Prepositions after "deny"

"deny to" or "deny by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases deny to is used

He was a strong contender for Uttarakhand CM's post, which was denied to him.

A society will show mercy to a criminal, mercy that was denied to the victim.

It's already afforded to straight couples but, until now, has been denied to gay couples.

Permission was denied to those who had relatives in Vaviniya who were willing to take them.

After a loss, this financial support can be critical, but until now, it has been denied to gay couples.

Nor were the American generals willing to allow the SAS to win the glory which they were denying to American troops.

He teamed with Arvay to fight for the spousal allowance denied to his partner, John Nesbit, by the Old Age Security Act.

It is painful to observe that the personal law of Islam is denied to Muslims in many modern and ' democratic ' countries.

In 30% of cases deny by is used

The claim has been strongly denied by her publicist.

This has been denied by the MoD, but can be verified by many veterans.

But the Imam and his companions were denied by Hur? s soldiers to turn back.

The three almost combined, but were denied by a strong save from Wales ' Luke Pilling.

Nowhere is this understanding denied by Jesus or any other prophet, apostle or church father.

Despite being denied by some Masons, Marx is said to have been a 32nd degree Grand Orient Freemason.

It was also alleged here and heavily denied by the Australian camp that Hayden had sworn at a child as he came out to bat.

Accounts of Tom Cruise's personal life regarding his devotion to the Scientology religion have been strenuously denied by the actor.

Soon after that there were rumours that the romantic film has been named Yeh Kahaan Aa Gaye Hum, which was later denied by the makers.

In 10% of cases deny in is used

All this, of course, was denied in 1990 by a CIA spokesman.

All the rights to freedom in Article 19 have been denied in various ways.

Under such conditions what men will not allow in themselves they must deny in others.

Bagares said Aquia never denied in his libel complaint that he was seen in Pacquaio's house.

Sadly the Black Sticks went to pieces with Sharland, Gemma Flynn and Anita Punt all denied in the same fashion, heading left away from goal.

As the NfR rightly point out there can not be any democratization of post-war Sri Lanka when freedom of expression is denied in this fashion.

The quiet and privacy needed to begin the healing is denied in the public eye -- at least until the public eye discovers something else to look at.

In 5% of cases deny for is used

FELONY When the other party talks to your old insurer, they will be denied for any claims made against you because your policy was cancelled.

Considering the ease with which the Ghanaian youth can copy foreign cultures I don't think it should be too difficult to teach them what they have been denied for so long.

Within hours Reagan's Secretary of State George Schultz released intercept transcripts between the Russian fighter pilot and his base, yet the Kremlin denied for hours any shooting down whatsoever.

In 4% of cases deny on is used

This question? masturbation? the most contrversial of all confidential matters of how a men must not deny on this part of human.

The fact that this question required settlement had long been emphasised on the German side, and was not denied on the Polish side.

In August Admiral Joy had asked for a further increase in minesweepers, but the request was denied on the ground that other types had higher priority.

In 4% of cases deny of is used

It is only because the seed has been denied of the real base to grow on.

At the same time, a patient is not denied of his rights to seek medical attention and care from specialist doctors, pathologists and radiologists.

Street children, impoverished villagers and the handicapped, denied of education in their own homes, have responded to schooling, education, special courses, and come out shining.

In 3% of cases deny from is used

Patients whose applications are in the denial process will receive a Letter of Intent to Deny from the Registry.

However, it is possible to prevent an htaccess file from being viewed in this manner: order allow, deny deny from all The first line specifies that the file named.

To deny all IP addresses from your site use: order allow, deny deny from all You can deny access based upon IP address or an IP block.

In addition, there was an attempt to show that the Premasada memorial was an attempt to compete with the main party event, a claim we have denied from the beginning.

In 2% of cases deny because is used

Firms also can be sued if a loan modification was denied because of a mistake made in the process.

In 1% of cases deny about is used

Notice the characteristically Thomistic tactic of packaging everything one wants to deny about our thoughts about God into the modus significandi.

In 1% of cases deny like is used

Only an uber-denier would deny like you do.

In 1% of cases deny at is used

These individuals then find themselves in trouble when their case is denied at their interview due to discrepancies.

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