Prepositions after "cozy"

"cozy with", "cozy up" or "cozy in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases cozy with is used

She was very cozy with big oil.

I saw him becoming cozy with Geet.

They're not as cozy with DC as you think.

There is no way he can woo the large Muslim population by remaining cozy with the BJP.

The place is really cozy with a happy ambiance and a pictorial haven for happy customers.

And I heard where Broadwell had tried to get cozy with the previous General and he said no.

Getting Cozy With the Calculator This calculator has input boxes, most of which have been completed with default data.

The generous family room on the lower level has room for that big screen tv and is warm &; cozy with the in floor heating.

The sitting room, which has windows on three walls, is bright and cozy with a large brick fire place and a pot-belly-stove.

Most presidents, after all, did not want to be seen as cozy with the Vatican, given the anti-Catholic sentiment in America.

In 19% of cases cozy in is used

So cozy in fact that it is hard to leave.

Evenings are cozy in the softly lit area.

It will keep legs cozy in addition to dried.

With fuel costs what they are it is pointless to have it on when we are still cozy in bed.

It is possible to wear it also it provides kid with a cozy in addition to fluffy experience.

Get cozy in our overstuffed couches and chairs while taking in the eclectic, off-beat decor.

When was the last time you got cozy in a Damien Hirst? I make my art for other people and a lot of people like cardigans.

I quite like the impression of it, and it in addition has this heavy fabric which keeps me warm and cozy in chilly weather.

After that we went for a 3 hour tour (enter cheezy theme music here) with our friends Brianne and Mark cozy in the back seat.

Even though attempting your Toms shoes, do not hesitate to stroll in the retailer to see if you are cozy in these Toms sneakers.

In 16% of cases cozy up is used

It's not our job to cozy up to power.

No wonder you cozy up to those Zionists.

And I have few more photography in mind to cozy up other wall.

BTW, I like Wynne too, but the job of a reporter shouldn't be to cozy up to politicians.

And I already fast forward my mind how to cozy up the kitchen with a suitable decoration.

Quote: On the other hand I do not like to see him cozy up to Iran and some of the others.

Protecting her turf General Petraeus followed his protocol of vetting sycophants that want to cozy up to a man of power.

It's the year of the rabbit so of course we had to take a picture of it for luck! Beautiful Bengal tigers cozy up to each other.

Politicians will walk, talk and cozy up to the diaspora near election time for money, and constantly encourage remittances, etc.

Anyway, because he was a new occupant of Malacaang, the public readily gave him a chance to work with people he could easily cozy up to.

In 4% of cases cozy for is used

Quiet and cozy for a long night chat and drink with friends.

I just want it to be comfy and cozy for her as she grows up.

It's obvious you don't let yourself get too cozy for too long.

He never had to learn cuz his bizniz was all nice and warm and cozy for years and years.

They would be smaller than those in the original tower, making it cozier for bats, Rimbey said.

The Aqua moisture system of Air Optix Astigmatism Aqua keeps it wet and cozy for 7 days at a stretch.

Have you seen a suitable fabric for this? The description says that it's wool which sounds very warm and cozy for winter.

Gina, this looks yummy and so cozy for the cold weather! I made your chicken and cavatelli soup last night and it was a big hit.

There is a marriage between government and business in this country, and it is becoming increasingly cozy for those in the bedroom.

This room is especially good for single occupancy and cozy for a double and has access to the large common kitchen on the top floor.

In 3% of cases cozy at is used

Then it's time to get cozy at home.

The hat is amazingly cozy at the same time.

Ranveer and Anushka once got cozy at Karan Johar 's.

MediaTakeOut claims that on Monday night, Tran and Busta were spotted getting cozy at Greystone Manor.

A few strips of this durable tape can keep you dry and cozy at night if your tent is damaged during the day.

Talk of possible coupledom began when the two were photographed by the paparazzi while getting cozy at an L.

How can you look so chic yet so cozy at the same time?! I hate to say it, but I've found the service in Montreal sketchy myself.

I love that he thinks about calling her while he's warm and cozy at home, but stops himself by insisting that a man must have his pride.

Actually it is just the best in general, but October and November are so good for managing to be a little bit chic and cozy at the same time.

If you enjoy a lively night-on-the-town or simply sitting cozy at a piano bar - whatever your pleasure, this section will shed some light on Boston at night.

In 3% of cases cozy on is used

Cozy on up and escape the chill of fall's frigid breath on.

Yes a pair of warm sweats are warm and cozy on a cold winter's night.

And Christine and I got cozy on the couch and popped open another beer.

It's cold and crisp on the outside and cozy on the inside with food that brings back memories of childhood.

If you're travelling in the Winter You'll be cozy on the train, Because of the central heating We can thank those Romans again.

For sure, after enjoying the meal she once again made herself cozy on the couch and started imitating the channeler's approaches.

We'll convene again in the late afternoon for a yin yoga practice, followed by dinner and hot tubbing or getting cozy on the couches by the fireplace with new friends.

Discovered it in 2008 when I first visited NYC and was able to see The Pierces perform in the back room (on my birthday!) After the show, the man and I got cozy on the couch under the stairs.

In 2% of cases cozy as is used

It's well-known because of its cozy as well as classy.

You'll be just a cozy as a Chicago fan at a tailgate party.

It will permit you to inhale and exhale and be cozy as to what you're sporting.

The pressure will probably be decreased inside your back location and you may be cozy as a result.

Flat boots are also known to be cozy as well as very versatile and so they are gaining a lot of popularity among women in the present day.

Layering, as warm and cozy as the end result is, can be difficult for many of us because it can sometimes leave us feeling a little messy or bulky.

It's your current gentle memory foam insole covered along with real degree to help prevent you cozy as well as provide the moisture-free sector with other Ugg boot shoes or boots.

In 2% of cases cozy by is used

The ice on our own little round pond will be quite cozy by comparison.

In addition, keep your baby comfortable and cozy by increasing the temperature of the room slightly.

There are whales who actually perpetrated this loot while we are getting cozy by apprehending a mere Dolphin like Raja.

Make your new outdoor living room even cozier by using a nice outdoor rug that'll allow you to kick off your shoes and relax.

Isn't that a great idea? It's made all the more plush, inviting and cozy by adding a soft board behind and a few fluffy cushions.

Parks Canada Staff Tips Get cold easily? Bring a toque! It will keep your head warm while the rest of your body is kept cozy by your sleeping bag.

In 2% of cases cozy during is used

Bringing fire to the room made everything cozy during the cool night.

Czerka wasn't a subsidiary of the Sith, but they sure were cozy during the Jedi Civil War.

Layering the clothing can help you reside cozy during the beginning of a person's teaching.

Computer memory foams might get as well cozy during the summertime as well as freezing in the wintery weather conditions that can tactile property miserable with a persons.

In 1% of cases cozy without is used

This was my favourite way to keep my babies and I all warm and cozy without too much extra bulk.

The State skillfully manages to be lively without being loud, and cozy without feeling claustrophobic.

It felt cozy without being intrusive and we were able to relax and rest up before the rest of our journey.

Definitely a win for outdoor living! A rug on the floor makes the area more cozy without comprimising vital floor space.

Cooking a nice meal together and snuggling up by the fireplace (or the electric floor heater) is a great way to be intimate and cozy without being overtly sexual.

In 1% of cases cozy about is used

So lets not be too cozy about our security.

There is nothing friendly, cuddly or cozy about a machine for pigs.

In 1% of cases cozy under is used

But sleep is important -- and not just because it's warm and cozy under your comforters.

Rent a flick that you'll both enjoy, make popcorn, and get cozy under the blanket on the couch.

Seeing her getting cozy under the umbrella, one of the guys from Ecocentric quietly shoved a big box her way.

Clipping along through the crisp night air, comfortably cozy under a provided blanket, we experienced some San Francisco magic.

In 1% of cases cozy to is used

The orange signs at the library and the blue carpet made it very cozy to me.

Cappuccino is espresso beneath a blanket of frothy steamed milk, keeping the coffee warm and cozy to the last drop.

Of course, it helps if the upside-down world you're proposing turns out to be one that is surprisingly cozy to powerful corporate interests.

In 1% of cases cozy throughout is used

You a will stay rose and cozy throughout the ugg boot.

The shock absorption in addition keeps your feet cozy throughout the cool winter weather.

Whatever the reason, a table full of comfort food helps keep everyone cozy throughout the night.

Those are the finest type of item of clothing to use if you need to remain cozy throughout frosty conditions.

In 1% of cases cozy inside is used

It was warm and cozy inside the boat.

We have to decorate to help keep cozy inside wintertime rather than get yourself a cool.

In 1% of cases cozy down is used

In the morning let the smells of freshly brewed coffee, wood smoke, and breakfast entice you from your cozy down comforter.

Beyond clean bedding, think about adding wonderful bed linens and comfort items, a choice of pillows, a cozy down comforter, extra blankets, and freshly ironed pillowcases.

In 1% of cases cozy along is used

Via standard for you to bash don, your Speak Nova scotia sneakers are incredibly cozy along with cool.

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