Prepositions after "deliver"

"deliver to" or "deliver on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases deliver to is used

Said they would redeliver today.

We don't deliver to PO Boxes either.

The car was delivered to my house.

OCOGs are dissolved after each Games once the final report is delivered to the IOC.

Perform is a brand new content vertical delivered to you by the Techvibes Job Board.

TheBobster No, they just set up deliverymen by having them deliver to abandoned houses.

Once the goods are delivered to you, you will own them and it is your responsibility if they are lost or damaged.

You can also do a couple of precautionary things to ensure that this is delivered to you without any problems: 1.

Graham i got round the wife seeing what the postman brings by having all the vinyl delivered to my place of work.

Crucially, it stipulates the booklets must be delivered to the distribution centres by the week commencing Oct 15.

In 17% of cases deliver on is used

Rudd has delivered on many promises.

Their records show it was delivered on 23rd.

We actually deliver on time, on budget, every time.

That would imply pressure to deliver on a rebound in growth, which has been faltering.

I can safely say that my wait is over and Nairobi Half Life delivers on this and more.

Not only did The Other Side Cafe deliver on decor, it also delivered on beer selection.

How exactly does fielding 3 over 30's midfielders fit into that? It is time now that SAF delivers on his promises.

Cons: Not sure there are any, other than concern in selecting an organization that would deliver on their promises.

Projects of an exploratory nature or ongoing process facilitation can basically only be delivered on a T &M; basis.

Obama now has four more years and a second chance to deliver on his promise to become an agent of change in the world.

In 13% of cases deliver by is used

Actually, much of America's freight is delivered by train.

I'd not sure that I would call freight delivered by rail as much.

When the wells ran dry, they had to have water delivered by camel.

And if you don't want to use it, you'll still have your statements delivered by mail.

It was a judgment delivered by God based on activities in society since 1914 and 1960.

KAPADIA JUDGMENT: JUDGMENT 2004(2) SCR 1125 The Judgment of the Court was delivered by V.

Thus, Paul Acts 26:22-23 says that he taught nothing else than what was delivered by Moses and the prophets, etc.

Ermm?? What?? The sad thing is I have another Amazon order being dispathced today, and guess who it's to be delivered by.

The quality of the FIFA game is delivered by one of the most experienced and passionate development teams in the industry.

But I am really surprised that the victory of the culture of the past has been delivered by the Foundation Trusts themselves.

In 11% of cases deliver in is used

Delivered in the presence of Mr.

For programmes delivered in Singapore,.

Your message must be delivered in wisdom.

The first delivery company who can deliver in the evenings as standard will clean up.

Her 10th, 11th and 12th surrogate babies were delivered in one batch -- as triplets.

The verdict was delivered in April 2007, a mere month after the one passed by the ICJ.

This advocacy is delivered in good faith without prejudice, Axel, my only aspiration is that it will be assistive.

I thought she had received advance copies; it was a shock to see the piles the printer had delivered in her office.

Ordered the kindle on 29 Oct, they said gon na deliver in Dec 10-21 but apparently they sent it on Nov 9 to Comgateway.

As he goes about with his menial chores, we hear Ruben deliver in Quezon's distinct diction, intonation and temperament.

In 5% of cases deliver at is used

I do think Nokia can deliver at the top end.

My parcel was delivered at 11:20 this morning.

Many women receive no prenatal care, and most deliver at home.

The community acts as the reinforcement of what teachers deliver at the school level.

They were separate cases, but the verdicts for each were delivered at the same time.

We are told that her paper on the subject was one of some sixty delivered at a conference in Rome.

I have participated in tele seminars run by American gurus who deliver at machine gun pace so fast that nobody can benefit.

After reading the comments on this page I was worried that the parcel would not arrive on time, or even be delivered at all.

It is therefore sad to hear the unnecessary comparisons and blame games when they are expected to deliver at this crucial time.

At 40, ' Litti ' will definitely not feature in every single match but is expected to deliver at the crucial stages during the season.

In 3% of cases deliver from is used

However, he doesn't deliver from scene to scene.

In his address delivered from the loggia of St.

Thus was Aladdin delivered from the persecution of the two magicians.

I have been waiting for an item being delivered from M &S; since it was dispatched on the 5th December.

I hope this year the people of Aotearoa may not be led into temptation but be again delivered from evil.

Let us not forget that we are kept from destruction, and delivered from our enemies, to be the Lord's servants.

You should get them for about 1 each on ebay, delivered from China! Condensation occurs when humid air meets a cold surface.

This is a reminder of the way the Israelites ate the Passover Lamb and the unleavened bread on the night they were delivered from Egypt (Ex 12:11).

In 3% of cases deliver with is used

Once we have an H-bomb we will deliver with Argentine virtual technology.

It is really up to Microsoft to deliver with Windows Phone 8 (Apollo) later this year.

Without having undergone rigorous de-bugging, projects may be delivered with high levels of errors (as high as 45%).

S for Spain: Spain were the heavy favourites to win the tournament and they duly delivered with a string of 1-0 victories.

She took my number and said she would ring me back straight away, which she did and told me they would deliver within 20 minutes.

A complete travel package was fully delivered with drivers, hosts, lodges, sites and attention to detail all delivered as promised.

But if a massive amount of expensive cameras are delivered with a dirty sensor there IS a problem -- at least at Nikons quality management.

The play is wordy, reflective, and sometimes slightly clumsy in shape, but delivered with great gusto, in an old-fashioned rep-theatre style.

I wept and laughed as I read the shared antidotes delivered with as much humor and obvious emotion splashed throughout with advice and stories.

Mornings start with coffee or tea delivered with a wake up call and in the evening usually ends with drinks and tall tales around the camp fire.

In 2% of cases deliver for is used

We deliver for too many companies to mention.

That's what we ask him to do and he's delivered for us.

I believe that the stadium solution can be delivered for 250m.

Everyone delivers for awhile, and we talk about this in the book.

And is mandatory across the network for all companies we deliver for.

Although it has delivered for Some of us the ability to work from home.

Make sure that you know that your supplier is going to deliver for you on the day.

I am absolutely committed to the quality outcomes that professional risk advisers can deliver for their clients.

The political action committee of shipping giant Federal Express also delivered for the Tennessean, donating $5,000.

A copy of any other subsequent order annulling or staying the winding up or dissolving the company must also be delivered for registration.

In 2% of cases deliver through is used

There are aggregating offerings which are delivered through Telco/datacenter.

Banking products have traditionally been delivered through an extensive branch structure.

All video, radio, phone and other services will soon be delivered through an Internet connection.

Effective communication is when a clear message is delivered through the appropriate channels and tailored to the audience.

A variety of content is being delivered through apps: Be it business, productivity, games, download apps, or news in general.

Employer needs for the training of their staff will increasingly be delivered through the brokerage services of Train to Gain.

But a flexible Europe will only be delivered through wide-ranging reforms, advanced in partnership with other European allies.

The additional days will be delivered through weekend and evening training sessions, to minimise any additional burden on employers.

The density of population and the amount of water required could only be safely delivered through a closed system of water mains and pipes.

Adjusted family net income is the definition of income most commonly used to assess eligibility for benefits delivered through the tax system.

In 2% of cases deliver via is used

I now only use companies that deliver via royal mail.

These are platforms, delivered via a private cloud.

I always avoid companies that deliver via these jokers.

Deliver via the source and lead the City to a better future.

Orders weighing over 2kg will be delivered via Parcelforce.

I actually now refuse to deal with companies that deliver via these wasters.

Commonly delivered via email, this is one scam many internet newbies fall for.

There would be shift in focus from physical devices to services delivered via devices.

For instance, I like stories, whether delivered via books, movies, or television shoes.

Participants received structured training in topics delivered via PowerPoint presentations.

In 2% of cases deliver within is used

From there it should be delivered within the timescale advertised on the site.

I have ordered 2 items and they have both been shipped and delivered within 4 days or ordering.

Firstly for balance, I ordered from Amazon and HDN delivered within 24 hours of it being dispatched.

The driver was friendly and polite, and, as i say, the package was delivered within the original Amazon estimate.

They choose our bronze package that consists of 3 logo samples, multi colors and concept delivers within 3-5 days.

All this is to be delivered within an educa-tion system that is inclusive at all levels - primary, secondary and tertiary.

She took my number and said she would ring me back straight away, which she did and told me they would deliver within 20 minutes.

No pre-need contracts or certificates shall be issued or delivered within the Philippines unless in the form previously approved by the Commission.

Orders placed after 3pm each working day will be delivered within 2 working days from time of order to all major metro areas and capital cities in Australia.

Spoke to Amazon on three occassions, did not want to know and refused to refund me the upgrade on postal fees i paid for the parcel to be delivered within two working days.

In 1% of cases deliver as is used

Today most common applications like business email is being delivered as SaaS.

A brutal world, where stellar performance was expected, but stellar rewards were duly delivered as a result.

I think with the amount of parcels we deliver as a company we do a good job, so quit complaining and show some respect for a job that can be and is sometimes demoralizing.

In 1% of cases deliver during is used

These words capture the essence of the speeches delivered during the opening session.

Richard Farmer has helped to fashion some of the most effective political speeches delivered during the last couple of decades.

Since the company deliver during working hours Monday to Friday and I work Monday to Friday, every parcel that they try to deliver will fail.

In 1% of cases deliver into is used

This product are bought and delivered into a tank farm.

They sang songs of redemption and freedom in hope that one day they would be delivered into the Promised Land.

The testis was delivered into the wound and about 200cc of clotted blood was evacuated from the left scrotal sac (Figure).

Oily water is delivered into the bottom of the main body where it then flows upwards through the centre of the SPAK assembly.

The hosts restored their lead twenty minutes later when Alhassan Kamara nodded the ball home after Aymen Mathlouthi had failed to deal with a cross that was delivered into the box.

In 1% of cases deliver over is used

He delivered over 4k babies, not caring about race.

The rest of us are eagerly anticipating the visionary changes this will deliver over the next few decades for ALL Australians.

But by 1980, after delivering over 15 million barrels of oil, production had declined to less than 20 barrels of oil per day.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is a cloud based solution that provides out-of the-box easy-to-use CRM software delivered over the Internet.

BEX is delivered over your existing infrastructure, making for an easy and fast deployment without having to purchase expensive paraphernalia.

Much of the research on this aspect of interfaces has centred around applications, rather than websites or applications delivered over the web.

The development is to be delivered over the next 20 years in 4 phases, the first of which focuses on the Woodberry Park area on the edge of the West Reservoir.

It takes into account the volume of product delivered over a given distance and then one counts the number of accidents over the same interval of time for each mode.

In 1% of cases deliver without is used

I thought this was no biggie and that I might just be able to deliver without an epidural.

It is misconceived to believe that justice can be delivered without due consideration being given to cultural factors.

With integrated reporting, real time and minute by minute status reports can be delivered without difficulty, enlightening you as to the progress of both manual and automated routines.

The value of Year 12 however in the way it is structured, Vocational studies with significant work placements are the way to go, with training delivered without work placements being next to useless.

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