Prepositions after "defend"

"defend by" or "defend against"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases defend by is used

If a theory is defended by these devices: 1.

Don't like being defended by our military? Feel free to leave.

The lowest target defended by Sri Lanka at home is 168 against Pakistan in 2009.

Wolmi Do was known to be defended by enemy artillery, and was thought to be heavily so.

Here are some selected highlights: The America loved and defended by conservatives is over.

I recommend the kevlar of objectively derived rights defended by a well armed culture of liberty.

However, your right to a sugar fix is being defended by the most unlikely candidate, the Dental Association (IDA).

The village of Leighlinbridge developed at this strategic crossing on the River Barrow, defended by the Black Castle.

My answer is it is about scoring by creating chances and defending by winning back the ball as well as reading the game.

A different worry is that of whether the three principles defended by Parfit really do recommend the exact same set of actions.

In 25% of cases defend against is used

It's tough for a wide man to defend against a full back like him.

These types of attacks have been around for years, and, in most cases, are relatively easy to defend against.

They have learnt how to defend against the Sri Lankan spinners, but have so far failed to show that they can score runs at a.

Conclusion Ferguson got it right from the start by using width to exploit Chelsea's weakness in being able to defend against it.

Human life is precious above all other life and a Sikh must defend against injustice where ever it is found, he said of his faith.

And any philosophy which is adhered to fanatically and defended against all criticism is functionally indistinguishable from a religion.

The proper generic strategy will position the firm to leverage its strengths and defend against the adverse effects of Porter's five forces.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hopes NATO allies will reach a deal this week on stationing Patriot missiles in Turkey to defend against possible Syrian attacks, senior U.

Preparedness is key in defending against cyber attacks, and must consider whether internal communications will work and what contingencies are in place in the event of an attack.

In 8% of cases defend with is used

We never sit back, defend with 10 and try to hit on the counter.

So many great strikers and yet always sitting on a 1-0 lead and defending with 10 men in the box.

Despite the scoreline, Argentina competed well at the breakdown and defended with plenty of determination, leaving skipper Fernandez Lobbe upbeat at the final whistle.

I thought he came in and did a nice job, drove the paint and made a nice scoop shot at the rim (in the first half when we were desperate for something to work ), and defended with his usual tenacity.

In 6% of cases defend as is used

When Barcelona attack, they attack as a team; when they defend, they defend as a team.

Today, there is almost nothing in the abrahamic religions that can be defended as a truth.

They look at him as the man to get our current bunch players defending as a team once again.

Plus, whatever system we play, whoever we have at CB, we still have to be organised and defend as a team.

However, by fielding all three every game we can never be structurally solid/capable of defending as a team.

We've found guys that can shoot the rock as well as Chalmers and we've found guys that can on ball defend as well as Chalmers (though probably not both).

He is right we DO need to defend as team, but that means staying tight and pressuring together, not one man goes in misses, and leaves hole behind to be exploited.

In 6% of cases defend in is used

Rajneesh's life can not be defended in any sane and rational way.

Leiner didn't defend in the most precise way and passed a-pawn became unstoppable.

For the next 6 seasons, Arenas was one of the hardest shooting guards to defend in the NBA.

Images of child sex were defended in the Oz trial, still held up as an example of liberation.

In 5% of cases defend for is used

They were forced to defend for 60% of the game and could not cope with the relentless Kiwi attack.

If we've just defended for 15 minutes don't use the goal kick to boot it up the field and give it straight back to them.

If the defendant does not defend for the whole of the property, he or she shall specify for what particular part he or she does defend.

We should however remember that history taught us a very important lesson, no foreigners will defend for another country whole-heartedly.

Although the SADF insisted that it was never defeated, the political system of white power and privilege that it had defended for so long was dismantled.

This measure of client advocacy may be defended for both its reliability and its validity, and the usefulness of this scale is illustrated in two studies.

In 5% of cases defend on is used

The spinners did cause some problems but just had too few a runs to defend on the board.

Ambiguity is defended on the basis that it supports a flexible and collaborative public service, where the elasticity of individual roles allows for a quick response to changing demands.

The only other person with inside knowledge of the plane's design flaw is Colin Sweeney, a venture capitalist that Alicia defended on a murder charge two years ago who has been in jail ever since.

In 4% of cases defend from is used

Democracy is what we have to defend from Monopoly, from Fascism, and the right to anonymous (meaning free) assembly online is the only strategy.

Going into this week, Federer had a healthy 1335-point lead over Djokovic at the top but the Serb has very few points (just 380) to defend from this time last year, when he faded badly.

In 3% of cases defend at is used

A few German passes later, Ireland were defending at the edge of their own box.

Those who gave up terrorism and joined the main stream to defeat terrorism will be defended at any cost.

Without question, Russia have been the stand-out team in terms of defending at the FIFA Futsal World Cup Thailand 2012.

With the way Manchester City are defending at the moment, six points form the two upcoming games against Ajax is by no means a given.

In 3% of cases defend to is used

A poor record of accomplishment is a terrible thing to try to defend to the American voters.

Don't get me wrong, I disagree with what you say but would defend to the death your right to say it.

Like Voltaire, while I may not agree with what Ocoonassa says, I'll defend to the death his right to say it, but it might as well be grammatical.

In 2% of cases defend before is used

Arsenal made 11 changes but that did not excuse the naivety with which Carl Jenkinson, Johan Djourou, Koscielny and Ignasi Miquel defended before half-time.

In 1% of cases defend within is used

Another Web security defend within the Microsof company Microsoft windows 7 will be the Consumer Accounts Handle.

In 1% of cases defend through is used

There are some supervisors who don't understand that this is your PhD, your work, and that it has to be yours to defend through the examination process.

In 1% of cases defend over is used

I have definitely noticed the difference in defending over the past few years and this year has seemed to be worse.

In 1% of cases defend around is used

That said, Spurs not named Tim Duncan have trouble defending around the rim, and San Antonio has been fairly poor rebounding the ball defensively.

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