Prepositions after "creative"

"creative in" or "creative with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases creative in is used

Be very creative in your texts.

We had to be creative in the Big Wet.

He can be creative in his spare time.

They are well known for being creative in their use of English! She really is caked.

First -- change the shopping basket and then, become (more) creative in the kitchen.

Ordinary companies are less creative in their approach of handling various websites.

It's not that I'd not creative in the way I play but I think I perceive boundaries where perhaps there aren't any.

You can get creative in the angles that you position your unit and thus the direction you send your enemy running.

They can continue with that formula but need to sign one of this year's top half dozen or get creative in a trade.

You might be the greatest creative in the world, a superstar digital developer or an absolutely awesome artworker.

In 33% of cases creative with is used

Get creative with your content.

Get Creative with Nature: Bath.

Get creative with your displays.

He is fab and draws beatiful pictures and is very creative with a fab imagination.

He is coach-like, very creative with a brilliant work ethic and full of integrity.

You are very creative with your outfits and always find new ways to combine items.

It's a great opportunity for you and the kids to be creative with the different sizes, and shapes of the shells.

And you can get creative with it: try the cap on the neck pickup's volume control but not on the bridge pickup's.

Experience suggests that IT is seen as a user tool rather than a maker tool to solve problems or be creative with.

It's just another option that technology provides which developers could get really creative with, so we'll take it.

In 5% of cases creative about is used

Get creative about finding a mentor.

Be creative about access to training.

Joffrey's creative about his torture.

You may simply have to be a bit more creative about the type of music you select.

So it's important to be creative about the solutions and communicate the progress.

Although this probably means I should be getting a bit more creative about breakfast.

As such I have to be creative about finding ways they can accept and relate to in teaching them a better way to.

Since I was only ten years old, I felt creative about many different areas of life and curiosity guided my life.

The pot is getting smaller and everyone is trying to be more creative about how they make their money go further.

Without knowing how to save more and how to be creative about being more efficient, everyone's job becomes at risk.

In 4% of cases creative for is used

CP &B; handles creative for Old Navy.

You had to be so creative for hours of sitting.

Be creative for creativity leads to profitability.

It's not just the Ilya Kovalchuk contract capologists who can be creative for NHL clubs.

The creative for the foundation's campaign was devised by ACDs David Ross and Paul Wallace.

Maybe the companies quit being so creative for the campaign, so they could focus on multiplayer.

Starting back in those same 1950s that were so creative for him, he became an advocate of face-to-face democracy.

Being creative for a living is tantamount to being paid for being a bit ' off center ' or different shall we say.

And if you want to be a writer -- or anything creative for that matter -- your brain is your most precious possession.

No one would have said James Joyce or the Coen Brother's were not being creative for borrowing ideas from the Odyssey.

In 3% of cases creative at is used

Scary and creative at the same time.

Martin also worked as a senior creative at St.

It's both logical and creative at the same time.

The formal beauty of theoretical simplicity is deadly and creative at the same time.

Needless to say, the highly creative are highly creative at rationalizing their behavior.

We got very creative at layering clothing over our resort wear each night to go to dinner.

You might be great at creating pretty little things -- good for you; you're an artist or a creative at this stage.

The magic pillow would be a great way to get an ida for a novel because it is proven you are more creative at night.

You're being very creative at the time in the studio and you're thinking about visuals as well as how it would sound.

Teagan Munro and her boss Suzi Morgan were having also have a great time being impulsive and creative at the same time.

In 3% of cases creative by is used

How to be creative by Hugh MacLeod.

Be creative by adding on any Christmas Poem.

Some try to get creative by claiming that Rev.

We are creative by nature and we have the right to express it through our hairstyles.

Often, technical people are not creative by definition -- with the reverse also true.

But it is good for our minds because our minds will become more creative by this process.

You can be truly creative by dedicating an area in your garden to your kids who would love every single bit of it.

They will do things only because of the things itself, doing nothing important, nothing creative by their own efforts.

Power of Illusion's shaping up to be far from your average 3DS tie-in, in other words -- nostalgic and creative by turns.

Add to that, fruit lovers can express their creative by mixing and matches the various flavours with their favourite fruit.

In 3% of cases creative on is used

Be creative on how to protect it.

You can be creative on the ball arrangement.

Be creative on what kind of invitation to send out.

Getting to be creative on a daily basis and working as part of a great team of people.

You need to be creative on one hand but able to stick to a message under fire on the other.

His creative on the spot freestyle lyrics have put many Dee-Jays and sound systems to rest.

Generally, most people can be creative on their own; making memes is like grabbing McDonalds instead of making dinner.

Yamangurl Creative on: Thursday, April 16, 2009 - 12:15 pm, wrote: Sorry L Jah, I will stop hijacking your thread now.

We wanted to offer clients more than just a logo and give them a chance to integrate their campaign creative on our site.

In 2% of cases creative as is used

It is creative as well as responsive.

This can be turned into a creative as well as best gift.

I wanted to produce something creative as well as meaningful.

After a short stint as an investment banker Laura came back to creative as a career.

For those who can re-create the same processes, there is nothing strange or creative as such.

With all the resources available, putting together a media kit can be as highly creative as the business behind it.

This year, in our work we will find the balance between being fun and creative as well as organized and productive.

While that is trivially accurate, not everyone is as creative as the next person and some are hardly creative at all.

So once it was over I was instantly hooked but sadly the rest of the episode wasn't as visually creative as the pilot.

In 2% of cases creative of is used

Philosophers are creative, but creative of dreams, fantasies.

Like all acts creative of a species, this was a halt on the road.

Spot Splatter Splash is the most creative of the eight Lalaloopsy dolls.

Easy Clip The Note II was specially engineered to cater to the more creative of users.

It is a move that is at once creative of a better life and also destructive of an old one.

Sandro and Parker in the middle means less of the running back for the more creative of our players.

The core mystery was possible the most creative of all Sayers work, but I had to force myself to finish reading it.

I just find Violet to be the most creative of the three, what with all of the amazing inventions she comes up with.

When a Virgo is confident within themselves they are the most successful, structured and creative of all the signs.

Albo discussed what he calls data creative: Starting with customer data to generate the creative of one-to-one campaigns.

In 2% of cases creative to is used

Keep it tight and creative to your niche.

I am happy to be creative to and be my own boss.

Neanderthals were wild and relentlessly creative to a fault.

There are a wide variety of sources available, from Aerospace to Creative to Manufacturing.

Future is real creative to me and a lot of people just think he does catchy, street records.

NY needs to be creative to switching out it's mistake hitters to a more multi faceted offensive team.

I speak only for myself perhaps, but being a made-in-Singapore Creative to me goes beyond holding a bloody pink IC.

From creative to technical to business, digital media workers rely on skills that are increasingly varied as time goes by.

This is not the case it seems, although his father was in publishing and his mother a jeweller and so creative to some extent.

Creative To The Core -- writing copy for linkbait, producing meta tags and writing a persuasive link request are all creative processes.

In 1% of cases creative from is used

He's not the most creative from what I can see.

That's an act that I can rally around and generate creative from.

As far as the Doo ad goes, I do critique creative from a different context than most I suppose.

There was so much opportunity in school to be creative from music to English and writing your own stories.

Stay on top of the world's best advertising creative from the world's hottest ad agencies and production companies -.

Also work on being a bit more creative from set pieces as i feel this will be the only way we can score at the euros.

Companies keep trying to sell their products by getting free creative from the talents of the world instead of paying for it.

Instead we took the creative from a number of still ads produced for HSBC in the UK and made 10 &; 15 second spots for Canada.

Every country with a good creative reputation needs a local media-neutral creative show that's purely for the creative from the creatives.

I write an Inspirational Lifestyle blog called Super Mom Blog, a melting pot of all things creative from Fashion and Beauty to Cooking and Parenting.

In 1% of cases creative like is used

I wish more school's would be creative like this.

Take the extra time to do sonething creative like paint or.

YTD: How does a creative like you begin her day? SARA: Possibly running.

On the invite it said we should dress creative like only hippie ladies can.

My friend Roxy is creative like you are, I love your elegant style with cards.

If you add anything creative like parsley while baking, you'll have burnt leaf flavored pumpkin seeds.

Please do not works like other public sector, work hard and HMT design department should have more creative like private sectors.

With all my heart -- I hope that they implement something creative like these ideas, as I agree -- it's a make it or break it time.

We should be always creative like the Father, compassionate like his Son, and dispose our talents in the service of others like the Holy Spirit.

Some safe ways to do this include writing feelings down in a song or poem, doing something creative like drawing or painting, or listening to music.

In 1% of cases creative within is used

Forces you to be creative within a box.

You can still be creative within the box.

It's difficult to get creative within Facebook, she said.

DC : I suppose one could get creative within the confines of a dog food commercial.

If you just listen to Nina Simone: she too had an amazing ability to be so creative within the song.

Writers are expected to be creative within boundaries set by business owners; fly free, but do it our way.

You can spend your day excitedly awaiting some little pointer toward the new and the creative within your day to day living experience.

When practicing radical self acceptance you do not listen to your inner critic who will in most cases be beastly to the creative within you.

We were asked by the Prime Minister's office, PS21, to produce a branding video with a message on how to be more creative within the work space.

And it's a fun part about the blues, that within it you can be so restricted, but you can be so creative within that regimented form, so it's awesome.

In 1% of cases creative without is used

Do it! Be creative without even playing the game.

Let's get creative without burning a hole in your pocket.

It is hard to succeed as a creative without facing these issues.

Also one doesn't get rich off creative without having a clear vision.

It almost frees my mind up to be creative without having to think too much.

Give it Time! True creativity takes time to materialize; sometimes people get creative without realising it.

Be your younger self once again! You can not get to a gym? You don't have to! Just be creative without one! Q.

The Affiliate may not modify, revise, adjust or translate the Creative without FINOTEC's prior written consent.

Having a job takes pressure off making money from your art, which means you can be creative without that pressure.

Maybe that means thrifting for items, reusing what you already have, upcycling things, or just getting creative without breaking the bank.

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