Prepositions after "delete"

"delete from" or "delete by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases delete from is used

For Content you wish to delete from the GROU.

Note that, even if Code or Content is deleted from GROU.

That's why Victoria's comment was deleted from Huff Post.

The exclusion of domestic transactions, formerly found in the Act, was deleted from Sect.

When you unsubscribe to our electronic newsletter, your details will be deleted from the database.

What happens when your HD node is deleted from /dev? I'll answer that for you: No more deleted files.

If during this time a dealer shall not accept a request or an instruction it is automatically deleted from the queue as deemed to be irrelevant.

Calls are recorded for information and training purposes and are stored for a limited period of time, after which they are deleted from our system.

If the account is delinquent for another billing cycle, then it will be deactived, which will result in all files and email being deleted from the server.

Now whenever the blocked person sends you mail on your original gmail address, the mail will be deleted from your account and forwarded to the new account.

In 19% of cases delete by is used

System bags can not be deleted by the application.

She said these would have to be deleted by someone to get into this folder.

Ms McGowan argued that the files had being deleted by the accused as he was the only one with access to the PC.

New user accounts and all content on those accounts can be deleted by the tablet owner (the primary account) at any time.

Before this can occur, however, duplicate information contained in any Elements (such as Comment) must be deleted by the Agent executing the spawning and merging.

In 7% of cases delete without is used

All others will be deleted without prejudice.

If you are caught cheating in any way, your account will be deleted without notice.

Any breach of one or more of these Terms will result in your account being suspended and all files being deleted without prior notice.

Anonymous comments are allowed; however, any comments submitted without a working email address to verify legitimacy will likely be deleted without warning or subsequent notice.

If we were to imagine that Article 31 could be deleted without the deletion of Article 22, we can assume that the European Group would be happy to have the last clause of Article 4.

In 5% of cases delete at is used

Cookies saved can be deleted at any time.

We have the sole right, but not necessarily the obligation, to delete at any time any User Content that violates these rules or that we believe to be inappropriate for any reason.

In 5% of cases delete during is used

Any glyph-area whose Unicode character is classified as white space in XML, except for U+000A, shall be deleted during line-building and inline-building (see 4.

In 4% of cases delete because is used

If the member asked for the account to be deleted because of that one post I still think they are overreacting.

Item 3 was deleted because the question was not relevant in about half of the patients, as they were not employed (Figure 4).

In 3% of cases delete for is used

I suppose comments have to be deleted for various reasons but a quick explanation as to why should be considered.

Now if that ain't magic, what is? I knew you'd show up sooner or later, so I will repeat what I wrote in an earlier comment (which was deleted for reasons unknown).

Also I'd wondering if the following SYSTEM event log entry has something to do with the issue: Event ID 15300: The SSL Certificate Settings deleted for endpoint: IP ADDRESS OF SERVER.

In 2% of cases delete after is used

As it will be deleted after resetting of phone.

In 2% of cases delete along is used

Blog by the blogger deleted along with all their comments.

In 2% of cases delete in is used

Actually I wasn't being serious, but there you go, so I shall delete in my head the second half of your post.

This is not an issue as the formula will be deleted in a later step, but it is annoying to get the warnings so it is best to use another row.

In 2% of cases delete on is used

Censorship can be immediate, or it can take a while: The fastest a post was deleted on Sina Weibo was just over four minutes.

I got sidetracked again towards the end of the year by issues concerning name deleted on the advice of my sabre-tooth lawyers, a man who makes prison cutlery look sharp, and put the book on hold.

In 1% of cases delete until is used

No e-mail relating to the business of the University, and which is worthy of retention, may be deleted until a copy of it has been printed off and filed.

In 1% of cases delete upon is used

There is a catch though, they must have their own computer and IP address(proxy's are detected and users will be deleted upon cashout!).

In 1% of cases delete within is used

Unfortunately, the comment was deleted within a few minutes.

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