Prepositions after "damage"

"damage to" or "damage by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases damage to is used

Damage to existing relationships.

Damage to the properties had been vast in the area.

They're doing incredible damage to the environment.

These economic losses include: Damage to property, assets, infrastructure and factories.

If the sponge dries out, heavy rain causes rapid run off that can be damaging to soils.

I am reluctant to accept this as there is no other sign of damage to the side of the car.

Should any damage to hardware and/or software, or to other data contents, occur due to the use of the websites austria.

The server had over-heated causing damaged to the server and the pipe that controls the brakes, hence no breaking at all.

From all the cons of transferring to a new home, damage to your residential goods must most likely be on the top of the list.

In 30% of cases damage by is used

Two railway wagons, were damaged by the flames.

Previously damaged by perming &; dyeing in the 80's &; 90's.

Our economy would be damaged by keeping the pound, they warned.

In any case, fragile environments can be damaged by even the most careful travellers.

They were so poorly constructed that they were damaged by the first rain that fell in 2009.

Her brother, Peter, is now 40, married yet damaged by the unsolved case of his missing sister.

Plus, they are highly resistant to damage by salt water, their maintenance costs are low and they are fully removable.

The cells can be damaged by more than one cause, and it is often not possible to determine what has caused the damage.

I noticed that there are claims that ruins in Iraq near where these were found have been heavily damaged by the US army.

He hurt his back when a military vehicle was damaged by a mine in Bosnia in 2003 but the psychological scars run deepest.

In 14% of cases damage in is used

Damage in Jamaica is estimated at 1.

Shipment lost or damaged in Transit.

The response is damaging in the long-term.

My sons had a boat but it was damaged in a previous incident and can no longer be used.

Though there were no casualties, a number of the church buildings were damaged in the attacks.

Feedback from our customers has shown that pre-assembled products tend to get damaged in transit.

We ship heavy items this way to ensure they do not get damaged in transit and for the health and safety of our drivers.

Equally, we weren't able to give him a second stint on Option tyres today because they'd been damaged in qualifying yesterday.

Women work together to make quilts in Shikarpur Village, Sindh Province, which was heavily damaged in the July floods in 2010.

Stoner told Spanish television he had ridden a careful race as he was worried about hurting the foot he damaged in Indianapolis in August.

In 5% of cases damage for is used

So it was hugely damaging for tweeters.

This is even more damaging for tweeters.

The victim may, of course, still bring an action in damages for the breach and repudiate the contract for all future breaches.

I don't think that working long hours as such is damaging for children, but they have to know that they've got a voice in the family.

This weapon can usually be used like the Axti, but you need even better timing to time when your flames did enough damage for a decisive hit.

Sections 50 and 51 contain a rule for measuring damages for non-acceptance and for non-delivery where there is an? available market? for the goods.

MacArthur's culpable inaction was particularly damaging for America's most powerful means of retaliation, the Far East Air Force in the Philippines.

And family farming has the potential to produce in a better way: less damaging for the environment and with greater welfare and redistribution effects.

Price increases of this magnitude would be immensely damaging for the paper, glass and steel industries, and their survival would be put in serious doubt.

Since the early 1950s the question of whether children starved of loving family care in their first few years would be irrevocably damaged for life has been hotly debated.

In 4% of cases damage from is used

Damage from tap water could take years and years so.

Be careful as EPROMS can be damaged from too much exposure.

Multiple houses around them were badly damaged from fallen trees.

Often, damage from improper cleaning may not be immediately apparent.

The senior did the most damage from long distance shooting 4-of-9 nine from behind the arc.

They will most likely end up damaged from being ripped or incredibly dirty You may find goggles useful.

The developing baby (or foetus) is most at risk to damage from alcohol, drugs, medications and illness in the first trimester.

However within private property these services may be shallower and be vulnerable to damage from driving survey traverse marks into the ground.

In 3% of cases damage during is used

However roots may get damaged during pulling.

My friend is unsure whether the missing roof tiles had been stolen or damaged during the fighting.

Though the building was damaged during the Troubles, it has since been restored to its original splendour.

Indonesia's nuclear authorities say the Kartini research reactor is safe and wasn't damaged during Saturday's earthquake.

It is only after we fall asleep at night that we enable either one of our eyes to finally take a break to revive the damaged muscles which have been damaged during our day.

In 2% of cases damage at is used

A guitar hand damaged at a show by Mr A Gill.

Apparently, it was damaged at that time because of all the electricity outages.

Nottingham Evening Post Thursday 27th February 1930 2,000 Damage at Pottery Works.

PNG: That's true, but the trouble is we're starting from here and we have to do the least damage at this point.

In 2% of cases damage beyond is used

A and B category write offs mean that the car is damaged beyond repair and must be crushed.

The book stays open when you put it on a table, but only because it is damaged beyond repair.

When the film came out, some urologists said his special parts would have been damaged beyond repair at the severe impact of the hard rope.

In 2004, the band was issued with a 604 Peugeot cab which was involved in an accident and was damaged beyond repairs which was then driven by the director himself A.

What to do about a damaged passport You do not need to report a damaged passport, but if your passport is damaged beyond reasonable wear and tear, some airlines may not let you travel.

In 2% of cases damage due is used

I have never seen an adult in therapy who said that they were irrevocably damaged due to a mother who fumbled her words when talking about something hard.

In 1% of cases damage through is used

Any returned computer that is damaged through customer misuse, is missing parts, or is in unsellable.

For more than 40 years Bohn &; Bohn has dedicated its practice to representing people who have been injured or damaged through the fault of others.

In 1% of cases damage over is used

Want, those damaged over personal fretting hand today continue to be constantly working out most-loved.

In 1% of cases damage on is used

There are fragile elements on the inside of quality cameras that may turn out to be quickly damaged on account of trembling as well as something similar to high humidness.

In 1% of cases damage like is used

Not when the platters are so damaged like that.

In 1% of cases damage as is used

They may be damaged as a result of what they read.

Taylor said: ' It has been an unedifying process and the game has been damaged as a result of the dirty linen being washed in public.

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