Prepositions after "deem"

"deem by" or "deem as"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases deem by is used

Government or its coalition partners may under the Patriot Act and The Defense Authorization Act of 2012 be deemed by U.

I deem by your comment that you are black by the use of ' coz ' and will vote for your race because that's who's in office.

Section 11 Congress must balance every budget and not engage in deficit spending, unless there is a national emergency deemed by the president.

Donor funding in mHealth was deemed by some participants as welcome to the extent that it would support growth for local mobile entrepreneurship efforts.

Be preserving your credit score healthier, it can be deemed by some insurance firms while they are environment prices for your personal automobile policy.

Indeed, for someone associated with bling and supermodels including Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum and Adriana Volpe, such a tag would be deemed by the man a gross insult.

At this point it may be deemed by both vendor and customer that trying to reduce this percentage is a case of diminishing returns and not worth the additional Investment.

So what if Schmeichel was to be used by the FA for the anti-racism campaign? As far as they were concerned, he wasn't a racist as deemed by the investigation they carried out.

In 17% of cases deem as is used

For the majority is what is deemed as the society.

I had a coachee who is deemed as a ' difficult ' person by most colleagues.

With regard to incorporation 8; international law is deemed as part of the municipal law.

Going from Aswan to Luxor is deemed as the best and easiest introduction to the life on the longest river of the world.

But will he live up to it? The second part ' The Secret Of The Nagas ' takes the tale further to the era where Shiva is deemed as a God.

Is he really the savior? Can the residents of Meluha avert this tragedy? This is a story of the times when Shiva was a man, who would be later deemed as God.

If we change this principle in identifying the truth like using the voice of majority as the measurement then many errors and mistakes, or even deviations, would be deemed as the truth.

In 5% of cases deem to is used

Nothing in this section shall be deemed to affect the provisions of any local law for the time being in force relating to the persons and property of minors.

Newson was intrigued by how men compensate when they deny their feelings, and how they act when actions deemed to ' unmanly ' manifest themselves in other ways.

Unless the contrary intention appears, property and rights and interests in property acquired with money belonging to the firm are deemed to have been acquired for the firm.

In 3% of cases deem in is used

Because ministers will not know in advance if it will be deemed in the public interest to release their discussions, all discussions will be treated as though they could be released.

In 3% of cases deem on is used

There was an attack on another -- in many jurisdictions, rape is deemed on par with deadly threats.

In 2% of cases deem like is used

After what deemed like eternity, I found the stairs that leads to my cabin and headed home for the night.

In 2% of cases deem subject is used

Instead we are deemed subject to forces beyond our control, mere organic matter caught on the wind of physical laws.

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