Prepositions after "costly"

"costly for", "costly to" or "costly in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases costly for is used

It will be less costly for you.

Going to Madrid is costly for them.

Trial is very costly for both sides.

Bottled water is delicious and bad: It's costly for the environment and people alike.

Israel briefly occupied Gaza during the war, which was short but costly for everyone.

The $10,000 ring could also be a heirloom that's valuable, but wasn't costly for him.

The ceasefire headed off a possible Israeli ground assault that would undoubtedly have proved costly for both sides.

Federal Times: USPS must be streamlined and restructured; it is too large and costly for its current amount of mail.

Going near the firecracker to see what happened after it failed to go off proved costly for this Yelahanka resident.

The change taking place is very fast and not only difficult but too costly for these countries to cope with the pace.

In 22% of cases costly in is used

Which are extremely costly in Ca.

Clothes are DAMN costly in INDIA.

It would be costly in other lives.

It is costly in so many ways: health, money, time, but it is Not simply a life choice.

Getting worked up about little things is too costly in the energy and pain departments.

McMaster made a mere 14 of 27 attempts from the charity stripe, costly in the close game.

While primarily costly in matriel, the real cost of this war forced Israel into dependency on American military aid.

Take some care as you pack it away and protect your investment, otherwise it could prove rather costly in the spring.

These methods are not only impractical; they can also be detrimental to your health and quite costly in terms of time.

Even though it used to be an extremely expensive surgery ten years ago, you'll find it is no longer as costly in 2012.

In 21% of cases costly to is used

It's costly to the taxpayer (ie.

It was been costly to our treasury.

It can also prove costly to tenants.

Any other alternative, however, usually ends up being far more costly to all involved.

It will be costly to advertising for all rather than to advertise to a specific group.

The reality is that to end the war on drugs would be too costly to the powers that be.

Responsible job: Decision-making is a responsible job as wrong decisions prove to be too costly to the Organisation.

Don't worry, when fully fit the goals will come! Fortunately his lack of goals have not been too costly to the team.

The pursuit of this dream is likely to be as costly to the advocates as the pursuit of the NIEO was a generation ago.

In 2% of cases costly as is used

Ipad is still way costly as a reading device alone.

Boxers might be less than half as costly as the other two.

School holidays I do find very costly as need child care for 2.

Those latter bets proved extremely costly as the mortgage market continued to crumble.

Her eating habits are peculiar and costly as the chosen items are quite few and expensive.

And 3G might be costly as of now, but in future it will come within the reach of everyone.

Most illnesses and serious injuries require evacuation to neighbouring South Africa and can become very costly as a result.

These are extremely costly as the firm has not a clue of understanding what kind of risk the policy holder is usually to them.

But with the ground war in the exploitation phase, the sea war became suddenly costly as the enemy? s countermeasures began to take effect.

In 2% of cases costly at is used

They are very costly at this time.

This uber-high-tech version is costly at 199.

Rice was costly at that place, but fishes were cheaper.

The same tablet is available on Best Buy a tad costly at $180 with same $20 gift card.

As the demand increases, it will be very costly at that point to acquire physical gold.

These diagnostic procedures are essential in certain cases and costly at the same time.

In this article, we explore why these organizations share a set of core features that appear overly costly at first sight.

An unchanged XV will give the hosts the necessary continuity required to cut down on errors which prove very costly at this level.

The worst case scenario is an amazing, though costly at about $100, jab that you can get at the on-board medical centre if you do get ill.

In 2% of cases costly of is used

Exorbitantly costly of both money and time.

It is also the costliest of the services I compared.

They are the costliest of all the health care plans.

The common cold is the most costly of all of our diseases.

Waste of time is most extra vagant, and costly of all expenses.

A letter of credit is by far the costliest of payment terms.

This border crossing ended up being the most costly of the entire trip.

These functions are undoubtedly your less costly of the two kinds of activities.

At $18 per month, Glamabox is the least costly of the beauty boxes in Singapore.

And again, their platform is the least costly of the three major parties by a long margin.

In 2% of cases costly on is used

Romney has been very costly on Russia.

Machining metals is costly on tooling and machine wear.

Esks still came close; Cary Koch drop proved costly on last drive.

Travelling at this distance can become quite taxing on one's body and costly on the pocket.

The upkeep costs of any home are going to be unpredictable, but likely costly on a yearly basis.

Like I showed you last week with the US trade numbers, energy imports are costly on any economy.

Ivan Ramis, next to him, had a brilliant match save one foul on the edge of the box that might have proven costly on another day.

These (**29;6152;TOOLONG) policies being implemented since 2007 have demonstrated themselves to be costly on all levels beyond reason.

When you are trying to reach them in person it would be costly on the other hand browsing through the websites would be easier and nicer.

The consequence is costly on two fronts, as each year of additional education for an individual is believed to reduce mortality by 10 per cent.

In 2% of cases costly with is used

But it'll be too costly with present technology.

In terms of cost, it is reportedly costlier with Rs.

Getting it wrong can be very costly with expensive fines for non-compliance.

Understandably they are the most costly with all the quite a few sorts but simultan.

Treating leptospirosis has become easier and less costly with the arrival of generic medicine.

Last night's was not costly with top spot in Group H already guaranteed ahead of the game in Turkey.

But it was also enormously costly with the result that very extensive participation from outside sources was essential.

The missed blocked shots proved costly with two of Vancouver's three goals coming as a direct result of shots from the point.

We just have to cut out the stupid mistakes we have seen in every single game this year, most of them being costly with us conceding.

These types of models aren't only beneficial to our environment, they are easier and less costly with the buyer to help keep thoroughly.

In 1% of cases costly against is used

Less egregious mistakes proved more costly against Connecticut.

Repeated the same mistake that proved costly against Norwich, parrying a shot back into play.

This could prove costly against Anzhi Makhachkala who sit on top of the Russian Premier League after twelve games.

The Raptors have been plagued by poor first quarters, but it was a horrible second that proved costly against a Philly team that's won three straight games.

The Reds may be top goalscorers in the Premier League this season, but there is a vulnerability that is likely to prove costly against the nation's finer teams.

West Indies has consitently been bad in their middle overs with bowlers like Russel and other part time spinners who were quite costly against England and Australia.

Might Djokovic live to regret that drop shot? Probably not given a fading Del Potro, but it could have been costly against either of the men in the other semi-final.

In 1% of cases costly because is used

Payday loans can be costly because of the high interest.

For your information, my bag is not costly because of its size.

So far, in Tanzania food remains costly because of foreign traders who offer local farmers irresistible prices for their produce.

But I think that some of what we buy like Filofax is costly because of the name, not beacuse it is the best quality we could find.

I have order from bead stores in the states but it is so costly because of the broker fee's that are added on so I went in search of a Canadian site.

In addition, Radley (1981) observed that ECF caused a reduction in productivity and was also costly because of the money and time spent on tick control.

We felt they were unnecessary to recruit the lower abs and too costly because of the compressive and anterior shear component applied to the lumbar spine.

Developing and Using Paralegals The public funding of lawyer services in any country will usually be costly because of the high-income expectations of trained and skilled lawyers.

In 1% of cases costly by is used

Vegetables became costlier by 13.

Small cars will be costlier by up to Rs 20,000.

On year-on-year basis, potatoes were costlier by 49.

Honda City also became costlier by Rs25,000 while Civic price was raised by Rs38,000.

That means Monkey 2? s favourite fruit and veggie smoothies are only getting costlier by the day.

Getting derailed is easy and, sometimes, attractive, but it becomes costlier by the day to stay derailed.

This will be the fourth price rise in the building commodity since November, with cement already costlier by 10-12 per cent.

Although computer price ranges are continuing to be stable, getting your pc fixed at the nearby shop is becoming costly by the minute.

Prolonged occupation/garrisoning could be made very costly by continual terrorist attacks that could seriously erode the political will to stay on.

Rising oil prices globally have affected India's imports; in simple words, petrol for our cars and other vehicles has become costlier by the day.

In 1% of cases costly due is used

The delivered exergy is becoming more costly due to declining EROI.

Winter wardrobe can be very costly due to the quality meterial used in it.

This current method, while effective, is costly due to the need for highly purified water.

But keeping the exchange rate stable is costly due to measures such as increased interest rates.

The generation of electricity from conventional sources will be more costly due to rapid depletion of resources.

It is bit costly due to membrane nanotech (filters all viruses and bacteria) but it is worth as the life saver item.

Replacing the roof was extremely costly due to the price of galvanized metal and the labor involved in replacing the roof.

In dress shirt sale there is variety of colors and coach factory outlet online shades in broadcloth, but it is quite costly due to its high quality.

There is a growing market in skin lightening products that are toxic free which have the drawback of being more costly due their expensive ingredients.

This will require a more balanced build-out which initially will be more costly due to its investment in management, skills, brand and other less tangible factors.

In 1% of cases costly from is used

These refresher courses can be costly from a time and monetary standpoint.

Not only is downtime costly from a financial perspective, but it could mean the complete demise of the business.

These advantages are given as follows: -

**26;8673;TOOLONG recruitment software is not costly from the manual Labor.

Finance each interaction -- you hence require to find the certain version from building, and all gain it as here probably costly from your provider.

One could be less costly from the other, depending on the exchange rate, nevertheless, you can find lots of free and low cost things to do and see here.

More turbulence ahead? The overall effect of the changes is that travel to Europe, South Africa, South Asia, Latin America and New Zealand has suddenly become more difficult and costly from KL.

In 1% of cases costly over is used

For causes that will be fairly obvious, easy is often more costly over a secured.

Japan's subsequent experience was economically less violent in the short term, but even costlier over the long term.

As mentioned earlier, the advisor has a vital role to play and hiring one for the wrong reasons can prove to be costly over the long-term.

Ron's unit took up position in an abandoned building facing the famous bridge as the battle became more vicious and costly over the next few days.

If Evans can add a goal threat to his ever-improving defensive work, maybe the loss of Vidic will not be as dramatic and costly over the coming months.

Not only are you paying for tuition but you'll need to pay for fees, living on campus and daily meals which can be very, very costly over a two or four-year period.

Besides the waste of prescription antibiotics that aren't needed, overuse of antibiotics can create drug-resistant infections, and that ends up being extremely costly over the long run, Everett said.

In 1% of cases costly per is used

Kyara is additionally costlier per oz.

Some protein foods, such as beef and fish, can be quite costly per 30 gram serving.

This alignment will be a far more costly per kilometer than the Tantangara-Blowering alignment.

K cups are a bit costly per cup, so they are best for the casual drinker or if you enjoy hosting small book-club gatherings.

You require commercial financing despite the number of units, and bigger establishments will certainly be less costly per unit.

They are six times as costly per function point as big systems software projects, which are arguably comparable to military software projects.

That means celery, green coffees, lettuce and pinto coffees are all less costly per section than Snacks, carbonated beverages, ice cream or hamburger.

Residual Speculation Finally, there is some good, old-fashioned speculation, particularly in the few commodities that can be stored, like gold and others, which are costly per pound.

It is more environmentally friendly than oil and coal due to lower carbon dioxide (CO 2) emissions per unit, less costly per unit of energy and more readily available domestically in abundant supply.

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