Prepositions after "demand"

demand for, by, of, from or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases demand for is used

Demand for electricity is lower.

Demand for energy continues to surge.

This limited the demand for scarce goods.

Ms Randles was positive on overall prospects for growth in demand for dairy products.

Need for nurses With the increased demand for care comes an increased need for workers.

Efforts must also be dedicated to overcoming the barriers to demand for nanotechnology.

For a moment, you loose your sanity and behave like a five year old demanding for his favorite toy at the store.

However, demand for a holistic wealth offering will require firms to work across business units and share referrals.

There are daily fluctuations in the rates conditional upon changes in Bangladesh demand for and supply of US dollar.

The demand for foods of animal origin will rise faster with urbanization and income than the demand for cereal grains.

In 15% of cases demand by is used

A good qualification in maths is demanded by employers.

So therefore we have to take actions as demanded by our situation.

Pool to call for Extraordinary GM if demanded by insurance companies.

The amount of energy escaping from the earth has been increasing, not decreasing as demanded by AGW.

He eliminated all taxes for Muslims, except the 2% tax demanded by the Koran (see The Five Pillars).

The struggle for survival demanded by Malthus's theory led to millions of Britons leading lives full of suffering.

At the outset itself, clarity is demanded by the utilitarians on which of these is to be viewed as the greater suffering.

All of these traits play an important part in the end product and make up the parameters now being demanded by processors.

In August 2008 Mann was sentenced to 34 years prison (longer than the sentence demanded by the prosecution) and fined $NZ312,000.

It was a fine achievement even if many Irish soccer fans remain dubious about the dour style of play demanded by the veteran boss.

In 10% of cases demand of is used

Donatella is a designer demanding of perfection.

It is never demanded of me, if it were, I would not do it.

The Bible NEVER says that that wife is to obey every demand of her husband.

They demanded of the Kaimakam gendarmes for their protection, and each obtained one.

In Sri Lanka, people are highly conscious of their rights and are demanding of them.

But the old Gallifrey haughtiness is still there, just watch her manner when she demands of Ranquin why they are being killed.

Firstly he decided he was too good to dwell among us, and then he coughed up the cash demanded of him without a great deal of fuss.

Hearing these things, and deliberating for a long time among themselves, they thought it most just to furnish what was demanded of them.

In 9% of cases demand from is used

PHEA support responds to demand from African university partners.

Civility is what I wrote about and what we must demand from our new crop.

To do so, more and more is demanded from our most valuable resource: our people.

What gets offered depends on available resources and demand from people in the area.

This will also help to know our limits concerning how farther we can demand from them.

He demanded from the Indians to restrain even if the British forces physically attacked them.

It is these elite players who suffer most from heavy schedules as they are the ones in most demand from teams anyway.

Because the money is not demanded from the student up-front, Willetts believes he can make you think it doesn't exist.

ON THE RISE: Demand from would-be home buyers has risen at its fastest rate in nearly three years, a new survey has revealed.

Demand from China and the emerging economies, and unrest in North Africa and the Middle East, are pushing prices higher and higher.

In 8% of cases demand in is used

Further, demand in the first nine months of 2012 of 1.

Broadband transforms both supply and demand in education.

I can't see multiple rewatched being demanded in the way of Star Wars.

It is interpreted as the work of the price mechanism bringing together supply and demand in a market.

There was nothing insistent or demanding in her eyes, the pale gray-green eyes of her Russian grandparents.

He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.

Ashish Sukhadiya Sep 20th 2012 there is already demand in the markets from the cutting and polishing factory across the world.

Methinks it is time for you to apply for a job which is considerably less demanding in terms of sorting the wheat from the chaff.

The government is said to have squandered twice the amount of money demanded in paying costs tied to the case against the Dowans Inc.

TGR: Clearly demand in jewelry is down, but hasn't investor interest in gold more than compensated for that decrease? JN: Absolutely not.

In 3% of cases demand on is used

It is physically demanding on the body's muscles, joints and energy systems.

It is a different world in terms of supply and demand on oil than existed five years ago.

I have worked in Japan and I know they can be quite clinical and demanding on what their expectations are.

Bikes, they point out, are more efficient, cheaper and less demanding on our pressured land resources than cars.

It was also difficult to pursue that alongside my job which was already becoming quite successful and extremely demanding on my time.

Pakistan was demanded on the basis of two nation theory to protect the interests of the Muslims of this subcontinent but it turned out to be a state created for the benefit of Muslims of West Punjab.

In 1% of cases demand as is used

The respect that religion seems to demand as a right is the very reason it's so dangerous.

This condition, we were told, had been demanded as a minimum by the IRA representative who had visited them.

Though, he admits it will be demanding as the number one Test team has a lethal bowling unit, which comprises of Zaheer.

There are a number of cases on record in which a right was claimed on the basis of a judgment or saying of the Holy Prophet, and evidence was demanded as to the trustworthiness of that saying.

In 1% of cases demand with is used

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