Prepositions after "decide"

"decide on", "decide to" or "decide by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases decide on is used

Decide on the equipment you need.

I finally decided on the Dell XPS.

The mediator could decide on meaning.

Q: How did you decide on this work's scale? A: In the studio I don't make huge things.

You'll have to decide on yourself which GPU is superior based on games you're playing.

Then he decides on a matter, sticks to his decision and delegates its implementation.

At the end of the trial, the judge will summarise the evidence before you begin to deliberate (decide on a verdict).

It was tough as I wanted the Elie Saab Eutrepe as well but after 2 days of thinking, I finally decided on the Vera.

A participant decides on the size of his annual contribution provided that it exceeds or equals the minimum premium.

It may sound as if the writing was plain sailing once I had decided on the genre, but this certainly wasn't the case.

In 13% of cases decide by is used

To be decided by the Executive Committee.

Everything was decided by government quotas.

The list of collateral is decided by the ECB.

Yet in all these cases liability in an accident can be decided by who had right of way.

If the arbitrators can not reach a unanimous decision, it will be decided by simple majority.

Conceivably the world's fate may be decided by suicidal madmen and their witting collaborators.

She received a nine month referral order, which is a non-custodial penalty to be decided by a young offenders panel.

The ingredient proportion of incandescent lighting devices is decided by the light-emitting material and the temperature.

His application for the chair of anatomy and botany was decided by drawing of lots and he was unlucky in this game of chance.

In 12% of cases decide to is used

But I decided to forgive pinch.

She decided to go along for the ride.

So her parents decided to home educate.

So they have decided to give them another exam to test if they really are not cheating.

Naturally it's your responsibility which you decide to questionnaire your energy safety.

Woke up ten years ago decided to something back home and I have never regretted one bit.

I decided to go to a different stand than I have been going to that is placed on a small piece of land that I hunt.

With this incident, Mara decided to see Clara David (Julia Montes) in their house to confront her about some things.

I decided to post some replies to Janet on SOLO because she seriously misrepresented what had happened to her on OL.

Christian Torralba (Albie Casino) finally decided to go home now and move away from Mara Del Valle (Kathryn Bernardo).

In 9% of cases decide for is used

You get to decide for yourself.

God did not decide for us any way.

Visa is yet to be decided for him.

Reliable automobile dealers are also very helpful in deciding for the right choice.

So you have to decide for yourself where you want to pre-order your copy of the album.

It sounds to me like this Guy decided for whatever reason to cause you and your Fiance trouble.

If they decide for themselves when to work, where to work, what work to do etc it is unlikely they are an employee.

Our aim is simply to report the news dispassionately and objectively, so that our readers can decide for themselves.

So, you've to decide for your favorite web browser if you want to use it in windows 8 metro mode in full screen view.

For this part, the installer is not smart enough to decide for you, you have to know that it should load from hard-disk.

In 8% of cases decide in is used

The case decided in November, R.

As decided in case of Rajiv Tondon v.

The state should not decide in our place.

Last year, the FDA fared better in a case decided in Kentucky, Commonwealth Brands v.

I believe lay people decide in accordance to their own trumped up opinion of themselves.

Let's go back to Formula 1: What is your future? Ferrari, perhaps? I decide in the coming months.

Island at your disposal you decide in what order to investigate nursing facilities, located on the island of Arkham.

Tusk to Tail decided in the off-season that this week would be the best opportunity to take the kids on a road game.

By a narrow 3-2 majority the Appellate Court decided in favour of Stambovsky and allowed him to rescind the contract.

In 4% of cases decide against is used

He actually decided against Greater Israel.

Suddenly I didn't feel so bad for deciding against taking the risk.

He was thinking of asking her out right away but decided against it.

The detention center was defined for Crete, however, before the village decided against it.

But he later decided against it and turned the camera away from Clementi's bed, he told Cuomo.

Cravings are great, because they give you the opportunity to decide against something unhealthy.

I can tell you that we have decided against using WHMCS as our included CRM solution in what we will build resell.

This time, I decided against going into the newspaper offices and trying to argue with the editor over the matter.

If you do decide against sending a panel, then to be honest it's as easy for the CLP to invite Jamie or AN other (e.

Deasy said that, as a result of the BOC decision, he had decided against asking the school board to approve it next month.

In 4% of cases decide upon is used

At last a compromise was decided upon.

The department will soon decide upon the teams.

Decide upon burial, cremation or donation to medical science.

He knew little of my pathetic physical state, before I decided upon dumping myself upon the wilderness.

We won't charge anything to your card until you arrive, so you can decide upon arrival to pay by card or cash.

Policy, in terms of government, is a course of action which is decided upon as necessary to support legislation.

A set was decided upon, which included a wide variety of dishes, and for the next 90 minutes would stuff ourselves.

Make a choice after you have gone through the photos and then decide upon the apartment as per your budget and needs.

Typically the 3 bundles you need to decide upon tend to be: QuickStart, Ms Office 2010 Professional, Company Basic plus Venture.

Any 3 programs you must decide upon will be: QuickStart, Windows Vista Product Key, Small business Essential as well as Company.

In 3% of cases decide at is used

Nothing special, its all about the EUM and what they decide at the time.

The real winners will be decided at the BCCI office somewhere in India.

I decided at this stage that I was going to repeat my placement in the Summer of 2013.

Wanting to play at high level You have to decide at what level you want to play your game.

Did Labour decide at their conference that they are actually going to ditch the hobbit law.

But I'll re-emphasize once again that this should be decided at the state level not at the federal level as it is now.

In response, employees may decide at times to disregard rules, even though they know that doing so carries risk for them.

Obviously, the legislators of those countries decided at some point that it is better not to have religion in the classroom.

The presence of large numbers of spectators should imply popular support for whatever the Government was deciding at the time.

In 2% of cases decide about is used

Others decided not to, but one day you'll decide about that.

Probably, he would decide about the offer of Chelsea at the end of this week.

But it is for the WTO members to decide about China's accession and how happen.

Councils must be formed to decide about all-important matters that require consultation.

Impressively liberated from our opulent life-style, Sidd's deciding about yoga -- and his future in baseball.

The reinsured must essentially put the reinsurer in the same position as it would be in when deciding about the.

When deciding about items that did not belong to them, the patients had relatively low activity in those brain regions.

Once you have decided about an insurance policy purchase, the next big step is to search an insurance policy provider of fame.

I'd not sure what I've decided about self-publishing, but I'd like to be informed in case I go that route with my future books.

Warner Brothers, which owns and produces the series, will decide about the future of the program at a later date, a spokesman said.

In 2% of cases decide between is used

The season finale saw Elena decide between the Salvatore brothers.

Verily, your Lord will decide between them (various sects) by His Judgement.

Canadians are now being called on to decide between **38;35;TOOLONG and **28;75;TOOLONG.

It also might be helpful for people deciding between buying a 3rd-gen iPad the now-cheaper iPad 2.

The first step in making decisions abot jewellery is to decide between high street or bespoke jewellers.

To help you decide between what the best for you will be I have compiled a list of the top vitamins and supplements.

Where married parents have separated or divorced, they can decide between themselves on custody arrangements for their children.

Invite the client and their laundry into your consulting room and help them to decide between the session and drying their laundry.

At the end of the sixth session it will be decided between the counsellor and the client how many additional sessions may be needed.

This is like deciding between speaking to a portion of Sri Lankans vs speaking to a group of people across the globe with similar interests.

In 1% of cases decide after is used

It was decided after the death of the elder Coke that adopted son, Christopher ' Dudus ' would take over.

The Congress leaders to be deputed to have negotiations with the MIM would be decided after discussions within the party.

Welcoming the proposal, Zahoor Ahmed said the date for the third round of the meeting would be decided after mutual consultations.

Though it was decided after an oral vote that ' God ' would have to be mentioned, many in the gathering strongly objected, Graham.

Switching home loans, be it with a new bank or opting for a lower rate with your existing bank, involves costs and it's best to decide after factoring them in.

But then, where the airport is to be located needs to be decided after a really serious study and NOT because a politician thinks that a particular location is good for it.

I did go to 798, the art district, and Temple of Heaven (??) though, and decided after going to these two places that I wanted to pass on the other tourist haunts for this trip.

I do not know whether it is at the server side or something specific to my computer but it seems to decide after a few minutes of only downloading that I do not need the connection anymore.

In 1% of cases decide as is used

Havent decided as to which bank I would put in my preference list.

Such a change would affect the whole UK and must be decided as such.

Well, that's true, but we wait until after you're on the plane back home, and then we'll decide as a group.

When a case is tried before a jury, the jury decides as to whether the plaintiff will be awarded for their damages.

We've had a fair bit to decide as a collective recently so I've been putting a fair bit up on Loomio -- maybe it was excessive, maybe it wasn't.

In 1% of cases decide with is used

If she decides with logic then chances are she is going to say no.

After a second attempt for a cease-fire also failed the Governor decided with his soldiers to escape.

This shareholder can then decide with first refusal if it wishes to buy out the household, or open the property sale up to the open market.

Usually when a woman actually decides with intent that she wants something from a man, she generally overcomplicates things to the point that she doesn't know which way is north.

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