Prepositions after "define"

"define by", "define as" or "define in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases define by is used

True love is not defined by money.

The channel is defined by the MCA.

Agency is defined by Ross (1973, p.

Indictable offence: A more serious offence as defined by the Criminal Code of Canada.

But market value is defined by what others in a similar position are prepared to pay.

A shapeless artiste spraying mayhem in a game increasingly defined by tactical battle.

But in the direct response world, we're all more concerned with ROI and that is easily defined by how you define it.

For sometime, my thoughts have been hovering around the subject of right and wrong defined by society or by majority.

The script demands to generate a sympathy wave for TA now that it has earned the secular credential defined by Media.

It's such a functional name -- a place defined by its transport links -- and there is rarely any romance to be found.

In 25% of cases define in is used

It can not be defined in that way.

Standard Time was defined in Section 52(2).

In a sense, anti-corporatism is neither Right nor Left as traditionally defined in U.

The communication between Machines and Device s is not defined in this specification.

These contents are defined in the tables that follow and are illustrated in Figure 5-1.

Given that the decommissioning process may take several decades, it is important that plans are defined in advance.

Conclusions are consistent with the objectives defined in the plan for the engagement and with the detailed findings.

The term housekeeping unit itself is defined in the plan as a certain number of PEOPLE doing NORMAL DOMESTIC ACTIViTY.

Workplace bullying has not been specifically defined in legislation or by the Employment Court, as it is a difficult concept.

In 20% of cases define as is used

These are defined as ordered relations, i.

In XML, attributes are defined as unordered.

This law is defined as a current of unified thought.

Obama was defined as a Christian, it is common knowledge that attends the ceremonies.

The fact is that over 10% of all couples live in what is defined as a sexless marriage.

In mathematical language, it can be defined as a universal set which is a proper subset of its every proper subset.

The poor, on the other hand, is defined as a person who lacks the knowledge and emotional tenacity of a rich person.

Brine is defined as saline water with a total dissolved solid concentration greater than 40,000 milligrams per litre.

Rather, the fly() method should be defined as an interface and both bird and airplane should implement that interface.

In 4% of cases define for is used

This namespace is identical to that defined for JDF in Section 3.

Therefore, a process coordinate system is defined for each Process.

The permitted structure of this child is that defined for that namespace.

There are, in addition, two computed baselines that are only defined for line areas.

The detention center was defined for Crete, however, before the village decided against it.

CENTER These three constants are defined for specifying the alignment of the Label ' s text.

I du n no what definition you use for Gary Stu (or Mary Sue for that matter ), but it has been defined for posterity.

The value is outside both the range defined for system feedback codes and that defined for application feedback codes.

It is an empty textview which the adapter uses to display the data in case there is no valid view defined for the row.

In 2% of cases define on is used

The mode name should be the same as the mode defined on host &3.

The following three phases are defined on a demonstrational time scale.

As we have seen, classical probabilities are only defined on finite spaces.

Typical examples include: dictionary headers showing the first and last word defined on the page.

Alligator Deep The continuation of Alligator head but becoming more defined on the wall and areas dropping off to over 160ft in debth.

Both the traditional political parties and the smaller, newer parties seem to follow their own agenda which can not be neatly defined on the political compass.

It is easily shown that they satisfy finite additivity, and given that they are defined on finite sets of sentences, the extension to countable additivity is trivial.

The biggest advantage like some artisan advancing watches is defined on their as small as possible costs afterwards compromising everywhere over the aloft and any extra aspects.

In 2% of cases define with is used

The section is defined with tags .

Her brows are full and well - defined with light brown powder.

Once defined with resonance, the concept of authentic leadership began to appear.

In such cases the User must specify the basis to be sited on each element of the z-matrix which had been defined with a unique tag.

XmitQName is blank, but there is no transmission queue defined with the name of RemoteQMgrName, and the DefXmitQName queue-manager attribute is blank.

Because there is no queue defined with the same name as the destination queue manager, the queue manager has attempted to use the default transmission queue.

However, there is no queue defined with the same name as the remote queue manager name obtained from the cell directory, and the DefXmitQName queue-manager attribute is blank.

Because there is no transmission queue defined with the same name as the destination queue manager, the local queue manager has attempted to use the default transmission queue.

In 1% of cases define at is used

Internally, climate change is also affecting the natural boundaries as defined at Independence.

In order to use a reference of a class type to invoke a method, the method must be defined at or above that class in the class hierarchy.

If entropy defines an arrow of time, any final product and all possible paths to it must have been defined at any moment of initiation(BB).

Such sets of competencies may be defined at various levels of aggregation (corresponding to the component level, the dimension level or the broader factor level).

In 1% of cases define inside is used

The nested class, being defined inside an outer class, can access private members of the outer class.

A nested class can be private, public, protected, or the default access, just like any member variables and methods defined inside a class.

Properties of Anonymous Inner Class The anonymous inner class is define inside a method, instead of a member of the outer class (class member).

As an illustration, two nested classes MyNestedClass1 and MyNestedClass2 are defined inside the definition of an outer class called MyOuterClass.

Local Inner Class Defined Inside a Method Java allows you to define an inner class inside a method, just like defining a method's local variable.

Example of non- static (instance) inner class In this example, a non- static (instance) inner class called MyInnerClass is defined inside the outer class.

Example of static nested class In this example, a static nested class is defined inside the outer class, which can access the private static variables of the outer class.

In 1% of cases define through is used

To me, language defines through limitation.

Its goals, subprograms and other dispositions are defined through the resolution.

Exactly what this age is should be defined through detailed and comprehensive research.

Church growth has been defined through different angels, increasing amount alone can not be overlooked to be considered as productive church growth.

In 1% of cases define under is used

Some of these rights are defined under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and state based anti-discrimination laws.

In the 1999 revised edition of The Statutes of the Republic of Singapore, Standard Time was defined under The Intepretation Act, Chapter 1, Section 51(2).

For example, if you wanted a Time Management style app, most of the features could be defined under the data-driven app type, but this app would also include very specific Time Engine functionality.

In 1% of cases define within is used

This section contains a list of the standard Messages that are defined within the JDF framework.

Any definition would be inadequate if it presupposes notions based on physical laws defined within our universe.

However, I would add, that the omnipotency can never really be appropriately defined within the context of our universe.

The first advantage gained through using a distinguished MyType is that this type variable is implicitly defined within each class-type.

The flow-map is an association between the flow children of the fo:page-sequence and regions defined within the page-masters referenced by that fo:page-sequence.

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