Prepositions after "demonstrate"

"demonstrate in", "demonstrate to" or "demonstrate by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases demonstrate in is used

There is a demonstrable benefit demonstrated in the literature.

I demonstrate in this video how I got more than 4500 visitors in 6 weeks.

It should resemble the functionality demonstrated in the following diagram.

Only if love is demonstrated in tangible form, it is considered to be love nowadays.

The logic of it is all wrong, as Densmore unwittingly demonstrates in her remarks above.

Yet we must eschew the tendency Rushdie demonstrates in locating neat binaries in the past.

Meeting the customer ' s demand has been demonstrated in the excellent service with patience and quick response.

This aspect was well demonstrated in 1947 when Sir Cyril Radcliffe drew boundary-line between India and Pakistan.

It is you who have to demonstrate in figures, not emotions of maritial splits that you can afford to get what you want.

In 25% of cases demonstrate by is used

Cloud computing, as demonstrated by the centralised Meath VEC model,.

However there is a third option, as demonstrated by the M &S; Home app.

This was demonstrated by the failure of the Lom Peace Agreement of July 1999.

A situation demonstrated by the fact that many drivers dieted during the off-season.

The Williams was a very good car by the end of the season as demonstrated by Damon Hill.

This is even more clearly demonstrated by the administration of Lula's successor, Dilma Roussef.

An impressive chemical use of the Internet and high-throughput computing was demonstrated by Richards and co-workers 3.

That love is demonstrated by his having returned Mary and Elizabeth to the succession in the last years of his own life.

His ' great love for animals ' is demonstrated by his reluctance once to carve a goose: ' You'll have to carve it Clemmie.

The populariity of the links from Dublin is demonstrated by the adding of a second storey to the Kingsbridge station in 1911.

In 16% of cases demonstrate to is used

It has demonstrated to me - that living in a full care facility is OK.

That move demonstrated to the world that Tsvangirai simply couldn't deliver.

Hence you will demonstrate to him that there are hard things and there are soft things.

It demonstrated to the world that China became a leader in concrete pumping technology.

Then in April 2009, I cooked and demonstrated to the TV and explained how to save energy.

Demonstrate to them that they matter to you by the way you treat them in their daily lives.

We believe that this research will enable us to demonstrate to everyone who supports the charity the.

Also, it is Mark Ingram Jersey a good way to demonstrate to close friends the difference intended to oneself.

He decided that the best way of demonstrating to the Russians what he was, was to use the Two Hands Snatch.

She was so willing and interested in telling her story of how the love of God was demonstrated to her freely.

In 6% of cases demonstrate with is used

Helmets are protective as I have demonstrated with at least 8 papers from various countries, including Australia.

The project is less likely to be cancelled during development because valuable progress is being demonstrated with each increment.

Presence of obesity displayed good correlation with indicators of disability whereas no such correlation could be demonstrated with VAS.

For example, nerves relay signals by transmitting electric impulses; the heart is electrically active -- as demonstrated with the aid an electrocardiogram (ECG).

In 5% of cases demonstrate against is used

They can't just demonstrate against the ruling of a court.

Protesters demonstrate against Hosni Mubarak in Cairo in January 2011.

In September, Spain and Portugal protestors demonstrated against steep cuts, in the tank, needing bailouts.

Libertarians and conservatives should not relax because the left is out there demonstrating against the global NWO.

I thought that as citizens in a free society they had the right to demonstrate against something they found abhorrent - whether it is or not.

It appears to me that Arthur unwittingly demonstrates against the'current cost replacement ' theorists the very charge he levels against the TSSI.

Today anyone can be the enemy -- all we need to be is an American taking a photo of police, speaking the wrong words, demonstrating against the wrong people.

As they at first demonstrated against us Christians and would like to do now, if they only could; have also tried it often and have been repeatedly struck on their snouts.

So if I really love you as a Republican and respect you, there is no way I would participate in a march against your Republican ideas or demonstrate against your trickle-down economics.

Ann Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League sent photos of people praying at the 40 Days for Life vigil in Chicago -- and a picture of people actually demonstrating against 40 Days for Life.

In 4% of cases demonstrate for is used

No such difference could be demonstrated for VAS (Table).

The electrocardiogram or ECG can demonstrate for us a lot of opportunity for improvement in the heart muscle.

In contrast to GEDV measurements, higher precision of the VolumeView algorithm could not be demonstrated for EVLW.

The masses who repeatedly demonstrate for Assad are certainly not to be taken seriously: they are commandeered by the regime to cheer it on.

Time would inevitably bring down the environmental movement, because it would demonstrate for all to see, the fundamental unworkability of its policies in the real world.

Habib Kazdaghli (APF) While a few of those demonstrating for the niqab at Manouba are university students, many were outsiders, shipped in from one Salafist demonstration to another.

In 3% of cases demonstrate at is used

This was demonstrated at calibration sites by examining values of the vegetation index at the time when (P+S) first exceeded 0.

The spirit of ANZAC recognises the qualities of courage, mateship and sacrifice which were demonstrated at the Gallipoli landing.

And as the vast majority of them are teenagers still living at home, this inevitably reflects on the poor parenting skills being demonstrated at home.

In 3% of cases demonstrate on is used

It is demonstrated on 60 machines, with 30 pupils from the local International.

This was first demonstrated on the day of Pentecost, thus fulfilling the prophecy of Joel (See Joel 2: 28, 29).

In 2% of cases demonstrate through is used

It is the miracle of God's love and grace demonstrated through other people who love God.

Every student must be made aware that intelligence is not demonstrated through academic prowess alone.

US government has to demonstrate through action whether Pakistan is a front state ally or an enemy state.

But that doesn't mean that it was always present in the same form as now, as is clearly demonstrated through the fossil record.

In 1% of cases demonstrate outside is used

The cartoons in France's Charlie Hebdo satirical weekly have provoked relatively little street anger, although about 100 Iranians demonstrated outside the French embassy in Tehran.

In 1% of cases demonstrate over is used

Yet, as Bitterlemons has demonstrated over the years, being understood for who they are and how they see things is crucially important to both.

The talent and passion demonstrated over Startup weekend provides me with a great sense of hope and an understanding of what the future could be.

In 1% of cases demonstrate throughout is used

It is outrageous! A major injustice to Pacquiao and the skills he demonstrated throughout the fight.

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