Prepositions after "cynical"

cynical about, of, in, for or among?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases cynical about is used

Yes, I'd cynical about that admission.

There's no need to be cynical about him.

Me? I'd feeling pretty cynical about it.

The problem is, though, you start to get totally cynical about the world of books.

Again I will say I am suspicious and cynical about that working, but we shall see.

You both may well be right that I'd overly cynical about the quality of collateral.

There's no shame in celebrating great artistic work and it's something we definitely shouldn't be cynical about.

The best time to send emails to your clients I can be very cynical about these ' best time to post ' statistics.

Ordinary citizens have become bitter and cynical about the Government and to some extent politicians in general.

And I'd incredibly cynical about the Olypmics but I loved the imagination and generosity in the opening ceremony.

In 13% of cases cynical of is used

You're cynical of it - not skeptical.

We have become are cynical of ' experts '.

I can be cynical of most anything, but God.

I must admit I have become very cynical of governments generally as I have got older.

I'd not supporting the current Iranian mullah regieme, and I'd cynical of any statists.

It's best to try not to either become overly cynical of this type of news (easily done.

Regrettably, too many years of corporate politics have made me cynical of idealists in a world of vested interests.

I am very cynical of new media art that collaborates with science, almost as a pathetic form of cultural validation.

People are not not only critical but cynical of this attempt to yank Corona by considering it as political vendetta.

That selective justice is one of the many reasons so many journalists remain deeply cynical of the ethics of the IOC.

In 6% of cases cynical in is used

But to be cynical in these times seems to me inappropriate.

It's impossible to be cynical in a presence like Foulkes's.

JohnMcD Colour me cynical in refusing to believe that OGH is a floating voter.

We've become scared or cynical in accepting the value of skills, knowledge, experience etc.

I think Cynical in Seattle brought up some very valid points that Mark didn't really address.

We may well become cynical in time but for now, after its first conclusion, let's give it a chance.

You are obviously american and very cynical in mind and thats fine without people like you this world would be monomous.

Apart from the outer conditions, i was degenerating in myself also, tending to become superficial in life and cynical in outlook.

Even those of us who may have been cynical in the past now realise that many medications that are prescribed have nasty side-effects.

It's too easy to become cynical in our real life, if only more people could visit Aqua and learn to appreciate tiny wonders around us.

In 3% of cases cynical among is used

The cynical among them may point to pure luck of timing.

So, naturally, the more cynical among us were looking at this husband.

But it won't just be the cynical among us who are simply not satisfied with that.

The more cynical among us may see this as a way Platini can further integrate with contacts across all of Europe.

The cynical among us may be tempted to think this is simply another marketing scheme for the mammoth company to sell more products.

I think you were seriously in love and even the most cynical among us realise that the heart doesn't always find its home in the best of places.

In this realm of true altruism (which the cynical among us would argue does not exist ), there is no room for concern about what other people may think.

Some people will see a great volunteer crusade to help the disadvantaged, the more cynical among us might be strongly reminded of the Hitler movement or worse.

Only the most cynical among us could be aware of all that Clemens and Crane stand to gain by his playing a game for the Houston Astros, and still want it to happen.

In 3% of cases cynical for is used

Yea, so pardon me for being cynical for those reasons.

It is also rather wickedly and insolently cynical for Mr.

But the song is way too bitter and cynical for my tastes.

It's a little too cynical for my tastes, but you may be correct.

I have been cynical for many years about what is and isn't true.

OLD MAN: 17 Jan 2012 11:58:07am Oh! so cynical for one who loks so young.

This post comes of as uncharacteristically bitter and cynical for this blog.

I do not know if the Irish solution is a charismatic figure like Obama -- we're too cynical for that.

Singing In The Rain (and other old musicals) - For some reason, the adult audience has become way to cynical for musicals.

It might also, to be cynical for a moment, be best for the Coalition to be seen to do this, to remain in the public's esteem.

In 2% of cases cynical on is used

People do get cynical on here sometimes.

The Pact was totally cynical on both sides.

Buckley, Vidal appeared cold and cynical on the surface.

And to all of the mods, thank you for being cynical on our behalf.

It occurs to me that this is especially cynical on the Administration's part.

So, don't go getting all cynical on me now posts by Doug at Hive Health Media.

Just call us cynical on the causation, and you can't solve without knowing the cause.

It was only a 5 minute wait, but it just seemed a bit cynical on management's part to have this kind of policy.

He smirked more subversively than any of the art-school types who worshiped him; his music could sound innocent on one phrase and winkingly cynical on the next.

Now I don't know about you -- although I can guess, because you come across as pretty cynical on the whole -- but whenever I hear the word ' aromatherapy ', I smell a rat.

In 2% of cases cynical to is used

That seems coldly cynical to me.

It was it was cynical to the point of of two.

Their statements of support are cynical to the core.

It may sound cynical to some, but that is not my intention.

I'd far to cynical to this that that hasn't factored into it.

You can be cynical to the extent that he was elected to this position for a variety of reasons.

Your gay rights that you enjoy presently can be easily taken away from you if more like you are apathetic and cynical to the gay cause.

And for goodness sake, hopefully he (and everyone else) won't be cynical to the educational system by the time these changes roll around.

This all results in more and more people (particularly younger or more impressionable people) being so cynical to the great world around us.

In 2% of cases cynical with is used

I had grown very cynical with old age.

No chances for being cynical with her.

You can understand why people become cynical with age.

Focus on the issue and please don't be cynical with a people's heritage.

This is why I am beyond cynical with the motivations of most Republicans.

Maybe I've just grown too apathetic and cynical with everything Leeds http: //twitter.

Stoke provided their typical challenge, they were well organised, compact, late in the tackle and cynical with their time wasting.

Maybe it's just me being older, and having become de-sensitised and cynical with age, but it has been a while since a game have affected me.

But if you expect opportunities to come your way without pushing in a specific direction, you will find yourself grow weary and cynical with hopelessness.

While part of our fanboy/girl culture is being cynical with all things corporate, we're the first to champion someone who stays true to the stories we love.

In 1% of cases cynical after is used

I became cynical after challenging preachers and others and doing my own homework.

I think it is so so easy to become cynical after getting hurt by someone but life is too short to stay closed and bitter.

But sorry -- can't help being cynical after my email correspondent claimed to have personally met his god -- and his description turned out so tame.

In 1% of cases cynical amongst is used

The cynical amongst us will say that it will be political.

The more cynical amongst us may suggest that the sale of Robin Van Persie forced his hand.

Now the cynical amongst you may think that our adoration for the season is driven by the prospect of increased consumer demand.

The more cynical amongst you who consider the life of a pro surfer tantamount to a holiday at the best of times aren't going to like what comes next.

I have come to believe (1) but the more cynical amongst us won't have any trouble in beleiving (2) Hi Ryan, that's the problem with the bug in the BT router.

In 1% of cases cynical as is used

We tend to prefer to be cynical as a nation.

Many Chechens are cynical as to whether the payments will actually arrive.

It is very easy to be cynical as to precisely what contribution most of these volunteers make.

Although saying that, I had began to be a little cynical as to whether I would ever catch one of the beasts that I craved so badly.

Cars and cell phones are particularly cogent indices in this regard, although scoffed at by the cynical as a ' solid achievement ' of this Government.

While I of course welcome these proposals, however belated they might be, I must admit as to being somewhat cynical as to the timing of this announcement, coming only weeks before an election.

I am still cynical as to whether or not this is a sign of things to come, as Andy pointed out, there are idiots on both sides who will continue to mock the dead in a pathetic game of one-upmanship.

In 1% of cases cynical at is used

It was easy to be cynical at a time like this.

Let's praise NY and their efforts, not whine and be cynical at every step.

As a somewhat reluctant, even cynical at times, sports parent, the answer has surprised me.

I'd also quite cynical at this stage just what has actually prompted this sudden turnaround.

Although I'd not cynical at all in my private life that is spot on for how I feel about our leaders and our Govt.

They wouldn't whip me if I spoke out of line about the church, heh, because I was very cynical at an early age, I could see through it.

Point of View/Voice-Erik is a great narrator, funny, believably both sensitive and a bit cynical at times, but very understandable in his situation.

I hate to be so very cynical at just 18, I just find it disapointing that I haven't seen one person stop to read one of his poem's just before they enter into those shiny doors.

In 1% of cases cynical by is used

Any issue fought in the interests of public is seen as cynical by the critics.

I am cynical by nature and like you I am always curious as to the motivation of those famous in the peak oil community.

I was a bit cynical by then and wasn't at all surprised to see yet another colt, this time pale chestnut-going-white grey.

I can't help feel somewhat cynical by your selection of grotesque imagery throughout the article, however (presumably from projects bearing Mr.

I'd an ageing hippy whos hair has fallen out and who has grown more cynical by the day, and they replies posted to my comments have made me even more so.

Ali should have been made cynical by duplicity, tragedy and bitter experience? yet he was ready to believe, despite all precedent, in a prospect for peace, and was ready to work for it.

In 1% of cases cynical like is used

Or bro from another ho if you're feeling cynical like me today.

Nobody else does gritty cynical like him:) Just like believing in the Big Bang theory.

Sure, being cynical like that is fashionable, but I don't think you really beleive that's true.

I myself predict a remaking at some stage and/or a comic book adaptation, but I'd just cynical like that.

Social networks rely on young people's lack of common sense regarding their privacy: perhaps they're just not cynical like the rest of us who has long-since rejected such things as puerile.

In 1% of cases cynical regarding is used

Sure, you might be cynical regarding hiring one for your business.

Often guests are cynical regarding this but only until they see an Elephant in camp.

The once patriotic overseas Pakistanis, although continuing a level of patriotism, have become more cynical regarding Pakistan.

A mixed blessing and curse we have as young adults is that we lack the precedent to be truly cynical regarding the electoral process.

When church boards become dysfunctional and seek no remedy, pastoral leadership will become cynical regarding the value and purpose of the church board.

I find it always pays to be completely cynical regarding the aims of anything &; everything put forward by the HKG, and ' national education ' is no exception.

But additional usually than not immediately after i make an effort to share this with others, they are possibly too affectionate concerning the concept, or as well cynical regarding the concept.

In 1% of cases cynical towards is used

Like yourself, I'd a bit cynical towards it also.

The lack of parental love makes them hostile and cynical towards the society.

I feel a tribal connection to Arsenal, but am increasingly feeling cynical towards the game.

This can not be put forward as truth for it would be cynical towards the powers that would rather assume themselves prefect (or is that Miss Pelt Weasel).

These revelations have the power to make one cynical towards government, to destroy one's faith in democracy and possibly kill off any honest person's political ambitions.

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