Prepositions after "defer"

defer to, for, from, on or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 70% of cases defer to is used

Now, I will defer to Mr Wenger's judgement.

Pretending we must always defer to their wish.

But Clearwater, in his absolute prime, still deferred to him.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Defer to others, as they are so demanding that you have little choice.

That's mostly why the Court has signaled that it will just defer to Congress's view on the matter.

We will not sell and we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right Pretty simple really.

And rather than deferring to others as he had done during his junior season, Brown decided to take ownership of the word.

This will help create open shots (Pau is good at finding open players on the catch and has no problem deferring to them).

In the past, we deferred to authority and if an official told us something would damage national security we took that as true.

She had been raised as a Roman Catholic but, not being particularly devout, deferred to Stephen's wish for a Protestant ceremony.

In 7% of cases defer for is used

But questions such as the fate of Palestinian refugees and the final borders of a Palestinian state must, he says, be deferred for now.

You may defer for 6 or 12 months (depending on course availability) You must defer by the Census Date for the intake in which your offer was originally made.

In 6% of cases defer from is used

How do I take my deferred offer up at the end of my deferral period? Admissions will send you an offer into the course that you deferred from.

Besides the rules and regulations governing payday loans can defer from state to state and a good knowledge of them in your own area would prevent you from paying high interests back to the lender.

In 6% of cases defer on is used

I beg to defer on this case till it is clearer.

In 4% of cases defer by is used

As such, Henderson's request for this claim was deferred by the Gold Commissioner's Office.

You may defer for 6 or 12 months (depending on course availability) You must defer by the Census Date for the intake in which your offer was originally made.

These hopes, however, were to be deferred by a dispatch from CoinNavFE, received on the afternoon of the 8th as the force was fuelling from Passumpsic and Cacapon to the south of Cheju Do.

In 2% of cases defer till is used

It's now thought the decision may be deferred till next year.

She was aware, however, that her only chance of escape was at night; and accordingly she was obliged, with a bitter pang at the delay, to defer till then her purposed attempt.

In 1% of cases defer after is used

Five Independent TDs called for the referendum to be deferred after the ruling.

In 1% of cases defer during is used

He will grant, all at once, what He has deferred during many years.

In 1% of cases defer in is used

While Neet was supposed to be rolled out from this year, the decision to implement it has been deferred in line with the demand by several states, including Andhra Pradesh.

In 1% of cases defer with is used

They know that success is just being deferred with each failure, not prevented.

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