Prepositions after "debate"

"debate in", "debate on" or "debate with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases debate in is used

The matter was debated in parliament.

He never contributed to debate in any form.

Good news to hear that the Welfare State is being debated in this way.

There is still debate in the scientific community regarding the accuracy of these models.

We can not close down debate in the House of Commons on an issue as important as child abuse.

There is extensive debate in the scientific community regarding the accuracy of these models.

Else we will end up putting the cart before the horse The Lokpal Bill (Ombudsman Bill) is being debated in the House as I write this.

No doubt any findings or recommendations in this report will be debated in Dail Eireann ahead of any final decision by the government.

The suggestion that fate had somehow spared a lot of people from being killed in a fatal accidents is still being debated in the internet.

This is a problem that has been debated in the trade union movement in the world extensively, even in the late 19th and early 20th century.

In 16% of cases debate with is used

No need to debate with that sort of mindset further.

I have enjoyed debating with you and hope to do so again.

You see, I don't see the worth of debating with you boys down there.

On the other hand, I have no problems saying sorry online, when debating with people.

I debated with the non-union workers, trying to convince them the union would defend us.

When people come on ACLF and advise the reading of Le Grove, well, how can you debate with the likes of them.

The other panellists debating with Mark Thompson were Lord (Gus) O'Donnell, the former Cabinet Secretary and Polly Toynbee.

I have been debating with myself for weeks about whether I really want to do this and after reading your post my answer is definitely yes.

But as regards political fundamentals, that argument is so like the left's tactics, that it's fair to use it only when debating with them.

I know, it sounds completely nutty, but I've spent a lot of time debating with people about it and have not heard any new convincing objections.

In 15% of cases debate on is used

If you want to debate on Hinduism and caste system I am game for it.

We really like to debate on every thing even on thing we don't know.

I am not going to debate on my religious beliefs here with the press.

Still debating on bringing the cat or not because he stresses out really easy.

Jae Hun is actually standing in the dorm lobby, debating on whether to go or not.

As long as we're limited to fighting over the Left's gun control agenda we're debating on their terms.

Requests to debate on the textbook crisis, the Marikana massacre, the developments at Nkandla, and the Richard Mdluli affair were all rejected.

I encourage the member to read carefully the motion put forward by the leader of our party, the member for Toronto Centre, whose motion will be debated on Monday.

First, we agree that both our society in general and our university in particular will be healthiest if all opinions can be put on the table and debated on their merits.

I have never heard Michael Savage make a negative comment about Pit Bulls! Michael Savage loves ALL animals and he certainly loves dogs! Course, he might debate on which is his favourite.

In 9% of cases debate about is used

You can debate about it all day.

I had debated about whether I should do this for a while.

I've debated about reading this book for quite a while now.

Professor Hart and Lord Devlin debated about what the law?? ought?? to be and whether morality should be enforced by law to form a good society.

In 7% of cases debate by is used

Bush II refused public challenges to debate by Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and Ralph Nader.

Yet, Tanzania's planned regulatory framework for GM crops has still to be debated by parliament.

The answers turn conventional science on its head and are certain to be hotly debated by millions.

Last night's debate was the first and likely final time the Government's proposed cuts to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme will be debated by all MPs.

However, i am slowly comming to the conclusion that even the educated Muslims only know how to debate by using ' hand grenade ' tactics, and they are doing nothing to advance their cause.

In earlier MIS research, the requirement for a car had been hotly debated by urban groups but it wasdecided, on balance, that minimum needs could be met by using buses with occasional taxis.

In 5% of cases debate at is used

It's certainly worth debating at the very least.

As I say I don't think more than a handful here are capable of debating at this level.

Some of them are coming to Cork soon to debate at the Opera House and I assume they are going elsewhere too.

In 5% of cases debate for is used

Quantum Theory The nature of light had been debated for many years.

Whether selection acted for? the good of the group? or on individuals was debated for a long time.

While vouchers have been debated for decades -- the first program started in Milwaukee in 1990 -- support is on the rise, particularly in states with Republican majorities.

So, my birthday is coming up (much, MUCH, more on that later) and after debating for all of 36 hours what I would like to get myself for this kinda big birthday (29) I have opted for an iPad.

In 3% of cases debate over is used

The study adds to debate over the impact of green tea on cancer risks.

Several scholars have fiercely debated over the issue, and many argue that floods in Bihar are human induced.

But why waste precious time debating over the facts of his life? I keep persuing because I admire Osho and his work.

In 2% of cases debate to is used

That's been debated to death in the Old School vs.

Just before I saw this I was debating to myself about retweeting someone's launch.

The accounts of exactly what happened are both varied and still debated to this day.

In 2% of cases debate regarding is used

The history of the Beta Israel's rescue is at times open to debate regarding the heroes of the Ethiopian Jewry movement.

Kevin This is a question to be debated regarding the former industrialized cities? Camden NJ lost it's industry when the steel industry in PA that Billy Joel wrote about was still vibrant.

In 1% of cases debate without is used

It is possible to debate without engaging in personal attacks.

In 1% of cases debate since is used

The Cyprus legislation on the administration of companies, along with a set of add-on legal and financial services, was seriously debated since 2006.

In 1% of cases debate like is used

This is because you debate like a child.

In 1% of cases debate during is used

The truth is more than any single issue debated during a presidential campaign.

In 1% of cases debate between is used

They both propose possible solutions to our real problems, and we debate between those possible solutions.

In 1% of cases debate as is used

It's debated as to whether or not the US was the first country to introduce decimalized currency; some accounts give Russia credit with this.

In 1% of cases debate against is used

By Stephen Fry National treasure Stephen Fry joined provocateur extraordinaire Christopher Hitchens to debate against Ann Widdicome and the Archbishop of Abuja, John Onaiyekan.

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