Prepositions after "current"

current in, with, on, at or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases current in is used

The current in the East River, N.

Check the current in these wires.

And work like hell to stay current in it.

If your company was current in the CCR; that information has been ported over to SAM.

Do nt get me twisted, we all have spouses but the current in this side is much higher.

This creates a current in the coil which is channeled from the microphone along wires.

My approach is to keep up with what is current in Church life, and to try and reflect on it in at least some depth.

When a current in the circuit (overtemperature condition) vanish, polymer cooling, the volume is back to the normal.

It was in this context that connectionism, the other major current in the cognitive sciences, developed in the 1980s.

He passed electric current in all kinds of metal threads, investigating the relationship between current and voltage.

In 15% of cases current with is used

I stay current with the dentist.

I'd pretty current with banking.

You may also check if he is current with his loan or if he's gone into foreclosure.

Keeping current with technology is also a challenge faced by three of the designers.

It's important always to keep current with the latest security fixes from Microsoft.

Her plan is to remain current with her licenses and training and she can reenter the workplace when she is ready.

My point is that to be a successful editor, you have to stay current with the tools and with client expectations.

So attempt to help save a lot of cash by maintaining current with what is going on with where you buy points from.

Pictures, videos and other information are uploaded so your loved ones are current with what is going on with you.

In 10% of cases current on is used

Stay current on industry trends.

It won't stay current on its own.

Educated and current on issues? Nah.

Make sure that your address in Aurora is correct and current on your graduation date.

You will need to stay current on the best practices of marketing your business online.

Our manager was a former coder and stayed current on technology and development tools.

Yes, you can go on Hajj even if you have a loan as long as you are current on your monthly payments to your lender.

Foreclosures on the other hand provide an opportunity to the borrower for getting current on the mortgage payments.

As lipos will provide about 10 times more current on discharge than charge, it seems more sensible to do it that way.

In 7% of cases current at is used

Also current at rated conditions.

OO (or whatever is current at the time).

I am current attending Wayne State University.

In other words, this is the expected maximum operational current at room temperature.

Duty-free allowances are current at the time of printing and may be subject to change.

The information in this publication is presented on the basis of the law and regulations current at April 30, 1994.

Several were current at the time while about half were old favorites of mine that seemed appropriate for the season.

In 7% of cases current of is used


I feel a current of air as a body passes.

On this infused with current of air urine.

Therefore, a naturally circulating current of hot liquid is sent up throughout the pot.

I think I am feeling an under current of resentment for someone having MY Jamaica dream.

That build-up is actually slowing the flow or current of water resulting in energy lost.

And what kind of reporter tries to defend himself by citing three article links, the most current of which is 2010.

The passage of the Official Language Act precipitated a current of antagonism between the Tamils and the Sinhalese.

This enables the use of the WHERE CURRENT OF clause within the statement block contained within the FOREACH construct.

The sun shone warm and bright, and the open door admitted a current of fresh air, which tempered the heat of the fire.

In 6% of cases current through is used

The data is current through December 2011.

It will also limit the current through it.

If total current through the circuit is I.

When the key wired to ' E ' is pressed, current through R1 and D1 switchs Q5 on.

The flow of current through the filament causes it to heat up and glow white hot.

If I run an electrical current through a wire attached to a bell, the bell rings.

The amount of voltage used to force current through a resistor is called the voltage drop across the resistor.

Electrocution sends a current through the heart and immobilises the animal, but it does not stop brain activity.

The bias current through the 1N4148 diode also shuts off, T4 turns off, and the rest of the circuitry loses power.

Channelling the current through a series of super-fast switches trims it down to a pulse of around 300 picoseconds.

In 5% of cases current for is used

No technology remains current for 75 years.

EB-2 will remain current for all other countries.

This supplied current for the lights on the engine.

When the contact of RE1 switches, capacitor C4 provides the charging current for C3.

Nonetheless you have a right to have an answer while the question is current for you.

Another advantage is that visa numbers are almost always current for the EB-1 category.

Any notices or warnings that may be current for the day and the Air Traffic and Radio requirements will be covered.

Recommend Is the battery which is providing electrical current for the elctrolysis process is rechargable? I think Dr.

Does anyone know a way? I have my setting with injuries all the way down and the league is set to current for settings.

In 5% of cases current to is used

Searches are current to February 2012.

Swam with the current to the first turn.

Cables carry the current to a substation.

The light bulb works by passing an electric current to a filament (usually tungsten).

The inverter in the plug will covert the current to a form that will be used by kettle.

Those transistors then supply the appropriate voltage and current to the motor's coils.

Current TV - Welcome Current to Tumblr this election season by following their election day live-tumbling tomorrow.

All reduction cells are connected in a series by an aluminium busbar, which carries electrical current to the cells.

Iontophoresis is a treatment that sends a small electrical current to the affected area while it is submerged in water.

The 1k resistor makes sure that the BC337 will fully saturate and at the same time limits base current to a safe level.

In 4% of cases current as is used

It is current as of 15 June 2009.

The content is current as of June 2012.

This information is current as of March 2010.

Prices, terms and conditions current as of printing and subject to change without notice.

Cheap Moncler Jackets You'd not just remain comfortable but additionally will appear current as well as fashionable.

Monday to Friday) should be aware that the information will be current as of the close of business the previous day.

All information and opinions expressed herein are current as of publication and are subject to change without notice.

It will give us the opportunity to create a win-win situation for us and our current as well as prospective customers '.

In 4% of cases current from is used

They are current from the 18th November 2003.

Music will provided by Current from Techtris sound system.

Ireland does have this current from before actual independence.

They ensure a one directional flow of current from the resistors thus preventing a.

He had been told that a mining town that ran on DC current from the mine had no cancer.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? SEO is in its current from less than 10 years old.

But simply connecting a silicon crystal to a battery supply is not enough to extract an electric current from it.

You can either rewire the cigarette lighter socket in your dashboard or get a direct current from the car battery.

I can imagine that this could drive an excess of current from the pic so I'd thinking on some switching transistors.

What are the give way rules? (current from 25 March 2012) Road users should obey all road signs and traffic signals.

In 2% of cases current by is used

I kept myself current by joining professional organizations.

He now tried to create a current by using a permanent magnet.

Keep your content fresh and current by updating it regularly.

As we have seen, the fable of the woman patriarch was current by about 890 at the latest.

Then we can say that in a purely capacitive circuit the alternating voltage lags the current by 90 o.

Its also a myth that population growth is caused current by birth rates its caused increasing longevity.

You will need to often be retaining a current by way of the you've gear Euros for the asset inside take you suppliers.

Romney recently praised Poland's economy, a nation that devalued its current by 50 percent, and sidestepped Euro-troubles.

More than using the site much for himself, he says he created a profile to stay current by seeing how site features are used.

In fact Skinner even taught the rats to avoid the electric current by turning on a light just before the electric current came on.

In 1% of cases current without is used

Sylvi for the charger which help me maintaining the current without any matter now.

A motorcycle plough scooter, an electricity tester which can test current without touching wires.

To the Chinese thinking, it is as incomprehensible as an electric current without both positive and negative poles.

I'd checking it on my phone several times a day so I keep current without having to answer a ton of email when I get home.

BTW, I was kind of shocked to see this thread become so current without the posts becoming more positive about the process.

He was the inventor of Radio Transmission and Alternating Current without which there could be no long distance power transmission lines.

You can also have a current without a voltage: a ring of ' Superconductor ' can contain a loop of flowing charge that flows inside it forever.

Charge Factor -- A number representing the time in hours during which a battery can be charged at a constant current without damage to the battery.

It's dependable, has nice low-end torque and enough modern technology to keep it current without pushing the envelope to a point where dependability suffers.

That's the spirit of the Indianapolis franchise: professional, current without being hip, blending genres and crossing generations while being imperfectly human.

In 1% of cases current among is used

This belief was also current among some polytheists.

This is a belief that is current among a certain quarter of Muslims today.

These are current among the responsible and educated, and the young, alike.

It had roots in Egyptian society, but was only one oppositional current among many.

This is the first principle of? existentialism?, a well-known current among philosophers.

I suppose it means, ' Observe the rules current among you regarding clean and unclean meats.

I wish also to dispel some errors concerning it which were as it seems current among many of my fellow citizens.

I'd sure the good manners current among the gentry in 1595 are timeless, but they might be just a teensy bit dated.

Greek philosophy and sciences had become current among Muslims, and Islamic society was faced with a storm of rationalism.

They illustrate the diverse points of view that emerged out of the Making Publics Project, and are current among our users.

In 1% of cases current within is used

There is no organised left-wing current within the party.

Ones own reputation is also current within the flyout because of this tool.

These rate factors are current within a day and come to you compliments of ShowMe Software.

Limitations Requires protection circuit to maintain voltage and current within safe limits.

The only condition for access is that users must know their HIV status, current within 6 months.

Electrical engineers use derivatives to describe the change in current within an electric circuit.

It is also the first proper manifesto for the relatively new Blue Labour current within Lammy's party.

Although the net export flow may be very small, the current within individual mains cycles is far from small.

Shipping DC Current within the USA will smooth solar load but shipping beyond USA borders seems unlikely to be politically realistic.

Any account not brought current within a week (7 days) of e-mail notice or exceeding this time frame in any way is subject to suspension.

In 1% of cases current under is used

A current under sea Picked his bones in whispers.

It was this that I wanted to have running like a current under my last supper.

You'll be able to fold your current under garments packages beautifully and set these questions compartment.

They are typically used in high voltage EV's such as AC conversions where the high voltage keeps the current under their limits.

This sticker, which will remain current under the standard until the vehicle's warrant sticker has expired, is shown in Figure 5.

The different programs may be provided adjusted amounts to compensate for current under spending and to match international norms.

If any of this happens the bank should flag those customers as defaulters even if they remain current under new (restructured) terms.

Right after palm laundering your current underwear possibly attach them over the swimming container to get dry as well as sell them using a laundry range.

To clean your current nighties you would like to hands clean your intimate apparel having a gentle wash in the water, leaving your current underwear to melt.

Grounding Grounding means connecting the live part (it means the part which carries current under normal condition) to the earth for example neutral of power transformer.

In 1% of cases current over is used

Planning Two planning consents are current over the estate and are independent of each other.

Once gained via Turingery, this information remained current over the course of many messages.

Repeating is does not harm though for from the looks of the current over all situation in regards to the U.

The concession addresses the bias otherwise present in income taxes favouring current over deferred consumption.

Crew clothing early in her husband's presidency and has continued to look tailored and current over the last four years.

The integral of current over time is nothing but charge and the integral of voltage over time is the magnetic flux? or flux linkeage.

The pellets have ridden some current over a great distance until they were deposited here -- collected and sized by the wind and tide.

Not even a million of yourself can solve this nations problems, under the current over bearing government structure, we have at this moment.

Miraculously, the river still wasn't deep and so I dropped off the rock like on a conveyer belt and landed on my feet, and I didn't get swept by the current over the edge.

Setting minimum flow limits based on 90% habitat protection for longfin eel for Waipawa River at SH 2 and Tukituki at Tapairu Rd, transitioning from current over a 3-5 year period.

In 1% of cases current into is used

Overcharge -- Forcing current into a fully charged battery.

At the same time, it converts high current into low current.

Campbell was swept downstream by the current into the Whirlpool Rapids.

In one body of water, he almost got swept by the current into a cascading waterfall.

Also the fast flow from the run will often push a narrow band of current into the run.

Geophysicist pass electrical current into the ground and measure resistance of the ground.

It is a device that converts direct current into alternating current, the type of electricity everyone gets at home.

We found that the alternator was leaking current into the ground and could not be approached without getting a shock.

Not that long ago it seemed like every manufacturer had a different connector to get that direct current into our devices.

The sequence of events continues with the ECU cancelling current briefly before reapplying current into the circuit to try again.

In 1% of cases current during is used

They should keep joint bills current during divorce negotiations.

The higher charging voltage can provide longer maximum charging current during the charging period.

It was current during the 18th and the 19th centuries and its composers as well as readers were Muslims.

B: MgATP concentration during the conditioning prepulse plotted against the current during a 100? mol/L MgATP test pulse.

Mu'awiya said: Be cautious about ahadith except those which were current during the reign of Umar, for he exhorted people majestic.

The first six sections below outline different accounts of why Australian troops were in Vietnam current during the 1960s and early 1970s.

In the 1960s and 1970s several historians have criticized the historiography which was current during the colonial period and in part still endures.

The rapid drop in current during a disruption can accelerate electrons in the plasma to near the speed of light, forming a beam of high-energy runaway electrons.

Although electronic tweezing employs an electronic current during the tweezing process, the results are no more effective than regular tweezing and can be costly.

As in a standard battery, charged particles are driven towards the positive electrode during charging, flowing back to the negative electrode to provide current during discharge.

In 1% of cases current between is used

This confidence sets up an electric current between boys and superiors.

The current between D'Urville Island and French Pass can reach 9 knots.

He used a high power battery to induce current between two charcoal strips.

Art is the force inside and the current between all of us that unlocks and feeds our humanity.

Basically you want to make sure that there is no current between the indoor equipment and the antenna.

Also, you get hopping of electrons and holes between the ions which drives the current between the electrodes.

The purpose of the ITO mesa is to confine the current between two metal pads when a voltage is applied to them.

At the receiving end the signal is detected as a weak electric current between two further pairs of electrodes.

Being separated, the CNTs are not in electrical contact and do not conduct electrical current between the separated CNTs.

Measuring Conductivity The conductivity meter measures electrical current between 2 electrodes and is therefore a measure of the salinity of the water.

In 1% of cases current before is used

Staff should also ensure their address is current before requesting a new card.

What you do know is that the meaning of compass that you're interested in was current before Donne wrote hispoem.

Many of these stories were obviously current before Homer, and the story continued to be embellished by the Romans and Medieval writers 1.

According to Chapman, floating objects from near Sendai could have drifted from the coast into the Kuroshio current before entering the eastern Pacific.

Published accounts say $3 million, but that was just for starters; the internal gossip said $25 million, and was current before the first machines were delivered.

Bartel is enjoying his 25th year in the radio broadcast industry, spending 13 years at CKSW in Swift Current before moving to AM 1150 in Kelowna in the summer of 2000.

Had it not been for the Buddha, An? thapi?? ika himself would have been involved with various kinds of religious denominations current before the Buddha's Enlightenment.

One thing that you should know about the dc ac inverter is that it increases the direct current before converting it in to alternating current which produces a lot of energy.

The first issue that most people would look at prior to contemplating to make the big leap would be to search at the Kerala genuine estate choices that are current before them.

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