rave, according to Sun, will deploy J2EE code that is capable of deploying on any compliant runtime.

In addition, each diver has a yellow buoy, to be deployed on deco stops only if additional gas is required.

Theo can be used to penetrate the defense at its heart, or create a lopsided back line while being deployed on the wing.

New Live View Navigation allows you to explore the various states of your dynamic applications and pages - even those already deployed on a live server.

In 6% of cases deploy by is used

Disjointed mobile tactics The mobile tactics that were deployed by the candidates focused on one part of the customer journey, but failed to tie them all together.

With the Agreement and production schedule, five more of the purpose built and fully fitted high capacity ferries will be deployed by this December, making a total of six.

In 6% of cases deploy for is used

Develop a module where u can have the html5 stuff deployed for IOS.

A total 177 boats including 21 motorboats were deployed for evacuation.

But now the camps are closed, the question is how are the returning Tamils going to live? They have not been deployed for development work.

On 28 June Patrol Squadron 6, a medium landplane squadron operating nine Lockheed P2V-5 Neptunes, was deployed forward from Barber's Point, Oahu.

The police and Rangers will be deployed for maintaining law and order during the elections, while the army will also be patrolling various areas.

Disaster Management Division's Daily Flood report on 28/08/10 shows authorities ' unawareness regarding Government's boats deployed for Relief and evacuation.

Successful applicants were deployed for a year or two to 14 Indonesian provinces in order to help schools -- such as Irma's -- that suffer from lack of teachers.

The 800MHz band, for instance, is still used for other things (including air traffic control ), and before it can be deployed for 4G services, it needs to be cleared.

In 5% of cases deploy at is used

Always test and test again before deploying at a greater level.

I arrived at about 1:15pm and I was quite surprised to see police deployed at the unit.

Secondly, they have to be deployed at the IHUB and have very few hitpoint and no POS to protect them.

An additional security personnel has been deployed at the Egyptian Consulate as a precautionary measure.

The police are already authorised to use rubber bullets and water cannon could be deployed at 24 hours ' notice.

The genuine political reach of Franzen's novels, where environmentalism is deployed at the expense of other more pressing concerns.

What was immediately obvious was the large number of volunteers deployed at various sites, and this certainly facilitated the smooth running of the entire event.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, about 700 full-body scanners have been deployed at more than 180 airports in the United States since 2007.

Aeromedical Evacuation Teams, supplemented by Reserve medical specialists, deployed at very short notice, evacuating critically injured citizens by RAAF C130 aircraft from Banda Aceh to Medan.

In 4% of cases deploy as is used

He was mainly deployed as an inside forward or on the wing.

In rare cases it could be deployed as a backbone for a network.

Humour is almost always deployed as a form of emotional defensiveness.

Whether or not he can be deployed as a Defensive Midfielder is what we need to figure out.

Friend -- who I know has deployed as a reservist in Afghanistan -- that the traffic is the other way.

This tactic is deployed as a method to project as much of a feeling of copyright infringement as possible.

Ellick deployed as a secret controller by the CIA? The mister's video profiles and resume show his vast approach worldwide.

To use Andy Carroll as an example, Newcastle United's first season back in the Premier League saw him deployed as the lone striker in the team's favoured 4-4-1-1 formation.

In 3% of cases deploy with is used

Patriots are anti-ballistic missile systems that are usually manned by specialist troops who deploy with the missiles themselves.

Stuxnet, Duqu and Flame are just some of the more recent examples of malware created by governments and deployed with specific targets and goals in mind.

May 2011: Honda expanded earlier recalls of Hondas and Acuras over airbags that could deploy with too much pressure, adding more than 833,000 vehicles from 2001-2003.

Environments: HP-UX, gcc Let's Do Payroll! (April 2009 - December 2009) Designed and implemented a payroll and tax withholding desktop application (Java / Swing ), deployed with Java Webstart.

The partner's software is preinstalled and preconfigured by the partner and the server image is available to all VIVAVO users to deploy with a few clicks of the mouse via the VIVAVO portal and API.

In 3% of cases deploy from is used

As foolproof as this plan was, he was arrested by the cops deployed from the Creepster Verification Unit.

The weapon is likely to be deployed from the IAF's Jaguar strike aircraft and Su-30MKI air dominance fighters.

After the deaths of the two officers, two others were deployed from the Eldoret barracks to command the men from Nanyuki.

In 2% of cases deploy against is used

Military technologies field-tested in Central Asia and the Middle East are now deployed against anyone seeking to exercise their rights to dissent.

A standard argument deployed against prohibition was that others would fill gaps left in the market were British flagged ships to withdraw from the trade.

In 2% of cases deploy throughout is used

The City's Departments of Transportation and Environmental Protection will be deployed throughout the city to address flooding conditions.

To support the increasing demand for bandwidth, medium and high-end technologies such as IDSL, IP, VPN and ATM are being extensively deployed throughout the country.

Asked if the Home Ministry will comply with Selangor's request for auxiliary police to be deployed throughout the state, Hishammuddin said he was prepared to meet the state government to.

In 2% of cases deploy into is used

Physical network separation is strongly recomended, and the current solution should not be deployed into a production environment before network separation is achieved.

In 2% of cases deploy along is used

Frontier Corps wings are deployed along the Afghan-Iran border, while others are on protection duties and receive orders directly from the Interior Ministry.

In 2% of cases deploy across is used

Other elements of the Programme Some other elements of the Programme are now fully deployed across the NHS and some have been delivered ahead of schedule.

In 1% of cases deploy including is used

Perhaps most interesting is a major residential development in East London, where there are 1200 femtocells being deployed including 65 in one block alone.

In 1% of cases deploy during is used

Some of the heaviest artillery in the US arsenal was deployed during the attack, including phosphorus shells.

In 1% of cases deploy outside is used

The company involved was sent as a relief for the regular unit and deployed outside the rural community building with a view to marching up to the police post about 135 meters from the border.

In 1% of cases deploy per is used

Even in 3G, where this task is somewhat more challenging, the gains have been 67% per metro cell deployed per macro sector.

In 1% of cases deploy around is used

He said in total about 41,999 security personnel would be deployed around the country and to all the polling stations on Election Day.

In 1% of cases deploy under is used

By deploying under our own account we can quickly replace the app with anything we like in the future.

In 1% of cases deploy within is used

Due to stipulations from the councils, O2 had to deploy within 6 months, which would coincide with the Olympics in July 2012.

In 1% of cases deploy without is used

They can't be deployed without it.

As a direct consequence of being deployed without being fully trained, one of them died.

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