Prepositions after "customary"

"customary for" or "customary in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases customary for is used

Tipping is customary for good service.

Since then it was customary for Hindus.

It is also customary for all the other.

It was also customary for the master of the vineyard to have several servants (cf.

Itis customary for the borrower to arrange for the appraisal on a commercial loan.

For instance, it has been customary for many to step on any wriggling creature (e.

Having married, I left Japan for Saudi Arabia, where it is customary for the women to cover their face outdoors.

It is also customary for Filipino families to sit down to a feast on Christmas Eve after the Christmas Eve mass.

During these June parties, it has been customary for couples to take advantage of the festivities to get married.

In 26% of cases customary in is used

As usual and customary in good F.

However, tipping is customary in a few instances.

Brood nest surrounded by pollen It is customary in A.

As was customary in such cases, the Pope acquired the better of the two sculptures.

As customary in many of the Feluda stories, he seeks information from Sidhu Jyatha.

They recite the vowels in approximately the same order as is customary in Sanskrit.

For example, it has been customary in Tibet that several brothers have an equal number of sisters as their wives.

The cancellation fees that the user shall be charged with shall be at the rates customary in Airkenya Express Ltd.

It is customary in all civilized countries to pay the fees of witnesses during the time they are engaged in a case.

It is, however, customary in practice to plead the necessary extrinsic facts in the Statement 39 (1777) 2 Camp 680.

In 5% of cases customary at is used

Paying for teaching was not customary at that time.

It has no inscriptions as was customary at the time.

And yes, as is customary at hockey games, there was fighting.

When Evans performed this song, he lip-synched it, which was customary at the time.

A gratuity of 10% is customary at restaurants and bars where a service charge is not included.

She wore a long dress, as was customary at the time, and was attended by the chaplain, the Rev.

It is also customary at a formal wedding evening to wear a tail suit, a white cotton pique vest, shirt and bow tie.

Bargaining is customary at markets and small shops, but is not accepted in supermarkets, department stores and botiques.

So as is customary at times like this, pull up that bar stool and order yourself whatever orange-colored drink you desire.

They are not modified any more decisively by the rituals performed in medical clinics than by those customary at religious shrines.

In 5% of cases customary with is used

Head hunting was customary with them in the old days.

Lockup expirations are customary with initial public offerings.

It was customary with him to give a part of his food to the ants.

Also, you'll need to pay the taxes and fees which is customary with most of these awards.

As seems to be customary with Thomas Keller, we also received a bag of goodies to take with us.

I adapted to life in Korea, became customary with Korean food and culture and started to learn Korean language.

As is customary with schools of this type, UW offers discounted tuition for students from the State of Washington.

As is customary with Jamaican politicians, the new minister offers boilerplate sentiments that masquerade as policy.

As is customary with Miss Malaika, the Top 5 then had to answer the ' make or break question ', a common question to all 5 delegates.

In 4% of cases customary among is used

Such curses are customary among Indian s? dh? s and fakirs.

For example, it became customary among these people to accept British names as family names.

As would be discussed later it was customary among Arabs to negotiate or finalize a proposal before marriage.

However, classical rabbinical authorities bent this rule because it is customary among businessmen to give gifts to business contacts.

It was customary among the Visigoth nobles to send their daughters to the royal palace so they could learn the etiquette of the court.

All this had nothing to do with poverty! In Joseph's house there would have been bedrooms such as are customary among well-to-do citizens.

She also has to take care of the house, doing things like cooking and so on, in accordance with what is customary among people like her and her husband.

This is customary among Christians and Muslims, but it also is based on traditional beliefs that the body should be returned to the earth that sustained it during life.

Accordingly, when weekly meetings for reading and meditating upon the meaning of the sacred scriptures became customary among the exiles, Judaism assumed its enduring form.

In 3% of cases customary to is used

Just as it is customary to begin Shabbat with a cup.

It is customary to number the 60-year cycles since 2637 B.

Restaurants Tipping 10-20% is customary to restaurant staff.

Do you no what tributaries are? Do nt start arguing what our foods are customary to us mike.

The entire wedding party was dressed in traditional grass skirts &; feathers, customary to the islands.

If you are invited to a friends house for a meal, it is customary to ask if you could contribute to the meal.

In most countries, at least throughout the 20th century, it has been customary to hood the prisoner before execution.

Queuing If you are waiting for a taxi, bus, a ticket, service, or a cashier, it is customary to wait your turn and not to push.

It's become customary to scope out a restaurant's ratings on Yelp before making a reservation and to hunt for hotels using TripAdvisor.

And here's the fresh buttressed File System: NTFS On optical media (CD, DVD, BD) we are customary to the construct of Composer and Tracks.

In 2% of cases customary of is used

Ah-ha He should have claimed it's customary of his non-Christian religion.

As customary of all long-distance updates, I shall end this post with a weather report.

I can not explicate myself from this process to give you a summary as is customary of curatorial essays.

Meanwhile, the Customary of Our Lady of Walsingham (approved by our Ordinary) is a good place for us to begin.

As expected, and as is customary of how things are done in Malaysia, nothing much came out of this revelation.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 I received my copy of The Customary of Our Lady of Walsingham, purchased via the UK branch of Amazon.

As is customary of this series, the reader is in for an educational treat on the history of one of London's neighborhoods, and police procedurals.

Limerick; Index of tenants free as well as customary of the Earl of Desmond; Index of divers traitors attainted with the contents of the lands held by them.

READ MORE Business returned to normal this weekend as the ten scheduled meetings were run over two days instead of the three which have become customary of late.

Ozone Group are committed to providing you a better quality of life and redefining customary of living through innovative property products and services to their customers.

In 2% of cases customary on is used

Costumes are customary on the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday.

You have to pay for food on short haul flights but that's customary on all airlines now.

I recently made a trip to my hometown, Nagpur and as is customary on Diwali went to meet my relatives.

He stopped in to pick me up, which is customary on a date with me, and I immediately pulled him inside and made a great sales pitch.

My Lords, it is customary on a Motion of this sort to start by congratulating the mover on his choice of Motion and upon his opening speech.

It is a mitzvah (good deed) to drink wine and be merry on Purim It is customary on Purim to send gifts to one's friends, often in festive baskets.

This is customary on the part of more contemporary sounding beats and is universally employed in a good deal of rap, but an amount of older beat make use of hat.

BrianB June 10, 2012 5:42 am In regards to the Republic of Ireland kits, the 3 sponsor logo WILL NOT appear on the player kits -- the logos are customary on the fan's kits.

First of all, it is customary on Kilimanjaro to give a tip to guides and porters if pleased with the service they have given, although we stress that tipping is always discretionary.

Finally it is not a question of trying to sound like an anglo, it is a question of understanding that changing bellows more frequently than is customary on an English will have an effect.

In 1% of cases customary amongst is used

It is customary amongst the Arabs that the farthest of relatives of one's tribe as called as nephews (sister's son).

The fast must have become customary amongst Sephardim, despite the fact that Maimonides does not mention it, as Karo's Shulchan Aruch stresses the obligation to observe it.

In 1% of cases customary during is used

It was customary during ancient times to offer human sacrifices to the river.

As is customary during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, the torch bearing runner began his trek with a run down historic Auburn Ave.

As had been customary during the pre-Islamic period, women retained the power to initiate divorce proceedings, though the husband could refuse to comply.

However for more fabrics, a few of the aged standbys within the country them consist of linen, wood and cotton which were customary during the olden days.

Elsewhere, he spoke out against the charges and recommended that a cleric should have invited the performers for pancakes and mead, as is customary during maslenitsa.

Vice President Joe Bidden would get a pretty good opportunity to make some points when he and Rice were to debate the issues -- as is customary during the month of October.

It is customary during Lent for the priest to lead the people around the church pausing at each station of the Cross to pray and meditate on the final stage of the earthly journey of the Son of God.

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