Prepositions after "cute"

"cute in", "cute for" or "cute with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases cute in is used

She looked cute in the T-shirt.

She looks cute in her dress tho.

See, quite cute in a beetly way.

Yes cute in a near diabetic way hahah xD Interview entry with Piko will come separately.

Kind of cute in a way, until your keys or jewelry suddenly disappear and can't be found.

Heart-shaped dishes (you'll only need to buy two) look oh-so cute in this boozy Tiramisu.

The boys are as cute as can be to begin with, but they are going to be so darn cute in their little vest and bow-ties.

She wasn't pretty, but cute in a Raggedy-Ann sort of way, with wide-set green eyes, pug nose and mass of auburn curls.

If he's easy to be with, goofs around with me and is super cute in his own way, I'll definitely consider a second date.

She was like a lost little puppy and it was annoying and not cute in any way, shape or form I couldn't finish it either.

In 15% of cases cute with is used

SuperNezumi Sooo cute with the wig.

So cute with big happy expressions.

But the ending was cute with Renesme.

Our five little boys were cute with their fair hair, Harry being quite curly naturally.

Looks cute with tights and heels and a dressy jacket or just on its own for a night out.

The diner was kind of cute with very comfortable booth seating provided by old car back seats and entirely mismatching.

Looks so cute with biker boots and a leather jacket too! I hope you all had fabulous weekends and an even better week ahead.

For some inexplicable reason, EV manufacturers got really super cute with the charger, making it look just like a fuel pump.

This one is extra cute with the ditsy floral print on the cuffs and lining, I love the contrast of the two fabrics together.

In 12% of cases cute for is used

They are cute for all of one minute.

It's just too fast and too cute for me.

Ragey tweets are only cute for a while.

I needed something cute for all this fierce stuff lately so it's nice to see something cute again.

That skirt and I need to elope together! This looks fab and the internal view is too cute for words.

They are pretty cute for the living dead though, don't you think? I used Skittles minis for the eyes.

Syra Yusef is too cute for words and both these young actresses were the perfect choice for playing Zeenia and Serena.

In addition, unsupervised or serpentine bribes from both homebuilders and acquisitions can await cute for your cabinetry.

But if you create the chemistry without even exchanging words, the excitement you experience will create the meet cute for you.

ELFS (because their Legends and since heechul oppa left for the army) and SHINee World (because their tooo cute for words to describe).

In 8% of cases cute on is used

It looks really cute on her though.

He's also cute on Twitter &; on Tumblr.

TaeTiSeo looked so freakingly cute on stage.

Sakiki at least they look good blankstare i like their costume!!! looks so cute on them.

For ME! From Rachel: It looked cute on you From Quinn: Baby, only you can work that look.

The miniscule rear wiper looks cute on rear windscreen which has a high mount stop lamps.

I thought it would look cute on me especially since I had gone short with relaxed hair before and loved every minute of it.

We always give our kids new holiday PJ's that they open on Christmas eve and they always look so cute on Christmas morning.

Apart from Solange getting in touch with her roots, she also went natural which I personally think it looks hot and cute on her.

Mistake #10 Designing A Website with Excessive Flash Your FLASH website might look cute on your ultra high speed internet computer.

In 7% of cases cute as is used

He looks so cute as a bean taco.

She's great on that show and cute as a bug.

The way Sam looks at Cat is cute as a button.

Again it is added as much to make the sentence sound cute as to emphasize the statement.

Deeno: He looks so cute as a rabbit, but he'd look even cuter waving around a butcher knife.

Shinee's Choi Min Ho looked ultra cute as a child with big eyes and very prominent double eyelids.

It certainly didn't hurt that Amy Adams is cute as a button, she softened the rough edges even more than the script did.

Fresh-faced and cute as a button, the delightful Elizabeth Swaby has been gracing the social circuit on a regular basis.

That's the medium one in the pic below, with ' I'd so money, honey ' foundation and ' I'd cute as a bunny honey ' powder.

The video Is very cute as the girls run through the MV as if they are in a children's book and the viewer is flipping the pages.

In 4% of cases cute about is used

You're a born geek, just feel cute about that.

There isn't a damned thing cute about any of it.

By the way, I wasn't being cute about the Argus C3.

There's nothing lovable or cute about these vampires.

But, I will say, there is also something cute about it.

There is nothing cute about the way she carries herself.

I really don't see what could be cute about a baby drooling.

What's cute about a little cutie? It's her beauty, not brains.

They get cute about it, but they're all basically creationists.

There was nothing cute about the car seat battle that followed.

In 4% of cases cute at is used

I thought it was cute at the time.

I hope people think I'd cute at 89.

It's hilarious but cute at the same time.

Most hated character Bajie, his greed lands the rest in trouble although he can be cute at times.

He was so cute at times, and was able to show the feelings we were supposed to feel at the right times.

We do not need schoolgirl voices, high pitched and sing song nor do we need cute at that time of the morning.

Elsewhere, early stardom inevitably leads to adolescent failure as they're a lot less cute at 18 than they were at eight.

Was cute at the time but not so cute trying to get it off lol IWhere do i start, there is no worse, it is just continuous.

Even as a kid (although I pretended to feel revolted by the mushiness) I actually remember thinking it was quite cute at the time.

I find items from the luxury brand Chanel are rather lady-like, somewhat cute at times and on other occasions, just simply elegant.

In 4% of cases cute of is used

Carter is the cutest of them all with Brennen.

Far too cute of a kid to have a crooked nose at 2.

It's just that innocent, and cute of both of them.

I went to a shop near school and brought two small dolls in a the cutest of little baskets.

So cute of you to dream about how different things could have been, by making excuses for Gillard.

The puppy he picked was the runt of the litter, but was also the liveliest and cutest of them all.

The brilliant Gremlins were the cutest of pests; Frenchman Christopher Lambert was John Clayton in Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes.

You'll be walking outside for the majority of your time there and want to make sure your face is protected (with the cutest of accessories, of course).

She stepped before her mirror and said: Mirror, mirror, on the wall, Who in this land is cutest of all? It answered: You, my queen, are cute; it is true.

The indigenous Dayak peoples add a layer of intriguing cultural complexity and, of course, there is also that cutest of primates -- the cheeky orang-utan.

In 4% of cases cute to is used

They think it's really cute to.

I find CS6 cute to embarrassing.

All of the babies look cute to me.

The candidates on several Facebook sites range from bizarre to cute to dumb to politically incorrect.

As a guy, you can be cuter to a woman you like by holding eye contact until she loses eye contact with you.

Every baby I see now is soooo cute to me that sometimes I cry! I guess some people don't have that instinct in them.

So some of you who think it's cute to just short-cut your words as if you're texting, be sure you can actually write properly.

We can try to outdo each other in concocting the cutest to the meanest jokes as if to immortalize this moment of buffoonery.

Cute to me, but Joon Young grows agitated with him and swings everything in close proximity to the floor, including her IV bag.

They stood out with their various facial expressions that varied from cute to fun poses, showing off their very comfortable friendship.

In 3% of cases cute by is used

Miss Muppet is getting cuter by the day.

Us using 4-3-3 is being too cute by a half.

Republicans outsmarted themselves and were too cute by half.

I'd more than a little skeptical that the establishment isn't playing too cute by half in this.

Were you tempted to make your penguins even cuter by letting them dance and talk? Certainly not.

Yes, The Sims Social is about to see an increase in cute by about 5,000 percent with this new feature.

And most baby things are cute by definition so you get kind of used to the grown-up version gradually as they grow in that direction.

And believe it that they will be expelled from the caucus and possibly the party itself if they get even moar cute by running as write ins.

The word commerce did have common usage as these broad meanings at the time, but it's too cute by half for me to buy that's the right meaning here.

The Republicans tried to play cute by refusing to raise the debt ceiling, trying to make themselves appear to be the heroic defenders of the public purse.

In 3% of cases cute like is used

You are cute like satan, especially that figure.

Marc sounds totally cute like the guy at our school.

Even he is so robotic but he is still cute like usual.

They would pick up something cute like a lion cub without fully realising what may happen.

Injoon's sneakers! There's Mickey on them! And people talked about how he's cute like Micky.

There were Izzy and Joe, of course, but they were both really nerdy, and weren't Troubled, but Cute like Matt.

Superintendent of District 93, rural school, refused to play his message and thought he was cute like the little boy who passes gas in the lunchroom.

You took the time to memorise me My fears my hopes and dreams I just like hanging out with you All the time Damn this quote so good and cute like me.

They are not cute like the weasel, you can not trust them and some are very voracious of pork, like the congressman and senator on their pork barrels.

So cute like the celebrant, hahahaha! I made sure his birthday won't pass without him having a blow on the candle while muttering in silence his birthday wishes.

In 1% of cases cute after is used

And, if you?? re lucky you may understand why your baby isn?? t actually that cute after all.

Karin says: October 24, 2012 at 11:51 am I don't think it's that hard to dress cute after becoming a mom.

Margeret and Eileen find the ducks to be very cute after the baby ducks start copying whatever Rigby does.

Almost wanting to rip out jihyo's tag >: (, acting cute after being caught, and still using her superpower despite her.

These SHEEPSKIN Girlfriend Easi Your child Athletic womens ugg are classified as the cutest after which it coziest pair of constrained Ben Janes that you will have.

In 1% of cases cute from is used

He was the older councilor and I thought he was so cute from the beginning.

Nice to see cute from you LOL! Lynn x Love the colour combo and cute wee butterflies flying off there Brenda.

The best part is that you'll need a musician to tutor you -- see if you can get someone cute from the local live music bar.

Heck, I once asked out a hairdresser because he looked rather cute from my perspective of hanging upside down in a sink as he applied conditioner to my ends.

Ferrer plays it a little more cute from deuce, reining in the agression to ensure that Tipsarevic had to keep playing all the way through the rallies and is rewarded with a fatal error.

Children are cute from any angle and so are their Elmo crocs! Trish Posted by: Trish November 12th, 2012 at 1:35 pm Hi, Martha, So glad your family gathered around you during the storm.

In 1% of cases cute rather is used

I said it was Cute rather than scary.

The turtle bottle reef was cute rather than accurate -- after all how many turtles have bottles growing out of the shell.

Happy Halloween! If you prefer your creatures of the night to be cute rather than cuddly, have we got the critter for you.

In 1% of cases cute without is used

You'll look cute without even trying.

R2D2 was cute without being obnoxious in movie 4.

It's thrilling to see that they can still pull off being cute without making it awkward for the viewers.

And about the legend that she is 180 cm? She's actually pretty small and cute without her heels and make-up.

I think Toronto is mature enough to handle petty vandalism, we can all agree that it's cute without mortally wounding anyone's feelings.

If you wait for a meet cute without making the effort to find a special someone, you may never find it, because meet cutes are everywhere only if you make the effort to look for it.

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