Prepositions after "depart"

"depart from" or "depart for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases depart from is used

You must depart from the school of dreamers.

Additional boats depart from Kukup, southwest of.

Each day it will depart from Emerson school at 5:50 p.

We serve both travellers departing from Hong Kong and those arriving from overseas.

This child's death was written earlier and it was time for him to depart from this world.

Depart from us, we do not wish to follow Your ways, but our own, our passions, our pleasures.

We've long-since departed from a time when clock speed or core count could be directly correlated with performance.

Different formulations can affect the extent to which delegated legislation can depart from what has been recommended.

You also want to include the right abbreviations of the airports you will depart from and arrive at when the route ends.

Every few minutes the Star Ferries depart from Tsim Sha Tsui's Star Ferry Pier to Hong Kong Island's Central or Wanchai.

In 19% of cases depart for is used

Picnic lunch and depart for Ngorongoro.

DAY 2 Depart for Amboseli National Park.

DAY 7: After breakfast, depart for Baringo.

Day3: Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara After breakfast, depart for the Masai Mara Nature Reserve.

Hours before we are scheduled to depart for the National Arts Centre I get a phone call.

May 31: Trading at the Pas continued in earnest and Henday departed for York Factory, arriving June 23.

DAY 5: After breakfast, depart for Lake Nakuru National Park with a visit to the Hyrax Hill Neolithic site en-route.

Upon rushing to the boarding gate, David was surprised to find out that his flight had already departed for Chengdu.

The reedbeds are quiet now that the warblers have departed for somewhere warmer, and everywhere has a gentle autumnal glow.

Before departing for the Airport, please check your flight is on time and confirm what time your airline requires you to check in.

In 11% of cases depart with is used

I just can't bear to depart with my Fuji X100.

The train departs with a jolt and babies begin crying.

Day 4: Masai Mara After breakfast, depart with picnic lunch for hunting all day.

Depart with a lunch box to Lake Manyara National park for a full day game drive.

The ' Big ' Pilgrimage begins to walk The? big? pilgrimage departs with the cross at the lead.

Depart with a lunch box drive to Tarangire National park for a full day game drive, dinner and overnight at Lodge/Camp.

Depart with a lunch box to Lake Manyara National Park for a full day game drive, dinner and overnight at the Lodge/Camp.

Depart with a lunch box to Arusha National park enroute game drive, later proceed for dinner and overnight at Lodge/Campsite.

Depart with a lunch box to Lake Manyara National park for a full day game drive, later proceed for dinner and overnight at Lodge/Camp.

Depart with a lunch box to Lake Manyara National Park for a full day game drive, later proceed to the lodge/camp for dinner and overnight.

In 6% of cases depart at is used

The train would depart at 1pm and it was 12:50.

Many would-be complainants depart at this point.

Flight departs at 1105am arriving Arusha at 1150am.

Jet Blue is only going to offer one flight a day to NYC--and it will depart at Midnight.

Taxis at Barcelona Airport Tourist Bus at Barcelona Plaza de Catalunya Our flight departed at 8.

According to other sources, the Delhi cricketer is scheduled to arrive in the city at 1:00pm and depart at 7:30pm.

Indeed, in an elastic 2-D collision between billiard balls, the two balls always depart at right angles to each other.

The ceremony was closed with an inspirational song from Saado Ali Warsame and students, parents and other officials departed at their own leisure.

The Minivan tour of Paris covers Notre Dame, Montmartre, a Seine cruise and lunch at the Eiffel Tower and lasts 8 hours, although it only departs at 8.

We got up at 4am the next morning, queued up for the first set of buses which departed at 5:30am, arrived at the ruins before the doors opened at 6am.

In 5% of cases depart on is used

Make sure to brush your dogs before departing on any long car trips.

Bus 29 departs on the hour from the central bus station (RM3, 1 hours).

We dive at 11AM every day departing on a two tank trip and return at approximately 2PM.

If you suffer from any form of illness, be sure to have an adequate supply of medicines before departing on your trip.

The Acadian Lines bus departed on time with all seats full and with about 12 to 18 standing, as was the custom in those days.

For a weekend trips, you'll find that airfare is cheapest when you depart on Saturday and return on Monday, says Casano-Antonellis.

And I think it's good for us to reflect on the import of this scripture text as we commemorate all our faithful departed on this Feast of All Souls.

On the 23rd May, the Tahitian Princess will arrive at Dublin Port to welcome over 700 guests on-board and depart on the 25th May for its cruise of Scandinavia and Russia.

Epic Thailand will depart on February 3 and November 23, Fables of the Hills will depart on March 2 and October 26, and the Tales of Laos journey will depart on October 1.

He's been with the wounded warriors since they arrived and said, one again, Huntsville has come through for Heroes Week keeping the spirits of the wounded warriors high until they depart on Nov.

In 5% of cases depart to is used

Depart to Halong Bay, arrive at 12: 00 noon.

One left the field to jeers and the other departed to a standing ovation.

What is important is how he spent his life before he departed to the heavenly realm.

From here, the warriors depart to predetermined areas, where lions are most likely to be found.

Sadly, he departed to the polls swearing that our sterling efforts had turned him against us.

He was talking of his Real Lord on Rajab 12, at 5:46 and departed to Him while talking of Him.

Day 3 -- RIFT VALLEY (Loldia House) Early breakfast before departing to Lake Nakuru National Park.

It matters little in what condition or rank of life we are, if we are ready to depart to another and a better world.

On the day we departed to Karbala, we got off the coach a few hours walk before the harams of Abul Fadel's (as) and Imam Hussain's (as) shrines.

If Oscar does leave it would be a real blow for Bilbao given that defensive midfielder Javi Martinez departed to Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich in the.

In 3% of cases depart in is used

As they depart in the now-airworthy DeLorean time machine, Biff Tannen accidentally witnesses their departure.

The Belgian may have failed to make his mark this season, but with the Ivorian set to depart in the summer, the stocky teenager's chance will come.

It was an even contest till then, but Chennai lost two quick wickets in successive overs with du Plessis and Hussey departing in quick succession in the eighth and ninth overs respectively.

In the background to our reference text, God had just taken Elijah from Elisha, whom, by virtue of seeing him depart in the heavenly whirlwind, had also received a double portion of Elijah's spirit.

In 1% of cases depart after is used

Most of them stay overnight and attend the morning mass to seek blessings and depart after lunch.

In 1% of cases depart around is used

DAY 1 Safari briefing, depart around 08:30hrs to Lake Manyara National Park with a lunch box for a full day game drive.

DAY 1 Safari briefing, depart around 08:30hrs to Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority with a lunch box, descend for crater tour, later in the evening ascend to the lodge for dinner &; overnight.

In 1% of cases depart by is used

On the 15th they departed by air from El Toro to Japan, where they arrived on 19 July.

After four and a half months of training near Cairo, the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) departed by ship for the Gallipoli peninsula.

In 1% of cases depart until is used

We headed towards the ferry terminal for our 11am boat, which didn't actually depart until 12, as could be expected in Africa.

In 1% of cases depart within is used

Any other information you may wish to include that may satisfy the delegate that you intend a genuine visit, will not work while in Australia and will depart within the validity of your visa.

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