Prepositions after "delay"

"delay in" or "delay by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases delay in is used

So please do not delay in returning back to Makkah.

Delays: Delay in Indian wedding is almost inevitable.

And no one expects to be delayed in the air over an hour.

Jared was busy with 2 conference calls so we were delayed in leaving for the airport.

When something goes wrong with the cycle, the students are delayed in attending classes.

He claimed that he was delayed in traffic and by the time he made it he had missed the test.

If you delay in making your claim, you can apply to have it back-dated, but it is hassle and back-dating might be refused.

Women are less likely than men to believe they?? re having a heart attack and more likely to delay in seeking emergency treatment.

Another college teacher, Yasmeen Bukhari, said that due to delay in promotions anxiety was mounting among the teachers ' community.

However, according to the Law Reform Committee's survey, the courts experience considerable difficulty and delay in obtaining such reports.

In 24% of cases delay by is used

My parcel was delayed by the supplier NOT BY YOU.

I was planning to buy a new system but for it got delayed by 2-3 months.

Please be aware that your parcel can be delayed by customs in your country.

Because our builders forgot to do that, our company's move was delayed by a few weeks.

They have managed until now to delay by various means the start of Karad z i? ' s trial.

The spike onset after depolarization was delayed by an early outward rectification (Fig.

You will soon find the effects in your recovery, which we often delay by putting greater faith in medicine than in God.

If your flight is delayed by 40 minutes, we give refreshments to all passengers that already had their boarding passes.

Before today's launch was scrapped it had already been delayed by nearly five hours because of winds above the launch site.

Reinforcements were slow to come, and their numbers weren't enough, but troops on Jamaica were delayed by problems with the Maroons.

In 14% of cases delay for is used

Now if he goes for hajj, his marriage ceremony will be delayed for a while.

After four months, I stopped breastfeeding, and my period was delayed for two days.

It is most likely for this reason that her death was delayed for another day, the 19th of May.

This doesn't always go according to plan and you may be told that chemo will be delayed for a week.

Visualize the things that don't go according to plan as deferred success, success only delayed for a while.

Resuming on their overnight score of 307-5, Pujara and Dhoni enjoyed a trouble-free morning session, which was delayed for 25 minutes due to the threat of rain.

Mayor's testimony delayed for football The mayor was scheduled to begin testimony on Thursday afternoon, but had told the court he was unavailable at that time.

A while back I kept harping on the fact that not all attraction boils down to confidence on the Roissy blog, and for my efforts got my comments deleted and edited and delayed for days.

Properly leveraging money requires more than savings; it requires a solid plan, and even if certain steps need to be delayed for a few years, people need to know what they're working toward.

In 5% of cases delay at is used

It all started when my boss got delayed at Brussel's airport.

Americans are getting wise and will stop him if he delays at all in taking away our freedoms.

Obama knows Americans are getting wise and will stop him if he delays at all in taking away our freedoms.

The process has been delayed at several points, but is expected to be concluded shortly, a date having been set for the examiners and expert advisors to hold a formal hearing.

Pulsatilla is suitable to women whose monthly discharges are frequently obstructed, or whose sleep is long delayed at night, and whose sufferings are most acute at that time and in the evening.

In 4% of cases delay on is used

We're very often delayed on our shipments.

The flight was delayed on departure but made up some of the time en route.

ET/PT, delayed on the West Coast) from Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, Calif.

I was delayed on the District line for 20 minutes on more than one occasion last week and the Jubilee line appears to break down as a fashion statement.

In 4% of cases delay until is used

L ), a big North Sea trader, for the changes to be delayed until 2013.

This didn't happen and then we were told it was delayed until September 2012, and then October and still nothing has happened.

Speaker Jawari began the voting after delays in the presidential elections which were supposed to convene at 12 pm but were delayed until 3 pm.

I have also read that the release of this blu-ray disc has been delayed until 2014 and a reader suggested that it may be released in Germany and a few other countries in 2013 but not in the U.

In 3% of cases delay as is used

The National Farm Animal Care Council anticipates release for public comment of a draft revised Pig Code of Practice will be delayed as the.

PTA has restarted the whole process, which will cause further delay as the authority is once again in the process of interviewing candidates who have responded to the ad.

Kick off was delayed as the ground staff had not fully prepared the playing surface, yet armed with a lawn mower and later a tractor, it was time to get the match underway.

In 3% of cases delay because is used

But it got delayed because of the ban on sand mining.

Unknown to us our containers were delayed because of miscommunication within the shipping company.

For non-RBS customers whose expected payments have been delayed because of our processing issues (e.

In 3% of cases delay due is used

Adviser to a former caretaker government Mirza Azizul Islam told The Daily Star that project utilisation is delayed due to weaknesses of the public administration.

The most recent evidence: a $1 billion debt forgiveness package for Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi's government, even though its delivery might now be delayed due to the recent protests.

In 2% of cases delay after is used

The hearing of the PIL was delayed after Justice T S Thakur recused himself from the case.

In 2% of cases delay to is used

There was confusion over the winner so prize giving was delayed to Saturday afternoon allowing MissMarkey to do some official marking.

On one hand the NDA has been lifted and on the other we have been informed that the Riders of Rohan expansion has been delayed to October 15th.

It has not yet been confirmed that all the iPad Minis had been recovered by the FBI, this could cause further delay to some shipments for the iPad Mini.

In 1% of cases delay beyond is used

Traffic stats are real time, but the income stats are only updated once per day, overnight, and are sometimes delayed beyond that.

In 1% of cases delay from is used

It took ministers many meetings to finally approve the package, which was delayed from an initial timetable back in September.

In 1% of cases delay of is used

He applied for Bank loan in 1984 for 3 sets of Nylon multifilament net Machine but due to delay of the Bank he Got the Net machines from Japan After 3 years in 1987.

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