Prepositions after "decrease"

"decrease in" or "decrease by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases decrease in is used

Polar ice is decreasing in extent and mass.

People have been decreasing in stature since Adam's creation.

Both movies witnessed further decrease in their business on Tuesday.

According to life insurance actuaries the world population is going to decrease in 2020.

However, not all jurisdictions recorded decreases in 2010-11 compared to the previous year.

The productivity of the sea decreases in the Arctic and increases in regions nearer the Atlantic.

Western Australia (10% ), Queensland (1%) and the Northern Territory (1%) also reported decreases in number of notifications.

Even when you delete items, the size of your data file might not decrease in proportion to the amount of data that you deleted.

Cations of a given element have a smaller radius than the neutral atom, so Na + will decrease in size compared with the Na atom.

Cations of a given element have a smaller radius than the neutral atom, so Cs + will decrease in size compared with the Cs atom.

In 22% of cases decrease by is used

Hydro generation decreased by 31.

In real terms, it decreased by 3.

In real terms, it decreased by 14.

By restoring polders surrounding Dongting Lake, the lake water level would decrease by 0.

The total gross value of construction works performed by main contractors decreased by 0.

The Operating Results by Segmentation In the motorcycle business, the net sales decreased by 15.

On a seasonally adjusted basis, the gross value of construction works performed by main contractors decreased by 4.

Seasonal projections show spring rainfall decreasing by 11 per cent in Kaitaia and 16 per cent in Whangarei by 2090.

In terms of intra-group mean % change from baseline to 10 weeks, the placebo, CQ and CQ-IG combo groups decreased by 3.

Although inflation means that in real terms we have witnessed cuts, overall spending has actually only decreased by 1%.

In 13% of cases decrease from is used

In the same period, the value of fraud decreased from US$3.

The Note has also got slimmer with thickness decreased from 9.

But after scrubbing the device the NAND size decreased from 1GB to 128MB.

The angle between P-Cl equatorial bonds also decreases from its usual value, 120 o.

The big takeaway from the data is the fact that savings rates have decreased from 3.

Densities in the short grass communities decreased from 89 percent to 22 percent from 1934-1939.

David Orr, WFP spokesperson for East and Southern Africa, told IRIN local rice production had decreased from 4.

The share of total meat consumption in the developed countries as a group will decrease from 53% in 1993 to 36% in 2020.

The total number of chorionic villus samplings and amniocenteses carried out decreased from 7524 in 2000 to 3510 in 2006.

Results The number of infants born with Down's syndrome decreased from 55-65 per year during 2000-4 to 31 in 2005 and 32 in 2006.

In 11% of cases decrease to is used

Thus, the probability of visibility of the new moon decreases to the east.

Since the 1990s, the number of landfills for municipal waste has decreased to 29.

After herpes-specific Transfer Factor therapy, the number of relapses decreased to 3.

All The gender pay difference based on the mean for all employees has decreased to 18.

Charley weakened just after its passage over western Cuba; its maximum winds decreased to about 110 m.

When a lessee gives back the car earlier, it has not yet decreased to the amount that was approximated.

In 2006 the proportion of non-screened women decreased to 15%, as screening was then available for most women.

At the end of the repayment term, the amount of cover decreases to nil, just as the loan outstanding does the same.

All In April 2012 the gender pay gap based on median hourly earnings for all employees (full-time and part-time) decreased to 19.

This sensitivity decreases to as low as 30% in the immunocompromised (which means the error rate can climb to 70% in these people).

In 8% of cases decrease with is used

However, immunization coverage for children decreased with age.

The amplitude of temperature variation also decreases with depth.

The number of secondary follicles found in each age group decreased with age.

The rate of progression of iris pigmentation decreases with time and is stable for five years.

Mite damage seems to increase with increasing levels of nitrogen, and decreases with potassium.

This maritime influence is strongest near the Atlantic coasts and decreases with distance inland.

The gout-flare risk continued to decrease with increasing cherry consumption, up to three servings over two days.

If the objects were true point sources their light intensity would decrease with the inverse of the distance squared.

Results also show that the specific fuel consumption decreased with air flow rate when yam, rice and beans were cooked.

Performance evaluation carried out show that boiling time decreased with increased volumetric air flow rate for all the biomass used.

In 4% of cases decrease over is used

One of the questions was whether unemployment had increased or decreased over the past year.

Technical change can lead to TFP growth if the costs involved in energy use are lower and/or decrease over time.

Pressures from wastewaters have generally decreased over the past 20 years, but agricultural land use has continued to intensify.

If we look at the Best-Worst graph under the Performance tab we can notice though that the stop levels seem to have decreased over time.

Common reasons for snoring: Age: people who have reached middle age or older have narrow throats, since the muscle tone in the throat decreases over time.

However, the price of a CFLi has decreased over the last several years and as CFLis save you money on your energy bill the initial cost is recovered very quickly.

Furthermore, although the CogTr impact on cognitive function decreased over time, it remained statistically significant, attesting to the durability of the intervention effects.

Rohingyas continue to be used as forced labourers on roads and at military camps, although the amount of forced labour in northern Rakhine State has decreased over the last decade.

During the last 10 years botanic gardens in Russia have been poorly funded due to the general financial problems in the country and our collections have decreased over the past few years.

Carriers assume that the loan balance will decrease over time as payments are made, and that the business will have something of value that would be available to pay the remainder of the debt.

In 2% of cases decrease due is used

The death rates that had decreased due to improved water supply systems, began to rise in about 1815 due to polluted water.

Whatever you do, don't copy Uncle Sam again: their CO2 emissions are decreasing due to shale gas usage and so are their gas prizes.

However, above a certain concentration, the rate of absorption may decrease due to the delayed passage of alcohol from the stomach into the small intestine.

Transplanting The extent of transplanted rice is decreasing due to the scarcity of labour and other resources and the decrease cultivation of 4-4 1/2 month rice varieties.

In 2% of cases decrease for is used

Although numbers have decreased for immigrants, have they increased for Americans? I bet they have.

The interesting part is that effectiveness scores remained static for review sites, video-sharing and location-based services, and actually decreased for photo-sharing sites.

Many of the developed countries road users are decreasing for the first time, the costs are beginning to out-way the benefits and so getting back to that particular highway ' '.

In 2% of cases decrease at is used

This increase outweighed decreases at coal mines in March.

They discovered health difficulties begin to decrease at 22 years of age, and reach their lowest point at 34.

Set your key large sufficient to ensure that it's decreasing at near to a forty five-diploma position towards your subject.

Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! The pace of mortgage arrears formation is continuing to decrease at Bank of Ireland.

By pooling in their resources in this manner, their access to knowledge and technology increases by several factors, and their risk decreases at the same time.

In 2% of cases decrease as is used

However, this dependence is decreased as the value of the fractal dimension increases and for a critical value, the ratio.

In 1% of cases decrease between is used

Right now, the sequence decreases between 2007 and 2011, beginning with 786 messages in 2007.

In 1% of cases decrease depending is used

Budokai 3 gives every character a base Ki level, which will increase or decrease depending on your actions.

But that? s just an estimate, it can increase or decrease depending on the subject and storyline of the movie.

In 1% of cases decrease during is used

When water pressure inside them decreases during hours of high consumption, the water outside goes inside the pipes.

The fact that crime is decreasing during a period when more people are experiencing disadvantage may seem to contradict the research evidence.

In 1% of cases decrease relative is used

The CSS PPI decreases relative to the assumed distance of viewing, and each class of device is within a certain range.

In 1% of cases decrease since is used

That average global temperature has decreased since 1998.

The number of substantiations has continued to decrease since 2007-08 (see Table 2).

In 1% of cases decrease through is used

Employers across all industries have caused workers pay to stagnate and in many cases to decrease through forced pay cuts.

Much of the heavy workload of women could be decreased through better access to technology such as animal traction and animal transport.

In 1% of cases decrease towards is used

Hence, the electrical resistance of a metallic conductor should decrease to a low but non-zero value as the temperature decreases towards absolute zero.

In 1% of cases decrease about is used

From 1940 to 1975, the temperature decreased about 0.

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