Prepositions after "defeat"

"defeat by" or "defeat in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases defeat by is used

The owner has been defeated by the owned.

He was defeated by President Obama on Nov.

Then Apolonia fought back but was defeated by 11:7.

The man they say they are after is Joseph Kony, but he has already been defeated by Uganda.

Woodworth's motion was defeated by a vote of 203-91, with 10 cabinet ministers voting in favour.

Met on the plains of Marathon soon after they landed, they were defeated by a smaller Greek force.

Bartlett won the Eastern St Andrew seat in 1980, and held it until 1993 when he was defeated by the PNP's Colin Campbell.

Such claims could not be defeated by forcible action? the act of demolishing the house and sharing out extracts therefrom.

Cameron's Commons defeat by eurosceptics yesterday was a small victory but will be overruled by the powers that be soon enough.

In 32% of cases defeat in is used

Fonseka was defeated in an election.

The BJP was defeated in Uttarakhand by the BJP.

The Scullin government was defeated in the polls in December 1931.

Parkes defeated Soon after Parkes was defeated in parliament and left the premiership for the last time.

I agree that every ideology, even those based on a toxic lie, should be debated and defeated in public discourse.

Later the revolutionaries were defeated in the war waged by the reinforced British soldiers and the police forces.

We were only comprehensivley defeated in one of the big games the others were unlucky and may have gone either way.

Peel's government was defeated in England and Lord John Russell became Prime Minister of a Conservative Government.

In the third verse of Sura Rum, we are informed that the Romans had been defeated in the lowest region of the Earth.

In 9% of cases defeat at is used

O defeat at the hands of Staveley.

May 26: Insurgents defeated at Tara, Co Meath.

They had to be defeated at the polls and nothing more.

Seriously outnumbered, the Scots were defeated at Faughart.

Budyonny was defeated at the Battle of Komarw and failed to take Lvov.

Meanwhile McMahon, at the head of the Alsace army detachment, was defeated at the battle of Wurth.

This means that the Byzantines were defeated at the lowest part of the world, just as stated in the verse.

After it is defeated at the ballot box, let's also make sure the expansion bill dies in all future legislative sessions.

In January 1797, now reinforced Alvinzi tried again but was defeated at the battle of Rivoli, the Austrian garrisons then started to surrender.

Michigan is his home state and defeat at the hands of Santorum would raise serious doubts about his chances of becoming the Republican presidential nominee.

In 5% of cases defeat on is used

Without their combined support, the government could be defeated on floor of the house.

He would need legislation to do that, and it would be defeated on the floor of the house.

But his popularity plummeted after a lamentable display with public opinion further turning against him when he blamed the wide points defeat on a broken little toe.

I say oddly because I thought about how I felt after the crushing home loss to LSU last November, how I walked out of the stadium, crestfallen in yet another November defeat on our home turf.

Averted, however, by Freeza, who pays no special attention to Earth until being defeated on an entirely different planet by someone dumb enough to happen to mention in passing where he was from.

In 5% of cases defeat to is used

The resolution is a big victory for Qatar but most likely a defeat to football.

That happens sometimes and in isolation an unfortunate 3-1 defeat to United would not raise too many concerns.

Defeat to Chelsea is more annoying than worrying; Arsenal had more efforts but it was the sloppiness of which they conceded which was most dispiriting.

In both the 5-1 home defeat to Manchester City and the 5-2 defeat at Arsenal, there was a spell of 20 to 25 minutes when they seemed powerless to stop the tide.

Do I dare to say that he's got good feet for a big man? Losers: Aldershot Town - Dean Holdsworth's men remain rooted to the bottom with a 2-0 home defeat to Bradford.

Having fought back from a goal down against Oxford United a deflected shot looped into the net in injury time to condemn the Chairboys to a cruel 2-1 defeat to Rochdale.

Yes, people may not mind being knocked out but defeat to me will feel like any other defeat and mark my words, when we get to the semis, people will start thinking a bit differently.

Their build-up to the tournament has not raised any great expectations either: 1-1 draws against Cameroon and Switzerland and a 2-1 defeat to Mexico did no favours to Italy's confidence.

In 4% of cases defeat with is used

It was defeated with 48% in favour and 52% against.

Three years later the divorce referendum was defeated with the familiar faces from P.

Subtle and hiding though the demons have become, they can be defeated with some common sense, will power, self-control and belief.

The battle was a pointless bloodbath in which the Russians were defeated with the loss of 40,000 men and the French suffered 30,000 casualties.

In 2% of cases defeat for is used

Republicans must be defeated for our great nation to progress.

In 1% of cases defeat against is used

The viola have been sucked into the relegation battle, just 5 points above the drop zone following last Sunday's 2-1 home defeat against Chievo.

In 1% of cases defeat as is used

The Taliban were defeated as a military force, and significant advantages exist to the NATO forces in terms of technology.

In 1% of cases defeat during is used

Through the twists of political fate, Joe Clark was defeated during a vote of confidence, Trudeau returned as leader and the Liberals won another majority mandate.

European armies were learning, especially the Austrians and although defeated during the Wagram campaign the margin of victory was narrowing and the European monarchs knew this.

The Mughal dynasty ruled most of the Indian subcontinent till 1600; after which it went into decline after 1707 and was finally defeated during India's first war of Independence in 1857.

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