Prepositions after "corrupt"

"corrupt in" or "corrupt to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases corrupt in is used

Not all deans are corrupt in Spain.

Who is not corrupt in Pakistan?, 2.

We are the most corrupt in the world.

Pakistanis are sick and tired of power games being played by the corrupt in Pakistan.

As Finance Minister of GOI he still now protecting all the corrupt in UPA Government.

The USA was very corrupt in a similar stage of economic deveopment in the late 1800's.

September 16, 2011 at 6:06 am Paul Johnston, PhD Economics The Politicians in Greece are the MOST CORRUPT in the EU.

This man has got to go from power, this administration is the most corrupt in history and our freedoms are under siege.

Aside from in Italy, proven to be corrupt in terms of match fixing, well run clubs can compete to an extent and do well.

Commonwealth Human Rights released a report in 2006 claiming that the police department was the most corrupt in Tanzania.

In 18% of cases corrupt to is used

From the corrupt to the honest.

It is corrupt to its very core.

The MSM are corrupt to the core.

Jackson's use of party politics to award patronage seemed dishonest and corrupt to Taylor.

However I would suggest no Swedish officers as that police service is corrupt to the core.

It's corrupt to such extent as it is no longer acting in the interest of it's own country.

In six months Bhutto will be history and the corrupt to the hilt Pakistanis who favor the SOB will carry on as usual.

Do you think that is going to happen anytime now? These guys are all corrupt to the bone(cancer)that can not be cure.

They assumed that everyone (other than themselves*) in this country was corrupt to the core and needed to be dealt with.

Umno, that is universally known to be corrupt to the core, was out of the question, leaving the DAP the only viable option.

In 8% of cases corrupt of is used

But he ended up as the most corrupt of all.

Kamran is amongst the corrupt of this society.

Jamaica is by far, not the most corrupt of nations.

The sooner the UK leaves this most undemocratic and corrupt of organisations the better.

It is the plague of society, the corrupter of manners, and the underminer of property.

They also ensured the most corrupt of the Tamil political (TNA) clans come to presidency.

Look at the gallery of the alleged corrupt of recent vintage -- Kalmadi, Raja, Kanimozhi, Amar SIngh, Yeddyurappa,.

In fact, the system selects the most corrupt of the lot and once within the system, it ultimately further corrupts them.

Without any introduction he said:? You are a corrupter of religion, that? s why the Iranian government exiled you here.

If companies have to declare tax payments by country, it will be much harder for corrupt officials to spirit the money away.

In 6% of cases corrupt by is used

We are made corrupt by education.

Why not? We Pakistanis are not corrupt by birth.

It's not that these folks are corrupt by any means.

Arshavin laughs at FIFA for being so transparently corrupt by awarding the WC2018 to them.

We have a certain public representative found to be corrupt by not just one tribunal but two.

How true that is! When will people wake up to the fact that liberals are corrupt by their very nature.

The MSM response is to lash out at those it has so far failed to corrupt by reducing them from citizen to consumer.

Name: NPP at it again Even an Angel would be labelled as corrupt by NPP as long as he contests an election with them.

You corrupt by paying for what you should have got without paying; the only thing you had to pay then was your qualification.

Japanese on the whole reject the idea that sentient beings, human and non-human, are fundamentally selfish and corrupt by nature.

In 6% of cases corrupt from is used

Medicine is corrupt from head to toe.

In fact they corrupt from top to bottom.

PDP also are very corrupt from head to toe.

The music industry is and always has been corrupt from the days of payola on-wards.

Our justice system is corrupt from the creep and chief to the lowest on the totem pole.

MAY GOD BLESS HELP NIGERIA Every sectors of Nigeria is corrupt from head to the bottom.

Corrupt from the core and most inefficient administration of the public sector will be the real loser at the end.

Personally I think the whole system is corrupt from the top down MP's do not care they huff and puff yet do nothing.

But the reason those challenges within the system are so hard to fight is because the systems are corrupt from the start.

Why has the media turned, wholesale, against Anna's team members? Remember Manish Tiwari? He called Anna corrupt from head to toe.

In 4% of cases corrupt with is used

Both parties are now corrupt with their avarice.

They are usually very corrupt with very high rate of crimes.

They defend the perverse and the corrupt with so much passion.

Anna loves nothing more than confronting and tackling the corrupt with people power.

You are immune from legal consequences and you can go on being corrupt with impunity.

The internet as it is now is corrupt with corporations just trying to make another dollar.

Living in the least corrupt with the most dominate military power is chance of birth and worth every penny in taxes.

The local government has become corrupt with residential stands and hefty salaries while cities are bathing in sewer.

Mechanisms can corrupt with ageit's a even such to collaborate of messages announcing with something, but it can run.

In 4% of cases corrupt for is used


The media is and has been corrupt for a very long time.

Wall Street is too fearsome and corrupt for anyone's good.

CJ Ikfitkhar is corrupt for taking action against his own son making a tribunal against his son.

We could trade management that is bumbling and corrupt for a leader that is ruthless and corrupt.

The truth has been corrupted, and the earth has become too corrupt for Divine Light to reside here.

I know you don't like the Democrats but Chicago politics has been corrupt for as long as anyone can remember - longer.

He became sick and tired of the youth organization of his village, which was ineffective and corrupt for the longest time.

Nigeria will remain corrupt for at least two more generations, so corrupt Nigeria needs to find a way to make progress nonetheless.

In 3% of cases corrupt as is used

This is a gentleman who has never been corrupt as an office holder.

The leaders are a corrupt as the sodomites, perhaps one of them and refuse.

Alas no, he is either weak, naive or as equally dishonest &; corrupt as the rest of them.

No industry in the US is so poorly run, so filled with fraud, so large and so corrupt as the health care system.

I have no symphaty for politicians as they never served us well, they can be corrupt as the power is in their hands.

If you aid connect programs you have the skill to enlarge your client corrupt as well as advertise in the same nominal.

Making it a body of elected officials as notoriously corrupt as the USA senate, house, and presidency doesn't change that.

When did we become endemically corrupt as a nation? The point when enough people took enough small steps to make it that way.

Have an opinion, just don't be so intellectually inept and morally corrupt as to attack everything other than the issue at hand.

Morgan Aren't the cops in some cities just as corrupt as these gang members? And of course the cops don't go where the gang members are.

In 3% of cases corrupt at is used

The administration was corrupt at every level.

But, the society is not yet corrupt at its bedrock.

But this argument is shaky, indeed corrupt at its core.

Not all in the bureaucracy are corrupt at all levels, but a few bad eggs always exist.

This much ability requires a lot of power and the ability to corrupt at the highest level.

But how do you ensure that the appointees in the bill do nt become corrupt at a later stage.

We need ' real independance ' when investigating the ' elite ' in this country, so corrupt at the top has it become.

I voted Green Party in the last federal election because the Liberals were totally corrupt at the time, and may still be.

Thank you anyway for the link Liam - decided against it in the end out of fear the file would randomly corrupt at some point (err.

If a system of financier privilege is corrupt at its core, it is hardly surprising if it generates even more blatant signs of moral corruption.

In 3% of cases corrupt on is used

They are ALL corrupt on some level.

He is guilty and corrupt on that count.

The most corrupt on 100 years I am not so sure.

No wonder the country is dubbed the most corrupt on earth.

First, and most important, Wiki is corrupt on many subjects.

Our FBR is amongst the most corrupt on the face of the Earth.

These are just some examples of how the system is corrupt on all levels.

The country is corrupt on every level; the citizens despise and distrust the government.

We were ranked least corrupt on the Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index 2011.

Checked the log and it only noted that either something was corrupt on the local computer or terminated.

In 2% of cases corrupt beyond is used

The police is corrupt beyond thought.

The political/administrative class is corrupt beyond recovery.

In all the former editions these quotations were corrupt beyond measure.

Our news sources are obviously corrupt beyond belief and recognition, with little to no basis in reality.

The game is past redemption, corrupt beyond repair, bereft of either financial or moral probity; a swamp.

No doubt Quebec is corrupt, maybe corrupt beyond repair, so is BC, Ontario, Manitoba and depressingly, Alberta.

At the same time, you have Pakistanis who are convinced that their country is corrupt beyond repair and can not be saved.

Then politely explain to the election workers that you do not intend to cast a vote in a system of false choices corrupt beyond redemption.

Kudos to chacha! Aamir was mugged and the others, who were found to be corrupt beyond repair and have left for the bettering of the side, were still.

Obama will then make himself dictator and there will be no longer elections because our Republic is gone and our government is corrupt beyond belief.

In 2% of cases corrupt like is used

The spore pm in not corrupt like those around spore.

Those days village temple monks are not corrupt like this.

Personally do not think Obama corrupt like so many others (i.

It is highly possible he might become corrupt like the others.

I have never met a farmer who is corrupt like the reviewer suggests.

Plus, I'd not corrupt like a certain Prime Minister or murderous like several kings.

Posted: 2012-11-11 04:35:55 john dramani womanizer look here obama is no so corrupt like you.

That is quite natural when he sees his boss, if not more, is as lethargic and corrupt like him.

Hahahahaha i think in TNA do nt need pple who are corrupt like you ODM is full of corruption pple.

I have called the Executive Presidency attracts the corrupt like a dung heap attracts blue bottles.

In 1% of cases corrupt without is used

It would still be wild, wooly and corrupt without Anwar in the picture.

Why is that? Well, the Jedi Order becomes stagnant and corrupt without having any Sith to fight.

In 1% of cases corrupt about is used

There is nothing illegal or corrupt about it.

Observant What is truly corrupt about Quebec is their faithful support for their beloved BQ Separatists.

There would be something innately corrupt about an individual whose opinion could be bought for a handful of stickers and a novelty pen.

Dani, the beautiful misfit, desperately looking for daddy in all the wrong places, and finding instead a man who will teach her everything that is wrong and corrupt about love.

In 1% of cases corrupt under is used

A man who is corrupt under one system will also be corrupt under the next.

Getting cleaner by the year It's impossible to know whether Sri Lanka is more or less corrupt under Rajapaksa's government than previous ones.

Then again due to news of fast and furious, and Bengasi, and the Petraeus scandal it is hard to believe the FBI isn't politically corrupt under Holder.

It's a look at how a person or even a government can become corrupt under the best of intentions and yet can still be redeemed, if even at the last moment.

In 1% of cases corrupt through is used

We are all born corrupt through the sin of Adam.

Power needed to be separated and balanced so that individuals or groups did not become corrupt through those powers.

I am sure these so called intellectuals must have been corrupt through out their lives but pretend to be politically correct.

Remember what Ghandi said, that by paying taxes in compliance with a corrupt government system we also become corrupt through our cooperation with that system.

In 1% of cases corrupt before is used

And the earth was corrupt before G-d, and the earth was filled with violence.

The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.

Gen 6:11 The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.

The US was morally and politically corrupt before Bush and it will be morally and politically corrupt after Bush is gone.

Noah's day was characterized by violence: The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence (Genesis 6:11).

I guess in Sam's word I was an idiot for I know I was not corrupt before and since I clearly don't agree with Sam now I must be an idiot now too.

In 1% of cases corrupt because is used

To put things into perspective, we are corrupt because of corruption.

But in some sort of action they do corrupt because of political leaders and powerful persons.

By 1655, Jamaica became very corrupt because of internal strife and lack of support from Spain.

The country would become corrupt because of economic crisis and there would be alot of people losing their jobs.

For it does not necessarily follow that these Scriptures are corrupt because of the wrong opinion of some uninformed persons.

The system is corrupt because of common people who are afraid to step forward and deal directly but choose a path which involves money.

It's like an exchange of genes, you know that they become slightly more morally aware but he becomes slightly more corrupt because of it.

In 1% of cases corrupt among is used

May be Modi is least corrupt among them all.

And we do this for so long, that the most corrupt among us slither their way up the ladder.

To the corrupt among them I will grant the gift of re-pentance, and bring them into a good state of being.

Based on the World Bank's governance indicators, the Philippines is the most corrupt among ASEAN-5 countries.

And I entirely agree with you that the police department is the most corrupt among all government departments.

We all agree its only possible because of printing money from thin air and the power that gives to the most corrupt among us.

Canadian companies are among the least corrupt among major economies in terms of using bribery to achieve business goals abroad, according to rankings.

Even if some people say that they know who are corrupt among us, even if they are privy to those who are on the corrupt A-list doesn't make our working environment any better.

It has to be an organisation that stands as a bulwark against corruption at all times and is prepared to call out the corrupt among the political directorate who would want to abuse privilege.

In 1% of cases corrupt according is used


He has not established that Labour party members are corrupt according to the standard meaning, which was the issue.

Ephesians 4: 22 That ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts; **39;337;TOOLONG.

Convince, confuse, corrupt and annihilate By satwa gunam - 9/24/2012 10:29:51 AM Dear Ratatatata, Muslims forget that other scripture are corrupt (corrupt according to Muslims).

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