Prepositions after "dance"

dance to, with, on, in or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 20% of cases dance to is used

They dance to the tune of the system.

Fast dancing to Of Monsters and Men.

Always dancing to some beat in her head.

There is a song for every occasion and you should listen to it, sing to it, dance to it.

She then started singing and dancing to the road march tune ' Palance ' by JW &; Blaze.

So many people could tune into the frequency and heard the SONG and danced to the music.

Be yourself! Most people are doing these things subconsciously without realising they are dancing to the tunes of media.

I find a United Nations of tank-tops and bulging biceps, dancing to Kylie, dropping ecstasy, and partying like it's Soho.

They had the four sounds set up, and the crews were only dancing to their own sound, although most of the music was great.

But my point is not that modern buildings a better or worse than older ones, but that they are dancing to a different tune.

In 18% of cases dance with is used

This particular isn't Dance With the Stars.

Guests enjoy dancing with that special someone,.

I know they are dancing with hope, always looking for me.

The intellectuals of the club scene are often seen dancing with a drink in each hand.

I dance with my brain instead of letting my body take over and mold with the music's beat.

That's not all; she even managed to get Antonio Banderas in trouble by dancing with him recently.

And don't people normally dance with their hands up, instead of held stiffly in front of them? Big feet, two hands.

For now and until July she is still dancing with the Royal Ballet, where she has been a principal dancer since 2000.

You can pace the floor (a sling is useful ), put some music on and dance with your baby, try walking out with your pram.

Several of the actors clapped and cheered as he danced with his chair and before long he had taught them all a few steps.

In 14% of cases dance on is used

And they don't just dance on the floor.

Did you ever see fairies dancing on the lawn? Of course not.

Leinster took Cardiff apart limb by limb, and danced on the pieces.

We truly are trying to calculate the number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin.

There is a limit to be a Decent when Every congress leader is dancing on the tunes of Mrs.

Oh, there was the singing and dancing on the court in Halifax but that doesn't really count.

The odd and frightening shadows that danced on the walls as we made our way with the lantern kept me dose to Father.

You may chose to play the music yourself, list to music or dance on it depending on the preference of your friends club.

If I feel happy after hitting a good shot during my match I express my happiness by waving the bat or dancing on field.

People danced on the pier, aided only by three or four tilly lamps for lighting, and a melodeon and accordion for music.

In 13% of cases dance in is used

Some days dance in the bracken.

The video does make us want to dance in the back of a.

So many options danced in her head when she got home.

Feathers, paint, indigenouspeople dancing in a circle, playing indigenous instruments.

The events of the ancient era of creation are enacted in ceremonies and danced in mime form.

For over two and a half hour devotees sang their hearts out while the devotees were dancing in ecstasy.

During the fair, Killorglin always comes to life with music and dancing in the streets, markets, a cattle fair and more.

He is King Sihamoni, now 58, the only son Sihanouk and Queen Monineath, who studied ballet dancing in the former Czechoslovakia.

On Saturday Misha sang Dancing in the Street by Martha and the Vandellas and for her second song she sang F**kin Perfect by Pink.

Sonjia didn't take the fact that the Rockettes dance into consideration when she choose to use feathers so extensively in her design.

In 7% of cases dance for is used

All the gods and humans, Danced for the joy within their minds.

I truly feel like I could dance for 12 hours straight without feeling tired or sick of dancing.

You want to dance for the sake of other people, for them to see you and join you when you dance.

Couples in their fifties dancing for two hours straight without making eye contact with each other.

The dolls were dancing for Prince Eric, and whoever was deemed to be the best would marry the Prince.

If you know that you can't dance for a tofee, you don't have any rhythm in you, give it up at right time.

On the other side of the scale we have Social dancing, where you dance for you own pleasure and to meet people.

For example, a person who uses ecstasy so they can dance for a long time may lose a dangerous amount of body fluid.

Women danced for him and tied a ' ' rakhi ' ' on his wrist, a thread band traditionally given by a sister to a brother.

In 6% of cases dance at is used

They dance at dinner time and announce all house visitors loudly.

By the year 2108 the people will be back dancing at the crossroads.

Film credits include My Left Foot, In the Name of the Father and Dancing at Lughnasa.

His compositional work in film includes Dancing At Lughnasa, Some Mother's Son and Lamb.

I remembered then that she was the woman who sang and danced at our Assumption Convent a few years back.

Boxing day is usually celebrated with a community fair and dance at which most members of the community will be present.

In Kashmiri wedding -- another view Bridegroom with relatives under a colourful umbrella Relatives dance at the ceremony.

You might have noticed that shisa look very similar to the Chinese lions which we often see dancing at New Year's celebrations.

The night began with a traditional braai dinner in the garden of The Kingdom Hotel, followed by dancing at The Wild Thing Action Bar.

In 3% of cases dance around is used

Our friends dance around us for a while.

Maybe my own kids danced around the maypole one too many times.

Also, being allowed to dance around the judges and go near the audience is helpful.

Time for Obama to stop dancing around the issues, and set a firm resolve with Iran and Israel.

You can dance around it all you like, but it's part--a big part, in my opinion--of why poetry is in crisis.

They started worshipping the Samry's colt, danced around it in sinful pursuits, and indulged in immoral acts.

At least I have the balls to say it, everyone else is dancing around the issue living in fear of sounding racist.

Avoid watching TV, talking on the phone or playing music that makes you want to dance around the living room while doing homework.

And as if to punish some ring-siders for their greedy eyes, Snake-man non chalantly walks around with this long rope of a snake dancing around him.

So one can dance around what models that have led to useless and worse policies at great cost might do in 8 short years, but I believe that is avoiding the real issue.

In 3% of cases dance like is used

The people are dancing like puppets.

The next time we dance, maybe, just maybe, we can dance like no one is watching.

She danced like a stripper and all I had to do was stand still and function as a prop.

I'd like a puppet on a string and I entertain her, she knows all my buttons and I dance like a puppet.

When you hang up your gloves is it something you'd consider? Without a doubt -- but I wouldn't go on Strictly Come Dancing like Joe Calzaghe.

When a train or such like is passing him if the driver picks him up sharply he will dance like other horses; if the driver makes no sign he takes no notice.

Maybe your favourite singer has a concert near where you are staying? Get tickets and spend a night singing your hearts out together and dancing like crazy.

Go for a walk, ask the universe for help and release any worries to it, meditate, take a bath, go for a run or put on your favourite feel good music and dance like crazy.

So I want to start off by telling the Killer Whale Clan that yesterday at that feast I adopted an Ojibwe Indian into our clan, and if you notice yesterday he was dancing like a killer whale.

In 1% of cases dance from is used

ROCK'N'ROLL NIGHTS: Thursday nights with great hits from the 50's and 60's and dancing from 7.

Ntege explained that:? On our stall, there is a variety of music and dance from all Uganda's regions.

At the end of the episode, he watches a clip of a couple dancing from an old black-and-white movie with his young girlfriend.

In 1% of cases dance upon is used

Drifting away as my thoughts dance upon the wind.

The doctrine of free will is here flung down and danced upon.

Until chance comes again, I'll let my thoughts dance upon the wind.

In 1% of cases dance through is used

You can lose yourself and dance through the whole record.

However, it isn't all dancing through the streets with the preschoolers.

I confess I'd often guilty of ignoring pain, and once danced through a fractured foot, only to have it worsen.

He would dance through the entire team, often with reckless abandon, and often resulting in a terrific scoring chance.

As the women dance and dance through their house and out to their farmyard, they are dancing not just for themselves but for centuries of women who have triumphed over sad bleak times.

In 1% of cases dance into is used

Music and Dance Teachers can integrate music and dance into a PE class.

Sonjia didn't take the fact that the Rockettes dance into consideration when she choose to use feathers so extensively in her design.

In 1% of cases dance about is used

But I never made an official song and dance about that.

Only a few weeks ago, during the voting of the Welfare Reform Bill, media commentators accused disability campaigners of ' being paranoid ' and of ' making a song and dance about nothing '.

In 1% of cases dance by is used

We can ride horses and stargaze in the plains, dance by the bonfire.

THE OFFICIAL IDTA Technique of Ballroom Dancing by Guy Howard is now available on DVD! It is a breakthrough DVD.

Another turning point in his life came when he found a way to use his gift of music and dance by creating a boy band called Awesome.

When odes were originally sung and danced by a Greek chorus, the strophe was chanted when the chorus danced to the left and the antistrophe when it danced to the right.

Evidence suggests that they decided which young lady to ask to dance by their smile, their laugh, the rosiness of their cheeks and most importantly, child-bearing potential.

The opening ceremony, of sorts, was packed with many cultural activities; there was heavy drumming and dancing by town folks heralding the arrival of the Igwe and other important personalities.

In 1% of cases dance away is used

You are dancing away from the real topic.

That didn't stop Frank from riding beside and then dancing away from Michele.

In 1% of cases dance as is used

I would still want to dance as an actor.

The ariyans, however, regard dancing as the antics of madmen.

She is known for her contributions to both dance as well as singing.

In the nightclubs, dance as an avenue for display is now standard practice.

Labourers who have dropped their tools to make a point often sing and dance as part of their protest marches.

It was still foggy and the dewdrops still on the leaves dancing as the sun started to penetrate the snow-white clouds.

There was so much of hugging, back-slapping and kissing, singing and dancing as the delegates gathered which would have given any onlooker an impression of a big carnival.

In 1% of cases dance across is used

The notes jump out and dance across different time signatures weaving complex melodic patterns.

While a visual playground of lights danced across the sea of people, and pyros made for stimulating retina-seduction, Mad August a.

If anything, I now see it is a testament to my own impact, my own power, and the essence I exude into the world by dancing across keys.

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