Prepositions after "demolish"

"demolish by" or "demolish in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases demolish by is used

What is left of Barrett House, almost completely demolished by Hurricane Gilbert in 1988.

Rudd was absolutely demolished by the very group that he and his government consistently call immature.

The theatre was rebuilt, only to be demolished by the Puritans for tenement housing in the early 1640s.

His claims have been comprehensively demolished by Patrick Parkinson, an Australian professor of family law.

All the roadside hawkers's huts and shops and markets along an 8 km stretch have been demolished by the side of E.

In any event, the idea that women are never the instigators of violence is demolished by the evidence about lesbians.

In an interview with Amani, he said that he was forced to live in a coffin after his house was demolished by the government.

Gokanna Buddhist Vihare temple was expanded by King Agbo V (718-724 AD) and demolished by the Portuguese to build a fortress in the 16th century.

One of the shops that were demolished by the el Rufai team belonged to Stella Obasanjo, the wife of sitting president Olusegun Obasanjo, then still alive.

The mechanical universe The idea that God steered everything in the universe as he saw fit was demolished by the discovery that there were natural laws obeyed by objects in the universe.

In 32% of cases demolish in is used

The west wing was sold for its bricks and demolished in 1793; the east burned in 1832.

Preservationists took Jobs to court to try to save it, but lost on appeal, and it was demolished in February 2011.

What good does that do for him to get completely demolished in his first heat? There needs to be a better cutoff for riders as a whole.

The house's original side walls were exposed when the stores themselves were demolished in 1935, but no one recognized them for what they were.

The old foundations need not be, and should not be, demolished in their entirety but reconstructed according to the demands of the modern game.

Most of the western wall was removed by 1941, and what remained of it along with the eastern wall were demolished in 1951 to create Independence Mall.

OKC's old Midwest Theatre on Harvey (demolished in 1976) served as a Chicago stand-in, and scenes were also shot at the Skirvin Hotel (now renovated).

The community of Chika, where about two square miles of development was demolished in December, has allegedly been allocated to the same group of people.

Blackburn Cathedral (from Wikipedia) From the time of its foundation, until it was demolished in 1819, the grammar school stood in the churchyard, on a site now occupied by part of the Cathedral.

In 10% of cases demolish on is used

Then they tried to deliver on the 25th, no-one at home again! Was my house demolished on the evening of the 23rd and rebuilt overnight on the 24th? NO.

In 7% of cases demolish with is used

If you add the cost of the buildings they have demolished with the cost of occupation, at lot of money is being spent for possibly no good reason.

Why have these testimonies not seen the light of day since the events ten years ago? It is painfully obvious that the three towers were demolished with explosives.

In 2% of cases demolish before is used

I also think that it's better to wait until the AGW paradigm has been demolished before bringing up the topic too often.

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